Rahul Challenges 56″ Strongman [Modi]To Solve Dokalam

[New Delhi]Rahul Challenges 56″ Strongman [Modi]To Solve Dokalam
Congress president Rahul Gandhi today took a swipe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the Doklam issue, saying he hoped the “56 inch strongman” has a plan to deal with the situation.
Gandhi’s comments came after China on Monday asserted that Doklam belongs to it and India should have “learnt lessons” from the stand-off last year.
Recalling China’s statement, Gandhi said on Twitter, “Last week thousands took my Twitter poll. 63% felt Modi Ji would use hugplomacy, blame RM and cry in public to deal with the Doklam issue!
“For India’s sake, I hope you were wrong and our 56 inch strongman has a plan.”
Troops of India and China were locked in a 73-day stand-off in Doklam near Sikkim last year after the Indian side stopped the building of a road in the disputed area by the Chinese Army.