Trade Facing Challenges Globally,India Needs to Boost Exports:Prabhu

[New Delhi]Trade Facing Challenges Globally ,India Needs to Boost Exports:Prabhu
Commerce Minister Suresh Prabhu said that The world is facing serious challenges as the US is taking protectionist measures and India needs to explore ways to boost exports,.
He said the US is taking “very strong” measures against all its major trading partners including China.
The comments came amid US President Donald Trump imposing USD 60 billion of tariffs on Chinese imports, and also increasing import tariff on steel and aluminium in case of India.
Yesterday, President Trump imposed USD 60 billion of tariffs on Chinese imports, a move that could escalate the already tense trade relations between the world’s two biggest economies.
The minister further said the government is taking steps to promote shipments.
“All must take steps to promote exports..We are trying to explore new markets and products by doing market research,” He was attending a function . While interecting with Media Prabhu said India is meeting leaders of some African countries to promote exports in the region