PM “Modi” Assures His Doors Opened For Retiring MPs From Rajya Sabha

[New Delhi] PM “Modi” Assures His Doors Opened For Retiring MPs From Rajya Sabha

The continued disruptions in the Rajya Sabha found mention in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech for retiring members today when he said they would not be able to participate in debates when the House decides on important bills such as the one which seeks to criminalise the practise of instant triple talaq.
In his brief speech, Modi said “unfortunately”, the retiring members will not be part of Parliament when the decision on instant triple talaq is taken.
He also said the outgoing members must have prepared speeches on important issues so that their contribution is remembered.
But they could not do so. He said the responsibility of smooth functioning lies not only with the opposition but also with the government.
The Rajya Sabha, Modi said, is a distinguished House with eminent members serving here. He said the House plays a vital role in India’s democracy.
He did not use terms such as din, disruptions in his speech
Prime Minister expressed confidence that the Members retiring from the House, would now play an even stronger role in social service.
The Prime Minister made a special mention of many retiring MPs and their contributions.
The Prime Minister said that it is unfortunate that the retiring Members will not be a part of Parliament, when the long due decision on Triple Talaq is taken.
He assured the retiring members that the doors of Parliament and PMO are always open for them, and urged them to continue sharing their thoughts on vital issues of the day.
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