AAP Party Has 33% Tainted MLAs With Criminal Cases:Strange

[New Delhi]1/3 MLAs Of Aam Admi Party[AAP] Are Declared Tainted With Criminal Cases
Out of the 67 newly-elected AAP MLAs, 23 MLAs had declared criminal cases against them.
AAP Party Has Scored Charismatic 67 New MLAs Out Of Which 23 MLAs had declared criminal cases against them.
According to data based on ADR analysis, one of three BJP MLAs had also mentioned about criminal cases against him in the affidavit during filing of nomination.
In the 2013 Assembly elections, 25 MLAs had declared criminal cases which made up 33 % of the total count.
Party’s Co founder-member Shanti Bhushan And First Donor on Wednesday Also Retreated His attack On Arvind Kejriwal , accused him of accepting “tainted” money and giving tickets to candidates who were prepared to buy votes With Money And Liquor
He asked the party to “apply course correction” and come back to the path of clean politics.