Yogendra Yadav,Founder Of “AAP’s Parallel,Questioned Claim Of Scam Free Rule In Centre

[Varanasi]Yogendra Yadav [Founder Of AAP Parallel]Questioned Claim Of Scam Free Rule In Centre
Former AAP leader Yogendra Yadav has said Narendra Modi Government’s claim of scam-free rule is questionable when anti-corruption watchdogs are unable to function with full strength.
He also alleged that Modi government was “ashamedly anti-farmer” and its policies were no different from Dr Manmohan Singh
Yadav alleged that the government has not shown much will to take on corruption.
Yadav said the performance of the government Specially In The Field Of Employment+Corruption+Agriculture+Environment+Farmers has been a disappointment.
He Told to News Agency that The past records of corruption of both Congress and BJP are terrible but currently our focus is on BJP because it came to power on promises of reducing corruption, and they (BJP) have done no better till date,
He said “if you judge this government by what?it promised and its rhetoric, then of course nothing has come out from it and it is a joke.