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Sidhu Gets Case Regd Against “Pushp Empire”

[Chd,Pb] Sidhu Had to Come Himself To Get Case Registered Against Builder
The Local Government Minister, Punjab, Navjot Singh Sidhu paid a visit to the zirakpur police station and got the case registered against the builders responsible for construction of an illegal building. The minister handed over all the documents pertaining to the building to SSP Mohali Kuldeep Chahal.
The minister interacting with the mediapersons on the spot said that out of the 6 collapsed buildings (No. 139 to 144) the licence of 5 buildings had expired in October 2017 while that of the remaining building expired on 31st March 2018 He asked the SSP to register a case against the builder Pushp Empire who constructed these buildings.
4 member committee has been formed headed by the Director of the department which has been directed to submit its report in 7 days. The committee also includes Chief Engineer, Town Planner and Executive Officer of the Municipal Council Zirakpur.
Sidhu was accompanied by the Director Local Government Mr. Karnesh Sharma, SSP Kuldeep Chahal, SDM Derabassi Paramjit Singh, senior congress leader Deepinder Singh Dhillon and Executive Officer of the Municipal Council Manbir Singh.

2 Died in Crockery Factory of SW Delhi

[New Delhi]2 Die in a Crockery Factory of SW Delhi
Two men died lastnight,after a fire broke out in a crockery factory in southwest Delhi’s Nawada,
Two persons were rescued and taken to a hospital where they were declared brought dead,
The cause of the fire, as usual,is yet to be ascertained.

9 Pilgrims,Returning From Vaishno Devi,Died in Road Accident

[Meerut,UP] 9 Pilgrims,Returning From Vaishno Devi,Died in Road Accident
At least nine pilgrims were killed when their vehicle collided with a truck on Karnal-Meerut highway in Shamli district today,
Illfated Pilgrims were returning from a trip to Vaishno Devi.
Seven persons died on the spot, while the remaining two lost their lives during treatment.
The deceased belongs to Meerut
Three other persons are undergoing treatment at a hospital

Jet airways Flight Hits Taj Sats Catering Vehicle at IGI Airport

[Nw Delhi] Jet airways Flight Hits Catering Vehicle at IGI Airport
An aircraft, with 133 passengers on-board, hit a parked catering vehicle at the Delhi airport tonight,
No one was injured in the incident that took place around 8 pm when the Jet airways flight, coming from Dubai, arrived at the Terminal 3 of the Indira Gandhi International Airport here
The aircraft was moving towards its designated parking bay when its right wing hit a catering vehicle of service provider Taj Sats which was stationed on the nearby lane at the Indira Gandhi International (IGI) airport, airport


Wedding Hall Inferno

[Jaipur]Wedding Hall Inferno
A fire today broke out at a wedding hall
Fortunately no one was inured in the blaze which was controlled by ten fire tenders,
The tenders conducted 20 ferries, .

इंडिगो ने बीते वर्ष ९ फ्लाइट्स में अपने यात्रियों के प्राणों को खतरे में डाला

[नई दिल्ली] इंडिगो एयरलाइन्स ने बीते वर्ष में ९ बार अपने यात्रियों के प्राणों को खतरे में डाला| असुरक्षित बन चुकी विवादित इंडिगो के शेयर में भी आज कल गिरावट दर्ज की जा रही है |
[१]बैडमिंटन खिलाडी पी वी संधू और [२]इतिहासकार रामचंद्र गुहा[३] महिला वकील के साथ गुहावटी में ग्राउंड स्टाफ का दुर्व्यवहार हो या फिर [4]एक अधेड़ यात्री के साथ २ कर्मियों की मारपीट का केस हो [5] याफिर व्हील चेयर से यात्री को गिराने का मामला हो ,यह निजी एयरलाइन्स लगातार विवादों में घिरती जा रही है|कर्मियों के दुर्व्यवहार के आलावा यात्रियों के [6]इलेक्ट्रॉनिक उपकरण के जलने के भी समाचार हैं [7]इनके जहाज का रनवे पर पहिया टूटना तो इस एयरलाइन की कार्यक्षमता पर भी सवाल उठाता है |इसके अलावा देसी मुद्रा का अपमान करने से नियत पर भी प्रश्न चिन्ह लग रहा है| बेशक इन दुर्घटनाओं में कोई जान नहीं गई इसके बावजूद ऐसी दुर्घटनाओं सेउपजे आक्रोश से सोशल मीडिया भरा पढ़ा है लेकिन सुरक्षा के लिए सुधारों के लिए नियामक की तरफ से कोई कार्यवाही मीडिया में नहीं आ रही|

