Cong-Ruled Arunachal Finds Fault In Own UPA’s 2013 Land Law:Relief For NDA

[New Delhi]Cong-Ruled Arunachal Finds Fault In Own UPA’s 2013 Land Law: Relief For NDA
Going against the Congress’ stand, Arunachal Pradesh has described the 2013 Act as “complicated” and which required to be revisited
As the Modi government tries to muster support for its contentious land bill in the Rajya Sabha, some states ruled by opposition parties have kept up suspense over their next move but Congress-ruled Arunachal Pradesh has sprung a surprise, finding fault with the 2013 law passed by the UPA dispensation.
.The Joint Committee of Parliament headed by BJP MP S S Ahluwalia looking into the vexed issue had, after its first meeting on May 29, asked the states to submit their views on the proposed legislation in writing.
The Congress-ruled states have written identical letters to the panel totally opposing the changes being brought in the 2013 land Act, but the party’s government in Arunachal Pradesh said the 2013 law brought by the UPA was “too lengthy” and “complicated” as compared to the 1894 Act.
However, responses sent by over a dozen state governments make it clear that they are not backing the changes in the 2013 law.
While the government has no hope of support from Congress, Left and Trinamool Congress, it has still not given up on parties like SP, BJD, AIADMK, NCP and a few others by bringing in some changes in the draft bill..