Congress Opposes New Airports In Punjab

[Amritsar]Congress Opposes New Airports In Punjab
Senior Congress leader Capt Amarinder Singh today said that he welcomes the construction of more airports in Punjab but these developments must not be done at the cost of existing ones.
Amarinder said that he was very much in favour of building and developing airports at other places like Mohali and Chandigarh, but that must not be at the cost of the existing airports like the one at Amritsar.
He was here today to preside over a meeting of the Airport Advisory Committee at Amritsar Airport.
Undoubtedly the facilities at the Amritsar Airport had improved during the last decade, he said, adding but what matters the most is the frequency of flights particularly to the foreign countries.
The deputy leader in the Lok Sabha said as the Chief Minister, he had facilitated the operation of international flights from Amritsar Airport, however, these flights were later taken off.
Amarinder said he will soon be meeting the Union Civil Aviation Minister and will bring to his notice the problems at the Airport here and seek remedial measures.
The priority will be to ensure operation of more international flights from here particularly to the UK and Canada, Amarinder said.
A delegation of taxi operators also met the Congress leader and urged him that the staying time for the taxis be increased from five minutes to 10 minutes