AAP Party Has Magnetized,More Then 700%,Donors:Response Of sacrifice Of Delhi Govt

AAP Party Has Successfully Magnetized 1050 New ,On Line, donors And Enriched Party Fund With More Then 700% Which Is 25.25 lakh rupees ..
Party has Claimed ,This Rise In Party Fund, a Stamp On The decision Of SACRIFICE Of Delhi Govt. For Jan lok pal Yesterday .
Sh. Arvind Kejriwal and his cabinet’s decision to sacrifice the government on the issue of Janlokpal, after Congress and BJP MLAs voted against the introduction of the Bill, has received a very good response from the donors.
[1]The party had received less than 1 lakh rupees from 93 donors till 12 noon yesterday.
[2] After 12 noon the number of donors reached upto 592 and amount collected was 11.77 lakh.
[3]Online donations to the Aam Aadmi Party rose to more than 700 percent today. Till 7 PM today the party had received 25.25 lakh rupees from 1050 donors.