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Law Violator 5K NGOs Barred From Receiving Foreign Funding

[New Delhi] Law Violator 5K NGOs Barred From Receiving Foreign Funding
Nearly 5,000 NGOs were barred by the government from receiving foreign funding after cancellation of their licences since April 2017,
Union minister of state for home Kiren Rijiju said in Lok Sabha that the registration of the NGOs under the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act was cancelled after they were found to be violating the laws.
Rijiju said one time opportunity to upload pending annual returns from 2010-11 onwards without depositing any penalty was provided to all the defaulting NGOs from May 14, 2017 to June 15, 2017.
Replying to another question, the minister said during the last five financial years, Directorate of Enforcement has registered cases against 2,745 companies under the provisions of Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA), 1999, out of which 537 cases have been closed and 183 show cause notices have been issued.
Cases against 289 companies have also been registered under the provisions of Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA), 2002,

US Desires, Call Centre Employees to Disclose their Location

[Washington]US Makes Mandatory for Call Centre Employees to Disclose their Location
A legislation has been introduced in the Congress that would require call centre employees in countries like India to disclose their location and give customers the right to ask to transfer their call to a service agent in the US.
Introduced by Democrat Senator Sherrod Brown from Ohio, the legislation also proposes to create a public list of companies that would outsource call centre jobs and give preference in federal contracts to companies that haven’t shipped these jobs overseas.
The bill also guarantees US customers the right to ask to transfer their call to a customer service agent who is physically located in the US.
American companies also have opened call centers in countries including Egypt, Saudi Arabia, China and Mexico, the study noted.
According to National Association of Software and Services Companies estimates, the Business Process Management industry in India is a global leader with revenues of over USD 28 billion annually

राज्य सभा ने मोहसुल में ३ वर्ष पूर्व मारे गए ३९ भारतीयों को श्रद्धांजलि दी

[नई दिल्ली] राज्यसभा ने मोहसुल में ३ वर्ष पूर्व मारे गए ३९ भारतीयों को श्रद्धांजलि दी| विदेश मंत्री श्रीमती सुषमा स्वराज ने आज सदन में इस बात की पुष्टि करते हुए बताया के तीन वर्ष पूर्व लापता हुए ४० भारतीय आतंकवादियों द्वारा मारे जा चुके हैं |जनरल वी के सिंह के प्रयासों से उन अभागों के शवों को ढूढ़ निकला गया है और उनके डी ऍन ऐ मिलवाये जा चुके हैं |उन्होंने सहयोग के लिए इराक सरकार को धन्यवाद भी दिया|उन्होंने बताया के बिना सबूतों के लापता लोगों को मृत घोषित करना अपराध था |अब चूँकि इसकी पुष्टि हो चुकी है इसीलिए सदन को जानकारी दी जा रही है |मृतकों में ३१ अभागे पंजाब से हैं उनके शव अमृतसर पहुंचाए जाएंगे | ४ हिमांचल से हैं |हरजीत मसीह बच कर निकल गया था
फाइल फोटो सिंबॉलिक

Lymbyc Solutions Launches World’s 1st Virtual Data Scientist “Lymbyc”

[Bengaluru] Lymbyc Solutions Launches World’s 1st Virtual Data Scientist “Lymbyc”
It takes inspiration from the limbic brain that helps guide humans on ‘why’ we do things.
Data science is a growing market and According to Statistics MRC, the global data science platform market was accounted for $19.75 billion in 2016 and is expected to reach $128.21 billion by 2022 growing at a CAGR of 36.5% during the forecast period.
Speaking at the launch Mr. Satyakam Mohanty, Founder, Lymbyc Solutions, said, “Big Data Analytics have often been used as a validation resource and existing solutions help organizations answer the ‘what’ and ‘how’ kind of business queries at best, but cannot help them understand the ‘why’. Now It automatically learns what is relevant for a business with every interaction and continually curates information for future sharing.
Previously known as Ma Foi Analytics, Lymbyc Solutions Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 2012 to build robust analytical products that melded advanced technology to strong data science foundations to help organizations deal with these core fundamental problems. With a vision to empower the business leader at the point of decision making and to elevate analytics from just being a validation resource to an intervention mechanism with foresight, Lymbyc was conceptualized. Headquartered in Bangalore, Lymbyc Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a leading edge innovator in advanced analytics solutions serving varied clients across India, the US, Singapore and in the Middle East.

