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सोनिया और राहुल ने कोविड को लेकर पीएम मोदी पर हमला किया

(नई दिल्ली) सोनिया और राहुल ने कोविड को लेकर पीएम मोदी पर हमला किया
सोनिया और राहुल ने कोविड को लेकर अलग अलग पीएम मोदी पर हमला किया #कांग्रेस अध्यक्षा श्रीमती सोनिया गांधी ने सांसदों के वेतन से कटौती के सुझाव का तो स्वागत किया लेकिन इसके साथ ही उन्होंने सरकार के विज्ञापन आदि के खर्च में भी 30 फीसदी की कटौती और ‘सेंट्रल विस्टा’ परियोजना के स्थगन का सुझाव दिया
इसके अलावा उन्होंने मंत्रियों की विदेश यात्राओं पर दो वर्ष की रोक लगाने की भी मांग कर डाली
अब जाहिर है प्रधान मंत्री नरेंद्र मोदी अक्सर विदेशों में यात्राएं करते आ रहे हैं
इसके अतिरिक्त जीवन रक्षा दवाओं के निर्यात पर से अस्थाई रोक हटाने के नवीनतम फैंसले पर राहुल गांधी ने कहा के
भारत को सभी देशों की सहायता करनी चाहिए लेकिन जीवनरक्षक दवाइयां पहले भारतीयों को उपलब्ध कराई जानी चाहिए
विदेश मंत्रालय के नए बने प्रवक्ता श्रीवास्तव के अनुसार भारत ने प्रत्येक मामले के हिसाब से पड़ोसी देशों समेत अन्य को मलेरिया की दवा हाइड्रोक्सीक्लोरोक्वीन निर्यात करने का फैसला किया है। अधिकारियों ने मंगलवार को बताया कि कोरोना वायरस वैश्विक से निपटने में अंतरराष्ट्रीय समुदाय की मदद करने की भारत की प्रतिबद्धता के अनुरूप यह फैसला किया गया है। जबकि सोशल मीडिया में यह खबर वायरल हो रही है के मलेरिया आदि दवाओं के लिए यू एस प्रेजिडेंट डोनाल्ड ट्रम्प ने भारत को चेतावनी दी है तभी भारत ने दवाओं के निर्यात पर लगाई रोक को मात्र दो हफ्तों में ही वापिस ले लिया है

नोएडा पुलिस ने झुग्गियों में वितरित किए 10 हज़ार मास्क

(नोएड,उप्) नोएडा पुलिस ने झुग्गियों में वितरित किए 10 हज़ार मास्क
कोविड -19 संक्रमण को फैलने से रोकने के प्रयास के तहत गौतम बुद्ध नगर पुलिस ने मंगलवार को गरीब लोगों को मास्क बांटे।
गौतम बुद्ध नगर के पुलिस आयुक्त आलोक सिंहके अनुसार कोरोना वायरस संक्रमण को रोकने के लिए उत्तर प्रदेश के मुख्यमंत्री के आदेशानुसार गौतमबुद्ध नगर पुलिस ने दस हजार मास्क वितरित किए हैं।
झुग्गी -झोपड़ी,ग्रामीण क्षेत्रों के साथ ही विभिन्न आश्रय गृहों में रहने वाले लोगों को मास्क बांटे गए हैं
132 अवरोधक लगाकर जनपद की सभी सीमाओं पर जांच की जा रही है।

India Lifts Two Week Old Ban On Export of PCM +Hydroxycloroquine

(New Delhi)India to Lifts Ban On Export of PCM +Hydroxycloroquine After Two Weeks
India has decided to partially lift the ban on export of paracetamol and anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine in sync with its global commitment to deal with the coronavirus pandemic
This ban was imposed On March 25, in the midst of views in some quarters that the drug could be used to fight COVID-19. India is the largest exporter of the drug.
In a telephonic conversation with Prime Minister Narendra Modi last week, President Donald Trump sought supply of hydroxychloroquine to the US to treat coronavirus infected people.
On Monday, Trump warned India that the US may retaliate if it did not export hydroxychloroquine despite his personal request.
Hydroxychloroquine is an old and inexpensive drug used to treat malaria. India is the largest producer of the drug globally.
The MEA New spokesperson responding to media queries on the issue.said
“We will also be supplying these essential drugs to some nations who have been particularly badly affected by the pandemic,”
India is learnt to have received requests from at least 20 countries including its immediate neighbours Sri Lanka and Nepal for supply of hydroxychloroquine.
Shrivastava said Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) has notified lifting of restrictions on 14 drugs on Monday.
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President Trump Combat Against Covid

