Indian Civil Aviation Policy May Take New Shape in a Month

[New Delhi]Aviation Policy May Take New Shape in a Month
Government expects to finalise the much-awaited new aviation policy and revised international flying norms for domestic carriers within a month.
Though the consultation process with the stakeholders on the twin subjects are almost complete, the ministry might look at having some more discussions in this regard, a senior Civil Aviation Ministry official said today.
Besides, formulating a new civil aviation policy, the government is in the process of doing away with the ‘5/20’ norms for domestic airlines.
Under the norms, only carriers having been in operation for at least five years and with a fleet of at least 20 aircraft are allowed to fly on international routes.
However, the proposed norms have come under criticism from both the established as well the start-up carriers with the latter having apprehensions about regional connectivity conditions.
The incumbent Rohit Nandan’s tenure expires in August and the government has to take a decision for new Officer before that.