Bollywood Khiladi Akshay Tweets Apology to a Selfie Crazy Fan

[Mumbai]Bollywood Airlift Star Akshay Apologizes to a Selfie Crazy Fan
Bollywood Khiladi Akshay Apologizes to a Selfie Crazy Fan after his[Akshay] bodyguard punched him[Fan] at Mumbai airport.
49-year-old star said he reprimanded the bodyguard and will make sure such things are avoided in the future.
“What happened that day was unfortunate and uncalled for.
I was at the airport and I heard a commotion which made me turn around, I didn’t notice anything wrong so I walked on. It was later brought to my notice that my bodyguard had punched a fan,”
Akshay wrote on Twitter.
“I have reprimanded him and given him a strict warning for the same. My sincere apology to the fan who was hurt. I hold my fans in the highest regard and such incidents are always upsetting. I will ensure such a scenario is avoided in the future”, the actor wrote