Trump Reiterates His Commitment For Immigration Reforms

[Washington,DC] Trump Reiterates His Commitment For Immigration Reforms
Describing immigration reform as his top priority, US President Donald Trump today renewed his push for an immigration system which prevents people from entering America illegally.
Trump told reporters in a joint media appearance with King Abdullah II Bin al-Hussein of Jordan in the Oval Office of the White House.that he wants a system in place where the foregone conclusion for any illegal entrance is exit.
The US president also attacked the Democrats, who he said, are in favour of open borders and alleged that they “do not care about our military”.
White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders later told reporters that virtually all Americans agree that it makes no sense that an illegal alien sets one foot on American soil, and then they would go through a three-to-five-year judicial process to be removed from the country.
Sanders said the president is focused on securing borders and reforming immigration system to prevent the crisis at the border from getting worse.