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ISRO Tags Another Feather Of Crew Escape System In Its Cap

The Crew Module, part

The Crew Module, part

[New Delhi]ISRO Tags Another Feather Of Crew Escape System In Its Cap
ISRO carried out a major technology demonstration today, the first in a series of tests to qualify a Crew Escape System, which is a critical technology relevant for human spaceflight.
The Crew Escape System is an emergency escape measure designed to quickly pull the crew module along with the astronauts to a safe distance from the launch vehicle in the event of a launch abort.
The first test (Pad Abort Test) demonstrated the safe recovery of the crew module in case of any exigency at the launch pad.
After a smooth countdown of 5 hours, the Crew Escape System along with the simulated crew module with a mass of 12.6 tonnes, lifted off at 07.00 AM (IST) at the opening of the launch window from its pad at Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikota today.
Photo Caption
Crew Escape System (CES) lifting off from the launch pad, during a test conducted by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), at Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh on July 05,
[2]the Crew Escape System (CES), floating back to earth under its parachutes over the Bay of Bengal about 2.9 km from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikota,

मंत्री+संतरी भी आम आदमी की तरह ही “पीएम” से नहीं मिल सकेंगे

झल्ले दी झल्लियाँ गल्लां

भाजपाई चेयर लीडर

औए झल्लेया !हसाड़े धाकड़ पीएम नरेंद्र भाई दामोदर दास मोदी पर सबसे अधिक अज्ञात खतरा मंडरा रहा है|इसीलिए उनकी सुरक्षा बढ़ा दी गई है |अब मंत्रियों एवं अधिकारियों तक को भी विशेष सुरक्षा समूह (एसपीजी) की इजाजत के बगैर प्रधानमंत्री के बेहद करीब पहुंचने की अनुमति नहीं होगी।


सेठ जी! अच्छा है |इन मंत्रियों और संतरियों तक आम आदमी की पहुँच नहीं थी\अब इन्हें शायद आम आदमी के दर्द का अहसास भी हो जाएगा|
फाइल,सिंबॉलिक ,फोटो

Trump Reiterates His Commitment For Immigration Reforms

[Washington,DC] Trump Reiterates His Commitment For Immigration Reforms
Describing immigration reform as his top priority, US President Donald Trump today renewed his push for an immigration system which prevents people from entering America illegally.
Trump told reporters in a joint media appearance with King Abdullah II Bin al-Hussein of Jordan in the Oval Office of the White House.that he wants a system in place where the foregone conclusion for any illegal entrance is exit.
The US president also attacked the Democrats, who he said, are in favour of open borders and alleged that they “do not care about our military”.
White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders later told reporters that virtually all Americans agree that it makes no sense that an illegal alien sets one foot on American soil, and then they would go through a three-to-five-year judicial process to be removed from the country.
Sanders said the president is focused on securing borders and reforming immigration system to prevent the crisis at the border from getting worse.

कांवड़ मार्ग हुए विस्फोट की जांच एसटीएफ को सौंपी

[मुज़फ्फरनगर,यूपी] कबाड़ी के यहां हुए विस्फोट की जांच एसटीएफ को सौंपी | यह विस्फोट उस मार्ग पर हुआ है जहां से वार्षिक कांवड़ यात्रा गुजारी जाएगी |यह यात्रा आज से शुरू होगी|
बीते दिन सरवत रोड एरिया के कबाड़ी “नवाजिश” की दुकान में फैले कबाड़ में हुए विस्फोट में चार लोगों की मृत्यु हो गई थी,जबकि तीन घायल हुए थे
इसकी जांच अब यूपी एसटीएफ को सौंप दी गई है| मृतक निसार और दुकान के मालिक नवाजिश के साथ ही कबाड़ के सप्लायर की भूमिका को भी जांच के दायरे में रखा जाएगा|कबाड़ में से मूलयवान हिस्सों को अलग करते समय हुए इस विस्फोट में निसार+नवाजिश+ताज़ीम+शज़द मारे गए थे |

