Punjabi Capt Asks Gadakari to Rename NH-344A as Mata Gujri Marg

[Chd,Pb] Punjabi Capt Asks Gadakari to Rename NH-344A as Mata Gujri Marg,Mother Of Xth Guru
Punjab Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh today wrote to Union minister Nitin Gadkari asking him to rename National Highway-344A as Mata Gujri Marg.
In Fatehgarh Sahib last month, the chief minister had said that the proposal to declare the new national highway from Patiala to Panyali (on Ropar-Phagwara road) via Sirhind- Fatehgarh Sahib-Bassi Pathana-Morinda as Mata Gujri Marg was submitted to the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI).
In his letter to Union Minister of Shipping, Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari, Singh said that the feasibility report and detailed project report (DPR) of the road was already in the process of preparation and would soon be submitted to him.
The historic towns of Sirhind, Fatehgarh Sahib and Chamkaur Sahib, where the four Sahibzadas of the tenth Sikh Guru Gobind Singh attained martyrdom, are located on this road.
Mata Gujri, the mother of Guru Gobind Singh, is an iconic figure in the Sikh history and is remembered for her courage and supreme sacrifice.

Crimes in Natl Capital Increased by 12% :Police Confess

[New Delhi]Crimes in Natl Capital Increased by 12% In 2017 :Police Confess
Crimes in the national capital increased by 12 per cent in 2017,
However, records show that crimes in the city under major heads like
murders have declined. T
he increase in motor vehicle thefts continues to be an area of concern for the police.

According to the data shared by Delhi Police,
2,23,075 cases were registered in 2017 as opposed to 1,99,110 in 2016.
The total Indian Penal Code (IPC) crimes per lakh of population during 2017 was 1,263 in comparison to 1,137 in 2016.
The police said that the increase in the number of cases registered is
due to fair registration of crimes,
online registration of FIRs pertaining to property thefts and
motor vehicle robbery and
registration of FIRs on all complaints of women.
Delhi Police commissioner Amulya Patnaik said that “socio-economic disparities” are a significant criminogenic factor, coupled with other issues.
The Delhi Top Brass said that the issues of women’s safety and the menace of street crime demanded a focused strategy.
With incidents of terror occurring frequently across the globe, anti-terror measures were also on the top of their list,
Patnaik said that their focus last year was on preventive policing rather than reactive policing.
“Beat-in-focus policing, identification of active criminals and effective surveillance on them, high-visibility of police on streets, etc, led to a reduction in heinous crimes by 23.43 per cent last year. Street crimes like robberies and snatchings also declined by 21.05 per cent,” he said.
R P Upadhyaya, special commissioner of police (crime), said that 6,057 heinous crimes were reported in 2017 as opposed to 6,057 in 2016, thereby showing a decline of 23.43 per cent.
Statistics showed a minor decline of 0.73 per cent in rape cases. Murder cases also showed a decline by 7.78 per cent and dacoities showed a decline of 20 per cent.
The police also claimed that insistence on focused investigation led to a high rate of detection of heinous cases which was 87.98 per cent in 2017 as opposed to 71.81 per cent in 2016.
A total of 60,10,772 challans were issued by the Delhi Traffic Police last year, with the police collecting Rs 94.25 crore.
The statistics also showed a minor decline of 0.9 per cent in the fatal accidents, that was attributed to the measures like suitable deployment of night checking cum patrolling parties by the traffic police, analysis of accidents, etc

Capt Condemns Ban on Gurdwara Entry of Indian Officials in USA

[Chandigarh,Pb]Capt Condemns Ban on Gurdwara Entry of Indian Officials in USA
Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh addressing selected mediapersons said ban announced by certain elements on entry of Indian officials in gurdwaras in Canada+US+UK is Anti Sikh
CM said anyone, be it Sikh or non-Sikh, can enter the ‘guru ghar’ (abode of the Guru) to pay his respects or partake the langar prasad. It was against the ‘Sikhi’ (tenets of Sikhism) to stop anyone from entering the gurdwaras, he said, condemning the ban as totally wrong.
It was for the management committees of the Gurdwaras, as well as the Sikh community, in these countries, to put a stop on such acts, he said, pointing out that never in history had any person been barred from entering a gurdwara.