हाईकोर्ट ने एयरक्राफ्ट्स की सेफ्टी पर डीजीसीऐ से रिपोर्ट मांगी

[नई दिल्ली] हाईकोर्ट ने एयरक्राफ्ट्स की सेफ्टी पर डीजीसीऐ से रिपोर्ट मांगी|
दिल्ली हाई कोर्ट द्वारा डी जी सी ऐ से एयरक्राफ्ट्स सेफ्टी पर डीजीसीऐ को एफिडेविट जमा करवाने को कहा गया है|
गौरतलब हे के वर्तमान में इंडिगो आदि एयरलाइन्स द्वारा ऐ ३२० नियो प्लेन्स प्रयोग किये जा रहे हैं जिन प्लेन्स में ये इंजन A320 Neo planesलगे हुए हैं उन प्लेन्स में ए दिन खराबी दर्ज की जा रही है |इन खराबियों के कारण बढ़ी संख्या में यात्रियों के प्राणों का संकट बना रहता है
|इंडिगो और गोएयर की अनेकों फ्लाइट्स केंसिल करवाई जा चुकी हैं

Unsafe IndiGo+GoAir Cancel 50 Flights for More then12 Cities

[Mumbai] Unsafe IndiGo+GoAir Bow Before “Prabhu”& Cancel 50 Flights for More then12 Cities.
Domestic carriers IndiGo and GoAir cancelled around 50 flights today
almost one-third of their A320 Neo aircraft fleet remained grounded for the third day following a safety directive by the country’s aviation watchdog DGCA.
Of the 48 flights, which are not being operated as part of the curtailed schedule,
42 are of IndiGo and six of GoAir.Suresh Prabhu has taken over charge of Ministry of Civil Aviation He has Encouraged DGCA Since then DGCA Has taken strong safety measures and issued directions to These Carriers with Questionable Engines as a result of which These Airlines are forced to ground their planes with Defective Engines.These two carriers had yesterday said they were taking measures to minimise inconvenience to the passengers whose flights have been cancelled by booking them on alternative flights as well giving them the option of cancelling or rescheduling their travel without any extra cost. But these are not seen in airports.Fliers of these carriers are cursed to suffer.
IndiGo has cancelled 42 flights for March 14.
This includes flights to Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune, Jaipur, Srinagar, Bhubaneswar, Chennai, Delhi, Dehradun, Amritsar, Bengaluru and Hyderabad, among others,
Wadia Group-promoted GoAir had cancelled a total of six flights today due to the grounding of three of its A320 Neo planes, as against 18 yesterday.
IndiGo operates over 1,000 daily flights while
GoAir offers 230 services daily.
Yesterday, these two airlines together had cancelled over 65 flights, with IndiGo alone cancelling over 47 services, due to the grounding of their 11 aircraft — eight of IndiGo and three of GoAir —
There are a total of 45 A320 Neo planes fitted with P&W’s Underfire engines with the two airlines.
Of these, IndiGo has 33 and GoAir 12 planes. The cancellation of services in a large number has put thousands of passengers at inconvenience as they had pre-booked these flights amid the concerns of exorbitant fares which are charged by the carriers for last-minute travel.

New Aviator Prabhu Supports DGCA For Grounding Aircrafts

[New Delhi] New Aviator Prabhu Supports DGCA For Grounding Aircrafts
Civil Aviation Minister Suresh Prabhu said today that The DGCA decision to ground certain A320 neo aircraft with faulty engines is “only for passenger safety”
The aviation regulator’s move has resulted in flight cancellations by IndiGo and GoAir as the two airlines have grounded 11 A320 neo aircraft following the directive. IndiGo Cancelled its More Then forty flights which resulted Hike in Airfare
Prabhu took over the additional charge of Civil Aviation Ministry on Monday.
The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has grounded 11 A320 neo planes powered with a certain series of Pratt & Whitney engines following three incidents of mid-air engine failures in less than a month.
A total of 14 A320 neo aircraft fitted with a specific series of engines — 11 operated by IndiGo and 3 by GoAir — have now been grounded. Three IndiGo planes were grounded last month.
Photo Caption
The Union Minister for Commerce & Industry, Shri Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu taking additional charge of the Ministry of Civil Aviation, in New Delhi on March 12, 2018.
The Minister of State for Civil Aviation, Shri Jayant Sinha is also seen.

“इंडिगो” की तीसरी एयर बस का भी इंजन हवा में हुआ ख़राब

[मुंबई] “इंडिगो” की तीसरी एयर बस का भी इंजन हवा में हुआ ख़राब
उड़ान के दौरान इंजन खराब हो जाने की वजह से लखनऊ जा रहे इंडिगो के एक विमान को आज सुबह आपात स्थिति में अहमदाबाद लौटना पड़ा।
एयरबस ए320 नियो विमान में186 यात्री सवार थे सभी यात्री सुरक्षित बताये जा रहे हैं
प्रैट एंड विटने नियो इंजन[ Pratt & Whitney Engines ] द्वारा संचालित यह विमान करीब 40 मिनट की उड़ान भरने के बाद अहमदाबाद लौट गया।
उन्होंने बताया कि इसके बाद विमान को सुरक्षित जमीन पर उतारने के लिए पूर्ण आपातकाल घोषित कर दिया गया।