Trump Allows Joint Family Detention Of Illegal Migrants

[WashingtonDC] Trump Allows Joint Family Detention Of Illegal Migrants
President Donald J Trump Signs Executive Order Allowing Joint Family Detention
Trump Hits headlines again by signing an executive order to end the practice of separating children from parents accused of illegally crossing the border
Migrant children are kept in cages photos which disturbed many friendly countries also
British Prime Minister Theresa May said images from the United States of migrant children kept in cages were “deeply disturbing” and that she would press President Donald Trump on the issue
Chief Minister of Punjab India Capt Amarinder Singh on Twitter requested Smt Sushma Swaraj MEA for intervention regarding media reports of detention of Sikhs & other illegal immigrants held in alleged inhuman conditions at Oregon detention centre in US and to provide necessary help.
Local Media says that 52 illegal migrants mostly Sikhs are held in custody Their children are kept in separate cages

Capt Accepts Opposition’s Demand of Paramilitary For Shahkot

[Chd,Pb]Capt Accepts Opposition’s Demand of Paramilitary For Shahkot
Punjab Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh today said he had no objection to the opposition’s demand of deploying paramilitary forces for the Shahkot bypoll.
He said the presence of security personnel would thwart the Akalis’ attempts to take refuge in the “frivolous and fabricated” excuse of “misuse of official machinery” once they lose the bypoll ignominiously.
The chief minister’s reaction comes a day after the Akalis approached the Election Commission with a request to deploy paramilitary forces for a fair and peaceful bypoll.
The senior Congress leader also accused SAD president Sukhbir Singh Badal of “brazenly” backing SHO Parminder Singh Bajwa, who was found by the poll panel to be unfit for duty.
Mehatpur SHO Parminder Singh Bajwa, who had booked the Congress’s Shahkot assembly bypoll candidate in an illegal sand mining case recently, was arrested by the Jalandhar police yesterday for allegedly assaulting and obstructing an on-duty government official.
The Congress nominee for the by-election, Hardev Singh Laddi Sherowalia, among others, was booked for alleged illegal sand mining in different villages of Jalandhar district.
The Election Commission had yesterday replaced Bajwa with Hardip Singh following complaints of being biased.
The by-poll to Shahkot Assembly will be held on May 28. The seat fell vacant following the death of the incumbent SAD MLA, Ajit Singh Kohar.

यूपी के कैराना में सुरक्षा व्यवस्था कड़ी

[मु.नगर,यूपी]यूपी के कैराना में सुरक्षा व्यवस्था कड़ी
कैराना में 28 मई को उपचुनाव होने वाले हैं
नामांकन दाखिल करने की अंतिम तारीख 10 मई है।
राष्ट्रीय लोक दल(रालोद)ने तबसूम बेगम,को चुनाव में उतारा है |
समाजवादी पार्टी( सपा )और बहुजन समाज पार्टी( बसपा )के समर्थन से तबस्सुम उपचुनाव में अपना नामांकन पत्र दाखिल करेंगी।
प्रदेश और केंद्र में सत्तारूढ़ भारतीय जनता पार्टी( भाजपा) ने छेत्र के दिवंगत सांसद हुकुम सिंह की बेटी मृगांका सिंह पर सहानुभूति का कार्ड खेला है |
नामांकन पत्र दाखिल करने के लिए जाने से पहले प्रत्याशी अपने समर्थकों को भी संबोधित करेंगे।

Modi Slammed Cong in Karnataka for Insulting Army Generals

[Kalaburagi]Modi Slammed Congress for Insulting Indian Army Generals.Modi said that Congress leaders call Army General “Gunda” and such leaders are allowed to share stage with senior leaders
Modi said that Congress has insulted national heroes like Field Marshal Cariappa and Thimaya
In a Election Rally BJP’s Star Compaigner PM Narendra Modi Said that Congress does not respect the sacrifices of our soldiers.Qestioned even SURGICAL STRIKE against Pakistan.. Congress would rather prefer our soldiers go with cameras and not guns on such Strike. PM said that Karnataka is synonymous with valour but how didi the Congress govts treat Field Marshal Cariappa . IN 1948 after defeating Pakistan General Thimayya was insulted by then PM Nehru

Lt General Malhotra Takes Over as DG Of NCC

[New Delhi]Lt General Malhotra Takes Over as DG Of NCC
Lieutenant General PP Malhotra assumed charge as Director General of National Cadet Corps (NCC)
Lt Gen Malhotra’s distinguished professional career includes various regimental, staff and command appointments. Prior to assuming his present appointment, he was the Chief Engineer of the Army’s premier Northern Command.