Rahul Exhilarates Attack Saying PM Practising Politics Of Fear:Demonetization

[New Delhi]Rahul Exhilarates Attack Saying PM Practising Politics Of Fear
Rahul Gandhi said PM is practising politics of fear:
Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi today continued his attacked on Prime Minister Narendra Modi over demonetisation, accusing him of practising politics of “fear and anger” and exhorted partymen to defeat his ideology.
“On November 8, Modiji said he is performing a ‘yagya’ against corruption and black money. In every yagya someone’s sacrifice is done and every yagya is done to benefit someone.
“The demonetisation ‘yagya’ is for 50 families of the country’s 1 per cent super rich. It is the poor, farmers, labourers, middle class and small shopkeepers who are being sacrificed in this ‘yagya’. There has been tremendous pain caused by it,” he said presiding over Congress Party’s 132nd Foundation Day celebrations,
The Congress will stand with people, farmers, labourers, middle-class and small shopkeepers and with the country and help them, he said, exhorting Congressmen to reach out to those “pained” by demonetisation and fight and defeat the ideology of Modi and RSS that spreads “fear and hatred”.
Accusing Modi for hurting financial independence of people of this country, he asked on what basis limits of Rs 24,000 were imposed on withdrawal.
Filling in for his mother and Congress President Sonia Gandhi who is not keeping well, Rahul for the first time today unfurled the Tricolour at the party headquarters to mark the Congress Foundation Day.
He addressed a gathering of top party leaders including all members of the Congress Working Committee, indicating his slow but consistent march towards elevation as Congress chief.
Rahul used the occasion to trace the party’s history of sacrifices and struggles to say Congress was synonymous with acceptance of the other.
He said, “Modi government is today tearing apart the fabric of our country. Modiji’s policies are creating a tremendous fear psychosis among people. Modiji is trying to convert this fear and pain into hatred.
Demonetisation is an example of this.