Sparing no expense to win this fight Against Covid 19 President Trump Says
“We have the best doctors, the best military leaders, and the best logistics professionals anywhere in the world,” President Trump said yesterday. “And we’re orchestrating a massive federal response unlike anything our country has ever seen or done.”
As per White House ,By tomorrow, the Federal Government will have deployed over 3,000 military and public health professionals to New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and other parts of our country most affected by Coronavirus.
In the last 7 days, FEMA has airlifted crucial supplies and protective equipment from every corner of the Earth. Since last Sunday, cargo planes have delivered nearly 300 million gloves, almost 8 million masks, and 3 million gowns.
The government is delivering an additional 600,000 N95 masks to New York City to support its public hospital system, as requested by Mayor Bill de Blasio. Another 200,000 will be delivered to Suffolk County on Long Island.
Over the last 48 hours, FEMA has delivered an additional 500 ventilators to New Jersey. In addition, Louisiana has received 200, Michigan has received 300, and Illinois has gotten or will get 600 to address potential hotspots.
As of yesterday, the United States has tested and given results to 1.67 million people—far more than any other country on Earth.
In addition to these public health actions, President Trump has worked with Congress to prioritize the economic needs of American workers and small businesses. The $2+ trillion CARES Act signed into law on March 27 provides qualifying families with $2,400 in tax-free payments, along with an additional $500 for each child.
The Paycheck Protection Program, which launched Friday, approved more than 17,500 loans valued at over $5.4 billion on its first day. These loans, intended to keep more Americans employed, are 100% forgivable if used for qualifying expenses—and if all employees are kept on payroll.

Crackdown on Fake News Spreaders :34 Booked in Punjab

(Chd,Pb)Crackdown on Fake News Spreaders :34 Booked in Punjab
Sedition case was registered on Friday against a Ludhiana resident
. As per DGP Dinkar Gupta , police have registered 34 cases so far, of which 27 were lodged between March 21 and April 6.
The Ludhiana resident had allegedly misled people about the availability of critical medical equipment besides “spreading hatred” against the state government
The DGP had earlier this month constituted a special team headed by a ADGP-ranked officer to monitor all social media platforms to check any instance of fake news or information.

BJP MLA Keche Booked for Violating Lockdown Norm

(Wardha)BJP MLA Ke che Booked for Violating Lockdown Norm
Maharashtra BJP MLA Dadarao Keche asked people to gather at his residence to get free ration on the occasion of his birthday
The BJP MLA from Arvi in Wardha district had allegedly announced he is going to distribute free ration to the poor and labourers on his birthday and asked them to assemble outside his residence on Sunday at 9 am.
Responding to his appeal, hundreds of people from Arvi town and nearby areas gathered outside his house in violation of social distancing norms and prohibitory orders.
Some local residents informed the police about the gathering.

50 American COs Join POTUS’s War on Coronavirus

50 Companies Join Trump’s War on Coronavirus
“Some 50 major American firms have joined the national war on the coronavirus, many volunteering to shift their focus and even assembly lines to deliver needed supplies to doctors, hospitals, first responders and others on the front lines,” Paul Bedard reports for the Washington Examiner.
“The companies that have enlisted include Facebook, Anheuser-Busch, Ford, Fiat Chrysler, and many others. “Other national and local groups have also brought in corporate partners to help find masks, gowns, and other personal protective equipment.”

Rahul Gandhi Sends 42 K Sanitizers+Masks+Soaps to Amethi

(Amethi,UP)Rahul Gandhi Sends 42 K Sanitizers+Masks+Soaps to Amethi
Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has sent
12,000 sanitizers,
20,000 face masks and
10,000 soaps for distribution among the people of Amethi
District unit president of the Congress, Pradeep Singhal said Gandhi has instructed to supply these items especially to those who are in the forefront of the fight against coronavirus.
The Gandhi scion had earlier sent trucks full of wheat and rice for distribution among the locals
Gandhi represented the Amethi Lok Sabha seat since 1999. He lost the seat to Union minister Smriti Irani in the last general elections.
He is curently a Member of Parliament from Wayanad constituency in Kerala.

Councillor Arrested for Obstructing Health Workers

(Hyderabad)Councillor Held for Obstructing Health Worker
The Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHA) and other health personnel were collecting information on Friday as per the directives of the administration and the councillor at Nirmal town in Telangana allegedly argued with them, saying information would not be furnished
Following a complaint by a health worker, a case has been registered on charges of obstructing the duty of a public servant and the Councillor was arrested,

Pleasent Achievements in Ladakh,60% Corona Patients Cured

Pleasent Achievements in Ladakh,60% Corona Patients Cured
Nine of the 14 patients who had tested positive for coronavirus in Ladakh have been cured over the past 12 days
Commissioner Secretary (Health), Rigzin Samphel, in a tweet said, “2 (two) more positive cases turn negative, total cured = 9”