Tata’s Consultancy Services Down By 3.6% So Share Falls @ Rs 18.70

[Mumbai] Tata’s Consultancy Services[ TCS ] Down By 3.6% So Share Falls @ Rs 18.70
Share Price Of
BSE Category 2788.40-18.70
Country’s largest IT firm Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) today said its net profit fell 3.6 per cent to Rs 6,531 crore in the December 2017 quarter.
The Mumbai-headquartered company had posted a net profit of Rs 6,778 crore in the October-December quarter of the previous fiscal, the company said in a BSE filing.
Its income from operations during the quarter under review stood at Rs 30,904 crore, up 3.9 per cent from Rs 29,735 crore in the year-ago period, as per Indian Accounting Standard (Ind-AS).
The company has declared a dividend of Rs 7 per share.
TCS CEO and MD Rajesh Gopinathan said.
“We wrapped 2017 with a strong performance in the December quarter… . As lagging parts of our portfolio turn around, and areas of softness reduce, we are well placed for stronger growth ahead,”
He added that the company signed its first over USD 50 million deal in ‘Digital’ this quarter.
TCS COO and Executive Director N Ganapathy Subramaniam said.,New deal ramp-ups, increasing traction in Digital, robust demand pick up in Retail and continuing momentum in most of TCS’ industry verticals gave the company strong volume growth in a seasonally weak quarter,
TCS’ digital revenue saw an increase of about 40 per cent year-on-year and accounted for 22.1 per cent of the company’s revenues.
During the quarter, TCS saw its IT attrition rate (LTM) coming down 0.2 per cent sequentially to 11.1 per cent. It added 12,534 employees (gross) in the December 2017 quarter, taking its total headcount to 3,90,880 people.
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यूपी पुलिस के नशे में धुत कांस्टेबिल ने ६ वर्षीय बच्ची से बलात्कार किया

[नोएडा,यूपी]यूपी पुलिस के नशे में धुत कांस्टेबिल ने ६ वर्षीय बच्ची से बलात्कार किया
नोएडा में पुलिस के एक सिपाही द्वारा नशे में धुत होकर छह साल की बच्ची से बलात्कार का घृणित मामला सामने आया है।
यह अपराध थाना सूरजपुर छेत्र में हुआ है |बताया गया है के सिपाही सुभाष सेल्स टैक्स विभाग में डेपुटेशन पर आया हुआ है
स्थानीय पुलिस के अनुसार सिपाही अपनी ड्यूटी खत्म करके शराब के नशे में धुत्त होकर घर पहुंचा। बच्ची को अकेला पाकर उसने उससे बलात्कार किया।
बच्ची के शोर मचाने पर पड़ौसियों ने उसे पकड़कर पुलिस के हवाले किया |
बच्ची को जिला अस्पताल में भर्ती कराया गया है।