WANdisco Launches Ist Sales Partnership In Chinese Market,Alibaba Cloud

WANdisco Launches Its Ist OEM Sales Partnership In Chinese Market with Alibaba Cloud
WANdisco ,[ Live Data Company] announces it has entered into a non-exclusive OEM (‘Original Equipment Manufacturer’) sales agreement with Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing arm of Alibaba Group.
WANdisco Fusion will be sold as a standard component on Alibaba Cloud, covering several key aspects including
Live Data migration to Alibaba Cloud,
Alibaba Cloud for disaster recovery and
hybrid big data with Alibaba Cloud.
As per Mr. Hong Tang, Chief Architect of Alibaba Cloud,
“We believe WANdisco’s unique Live Data platform can significantly help our customers to leverage cloud for their data computing demands, whether it is to migrate their on premise data to our cloud, utilize cloud for disaster recovery solutions or maintain a hybrid-cloud solution, while ensuring their data is always available, accurate and protected.”
Mr. David Richards, Chief Executive Officer and Interim Chairman of WANdisco, commented:
“Partnering with Alibaba Cloud marks another significant milestone in our emergence as a critical part of cloud infrastructure. Our channel strategy has enabled us to expand our addressable market by; opening up new use cases for WANdisco Fusion, moving into new sectors, and now, growing our platform in new geographies. This is our first OEM agreement in the Chinese market and Alibaba Cloud is the largest provider of public cloud services in China, which adds significant market reach and scale to our business.”
WANdisco is shaping the future of data infrastructure with its groundbreaking Live Data platform, enabling companies to put all their data to work for the business – all the time, at any scale.
WANdisco makes data always available, always accurate, and always protected, delivering hyperscale economics to support exponential data growth with the same IT budget. With significant OEM relationships with IBM and Dell EMC and go-to-market partnerships with Amazon Web Services, Cisco, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Oracle and other industry titans – as well as hundreds of customers among the Global 2000 – WANdisco is igniting a Live Data movement worldwide.

केंद्र ने विदेश से धन प्राप्तकर्ता पीएचएफआई पर नकेल कसी

[नई दिल्ली]केंद्रीय गृह मंत्रालय ने विदेश से धनराशि प्राप्तकर्ता पीएचएफआई पर नकेल कसी |इनफ़ोसिस लिमिटेड के संस्थापक नारायण मूर्ति इसके चेयरमैन हैं और सदस्यों में डॉ .मोंटेक सिंह अहलूवालिया और अमर्त्यसेन भी हैं
विदेशी अंशदान विनियमन अधिनियम, 2010 के प्रावधानों के कथित उल्‍लंघन के बारे में जानकारी प्राप्‍त होने के बाद पीएचएफआई के पंजीकरण के नवीनीकरण को प्रारंभ से ही अस्‍थायी घोषित कर दिया गया।
केन्‍द्रीय गृह मंत्री श्री किरेन रिजिजू ने आज एक प्रश्‍न के उत्तर में लोकसभा में बताया के पीएचएफआई को प्रत्‍येक तिमाही के अंत में विदेश से प्राप्‍त होने वाले योगदान के संबंध में स्‍वास्‍थ्‍य और परिवार कल्‍याण मंत्रालय को विस्‍तृत जानकारी देनी होगी। स्‍वास्‍थ्‍य और परिवार कल्‍याण मंत्रालय द्वारा एक समिति का गठन किया गया है जो पीएचएफआई द्वारा त्रैमासिक आधार पर प्राप्‍त व खर्च किए गए विदेशी योगदान की समीक्षा करेगा।

