Transgenders[Hijra] Mulling To Switch over To Modelling Business

[New Delhi]Transgenders Mulling Switch over To Modelling Business.Now This Isolated Community[Hijra] May Now Connect National+International Audience. Auditions for models are being conducted which are open to all members of the ‘hijra’ and LGBT community.
Transgender community is looking forward to a new lease of life Through Modelling Agency
This is the brain child of Rudrani Chettri, a Delhi-based transgender activist and head of Mitr Trust
Chettri says the idea behind opening up a model agency comes from the feeling of ‘frustration’ which she and other transgenders had to face.
Eminent fashion stylist and photographer, Rishi Raj aims to get a prominent coverage to the soon-to-be-launched agency in a leading fashion magazine.
Meanwhile, the MITR trust has been working with an Indian-British team of filmmakers for the last one year.
They have been closely documenting their lives and struggles, with the hope that it will connect the long isolated ‘hijra’ community with the national and international audience.
Richa Banka In her story on PTI has stated that Funds for the initiative are being collected by, a crowd-funding platform.