Obama Received Customery Gifts @ $ 3K During Jan 2015 India Visit

[Washington,Delhi]Obama Received Gifts @ $ 3K During Jan 2015 India visit
Former US president Barack Obama had received gifts worth about USD 3,000 during his visit to India in 2015 as Chief Guest at the Republic Day Parade, according to the State Department.
Obama was the first US head of state who attended the parade in 2015.
According to the Department of State’s Protocol Office, Prime Minister Narendra Modi presented Obama telegram facsimile from the US to India’s Constituent Assembly in 1946 and reproduction of the cover page of a report on India’s Constitutional Debates.
Modi also presented him a framed photograph of Marian Anderson’s radio interview in India and a hand-carved wooden Jali box with a small wooden latch and photo of Marian Anderson’s radio interview in India on the lid.
Among other gifts from Modi were a CD set, title: All India Radio Interview with Marian Anderson, November 18 1957, New Delhi.
Obama also received a hand-carved black wooden Jali box with painting on the lid; blue Shahmina shawl, red Shahmina shawl and beige and cream coloured shahmina shawl. The State Department Protocol Office have estimated their value at USD 1,231.
The Rajghat Samadhi Committee presented him a model spinning wheel with white tread looped around the wheel and a cloth scroll listing the Seven Social Sins as articulated by Mahatma Gandhi.
He also received a book on Mahatma Gandhi titled “An Autobiography The Story of my Experiments with the Truth” and a bronze-coloured bust of Mohandas Karamchard Gandhi on a wood base. The gifts were estimated to be a value of USD 929.01.
The then president Pranab Mukherjee presented Obama a book titled “Thoughts and Reflections”, “Winged Wonders of Rashtrapati Bhavan RB Series 2012 2014” along with a Photobook, titled “State Visit of His Excellency Barack H Obama, President of the United States of America and Michelle Obama to India on January 25 to 27 January 2015”.
The gifts were estimated to be USD 825.
The First Lady Michelle Obama received gifts worth over USD 1500, according to the list. All the gifts have been handed over to the National Archive.
Michelle was given by Modi a hand-embroidered Shahmina shawl, hand-carved wooden Jali box, and assorted Indian tea of an estimated value of USD 662. While rest of the items were given to the National Archives, the tea box was handled pursuant to United States Secret Service policy, the Office of Protocol said.
And finally, President Mukherjee presented to Michelle pashmina Shawl with hand-embroidery and specially commissioned tea set, including pot, six cups, six saucers, milk pitcher, and sugar jar, at an estimated value of USD 900.

Unionists Denounces FDI In,National Carrier,Air India

[New Delhi] Unionists Denounces FDI In,National Carrier,Air India
The Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU) today denounced the decision of the government to allow 49 per cent foreign direct investment (FDI) in Air India, and said it was aimed at expediting the privatisation of the national carrier.
CITU general secretary Tapan Sen said today.”Actually, this is nothing but complete foreignisation of the national carrier – a public sector company with its huge asset base and a high-revenue earning international service network,”
The CITU has called upon the working class to build up a determined resistance against “such deliberate exercise” towards degeneration of the national economy and people’s livelihood both through sectoral and nationwide united struggle.
Earlier Govt Has Relaxed Its Gripe By Allowing 49% FDI In National Carrier

Khattar Govt To Set Up 4 Multi Modal Transit Centres

[Chd,Haryana]Khattar Govt To Set Up 4 Multi Modal Transit Centres
The Haryana government has green-lit a proposal to set up multi modal transit centres (MMTC) at
Gurugram, [Kher ki Daula near the proposed metro station]
Faridabad,[near Ballabhgarh Metro Station]
Bahadurgarh [ existing bus stand adjoining metro station]
Kundli[between RRTS stations of Rajiv Gandhi Education City (RGEC) and Kundli-Manesar-Palwal (KMP)]

Modi Govt Start Attaching BENAMIs :Opening Score Rs 3500 Cr

[New Delhi]Modi Govt Start Attaching BENAMIs :Opening Score Rs 3500 Cr
@narendramodi Warned
He Informed
His Govt
Starts Attaching BENAMI Properties
Inaugural Attchments @ Rs 3500 Cr
As per The Income Tax Department (ITD)
it has attached more than 900 benami properties including flats, shops, jewellery and vehicles worth over Rs 3,500 crore.
ITD said in a statement that it has stepped up action under the Prohibition of Benami Property Transactions Act, which came into force from November 1, 2016.
The Act provides for provisional attachment and subsequent confiscation of benami properties, whether movable or immovable.
The department had set up 24 dedicated Benami Prohibition Units (BPUs) under its Investigation Directorates all over India in May, 2017 to ensure swift action in respect of Benami properties.
Benami literally means ‘without a name’. An asset without a legal owner or a fictitious owner is called benami.
The original Benami Act was introduced in 1988 for prevention of black money and was amended in 2016 to prohibit benami transactions and provides for confiscating benami properties.

UK’s OCS Gp Appoints Sumit Sabharwal Managing Director For India

[Mumbai]UK’s OCS Gp Appoints Sumit Sabharwal Managing Director For India
OCS Group, is the world’s largest family-owned facilities management services company headquartered in the UK,
As per the Group’s Press Release ,Sumit will spearhead and will oversee the business of various group firms in India. His primary focus will be on sustained business viability and charting a suitable course for the future.
Sumit is a strategic thinker and an expert in scaling-up businesses