Capt Seeks Hike in MSP of Rabi Crops From Modi Govt

[Chd,Pb]Capt Seeks Hike in MSP of Rabi Crops From Modi Govt
Punjab state agriculture department has sent a proposal for the increase in the MSP to the Commission for Agriculture Costs and Prices (CACP)
The department demanded that the wheat MSP should be increased from Rs 1,840 per quintal to 2,710 per quintal, a jump of Rs 870 over the 2018-19 rabi season.
It has demanded that the MSP of barley be increased from Rs 1,440 per quintal to Rs 1,974 per quintal.
The proposal also sought a hike in the MSP of gram from Rs 4,620 to Rs 5,631 per quintal, and of rapeseed and mustard from Rs 4,200 to Rs 5,384 per quintal.
Chief Minister Amarinder Singh said in a release that the Centre’s intervention was needed to support these measures.
The CM reiterated his demand for the implementation of the MS Swaminathan Commission report to ensure the much-needed improvement in the agriculture sector and better remuneration for farmers.