India Also Observing International Mother Language Day,Today,To Promote”Matribhasha”

[New Delhi]The Ministry of Human Resource Development,[HRD] Of India is celebrating 2lst February [Today]as Matribhasha Divas all over India with the objective of sensitising people on the need to impart communication skills and proficiency in mother tongue Language festivals will also be held in different places for the first time. India Possesses Rich Heritage Of about 3000 mother tongues
UNESCO has been observing February 21st every year as International Mother Language Day to promote mother tongues and increase awareness of the linguistic and cultural traditions throughout the world.
India possesses a very high linguistic diversity index.. The focus will be on India’s vast and diverse language heritage and on ways and means to preserve and support about 3000 mother tongues
All the schools, colleges, universities and Language related institutions under both Central and State Governments are celebrating the occasion by holding seminars+workshops+special lectures+various competitions for students on the importance of mother tongue.
Some of the unique features of this celebration would be GK competitions on Indian Language Heritage and exhibition on Indian mother tongues. Schools and colleges are encouraged to take up year-long activities to facilitate using one’s own mother tongue better and learning other’s mother tongue faster and also to create a congenial atmosphere for appreciating and encouraging all Indian languages.
Central Minister , Smt. Smriti Irani will release new books in Chennai