Saudi Arabia Allows AI to Use its Airspace to Fly to Tel Aviv :Netanyahu

[Washington],N Delhi] Saudi Allows AI to Use its Airspace to Fly to Israel:Netanyahu
Air India has been allowed by Saudi Arabia to fly over its territory on its new route from New Delhi to Tel Aviv, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said today, This move would reduce travel time between the two cities upto 8 hours.
Interacting with reporters after his meeting with US President Donald Trump at the White House, Netanyahu said that Air India has signed an agreement with Saudi Arabia over the matter.
So far Saudi Arabia has not allowed planes from any country to fly over it and go to Israel.
Israel does not have diplomatic ties with Saudi Arabia,
Netanyahu said that as a result of the short travel of Air India, the Israeli national carrier El Al would be at disadvantage both in terms of cost and travel time.
As per Air India They are yet to receive any communication from the Indian regulator.
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PM “Modi” Shows His Efforts To Benjamin For Innovation-Driven New India

Social Media Magazine Namaste Shalom Launched On Holi & Israeli Purim

[New Delhi] Social Media Magazine Namaste Shalom Launched On Holi&Israeli Purim
Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh launched the social media of “Namaste Shalom”, a magazine devoted to India-Israel relations, The festive occasion of Holi coincided with the Jewish festival of Purim. The magazine is edited by former MP Tarun Vijay. Israeli Ambassador to India, Daniel Carmon and other dignitaries were also present.
Speaking on the occasion, Dr Jitendra Singh said that Israel and India, shared rich cultural and economic relations. They had faced similar hardships as well as successes in the past which obviated the need for making any extra effort for bonding the two peoples, He announced that a food processing centre with collaboration of Israeli expertise will be inaugurated in Aizwal, Mizoram next week on 7th March. This will be the first such centre in the North East region of India that is being established with Israeli collaboration. Set up at a cost of Rs 8-10 crore, this centre is exclusively for processing of citrus fruits.
Photo Caption
The Minister of State for Development of North Eastern Region (I/C), Prime Minister’s Office, Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions, Atomic Energy and Space, Dr. Jitendra Singh addressing at the social media launch of “Namaste Shalom”, a magazine on India-Israel relations, in New Delhi on March 02, 2018.

Prez Trump Salutes and Toast 46 Governors Of USA

[Washington]Prez Trump Salutes and Toast Governors Of USA
In This ball of governors Donald J Trump said
Great governors of the United States. have done an amazing job. Such an easy job you have. (Laughter.) So easy. But you have done a fantastic job, and your families and wives and — well, everybody is here. I mean, I’ve seen daughters come tonight. I’ve seen wives. I’ve seen — all I know is, everybody is lovely, and we’re going to have a wonderful evening.”
He added “And tomorrow, we’re going to meet, and we’re going to discuss things, like perhaps healthcare will come up. Perhaps. (Laughter.) And I think we’ve made a lot of progress on that. And we’re going to have a speech on Tuesday night, and we’re going to be speaking very specifically about a very complicated subject. Everybody is different, every state is different, and different requirements, but I think we have something that’s going to really be excellent”
Criticising his Predecessors he said “as most of you know, the Obamacare has had tremendous problems. I won’t say in front of the Democrats, I’ll just say it to the Republicans — (laughter) — it doesn’t work. But we’re going to have it fixed, and we’re going to repeal and replace. And I think you’re going to see something very, very special”.

(A toast is offered.)

Subsidy Scrapper Govt Reduces “Haj” Airfare

[New Delhi]Subsidy Scrapper Govt Announce Reduction In “Haj” Airfare
Union Minority Affairs Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi described the move as a “major step”.
The government today announced a significant reduction in airfare for those going on the Haj, a month after it scrapped subsidies for the pilgrimage.
The reduction will be applicable to passages on Air India, Saudi Airlines and Flynas, an air carrier based in Saudi Arabia, to Jeddah and Medina from 21 airports in India.
The decision to cut airfares will end the “political and economic exploitation” of Hajis “as was done during the Congress-led UPA regime”, Naqvi said.
From Ahmedabad, the round fare this year will be around Rs 65,015 as against Rs 98,750 in 2013-2014. The passage from Mumbai has been brought down to around Rs 57,857 from Rs 98,750 in 2013-14.
The government had in January abolished subsidies given to those on the pilgrimage in view of a 2012 Supreme Court order