Cong Questions Appointment of New Army Chief

[New Delhi]Cong, Questions Appointment of New Army Chief
Congress and the Left today questioned the appointment of the new army chief by superseding two officers, saying every appointment by the government has become controversial.
The government has appointed Vice Chief of Army Staff Lt Gen Bipin Rawat as the new army chief superseding his two senior officers.
Congress spokesperson Manish Tewari said that every institution has its own dynamics, hierarchy and seniority which is the overriding dynamic of the armed forces not only in India but everywhere in the world.
Arguing that Eastern Army Commander Lt Gen Praveen Bakshi and Southern Army Command chief Lt Gen P M Hariz are senior to Lt Gen Rawat, Tewari questioned why this supersession has taken place.
He said now the argument the government will give that Congress did supersession in the 80s and, therefore it has the right to do so is a “complete nonsense”.
He said”Every situation has its own context and, therefore nothing can be extrapolated out of context in order to justify a supersession. So, therefore the government needs to answer this legitimate question as to why these senior army commanders were superseded,”.
CPI leader D Raja also questioned the government’s move and said appointments have become controversial.