American Scientists Will Discuss And Find Out Reasons For Sudden Record Breaking Dip In Temperatures

America ,in these days,Is Struggling Against bone-chilling +Record Breaking climate change And White House Has Arranged Hot discussions about the science of weather extremes.
At the White House, while they are beginning to thaw from this week’s bone-chilling deep freeze, their discussions about the science of weather extremes are heating up.
It is well known Fact that no single weather episode proves or disproves climate change. Climate refers to the patterns observed in the weather over time and space – in terms of averages, variations, and probabilities. But It is also believed that this week’s cold spell is of a type there’s reason to believe may become more frequent in a world that’s getting warmer, on average, because of greenhouse-gas pollution.
Thee discussion will take place on Friday, January 10th at 2:00 p.m. ET for [1]We the Geeks: [2]”Polar Vortex” and [3]Extreme Weather, for a conversation with leading meteorologists+ climate scientists+ weather experts about why temperatures dipped to such frigid lows this week, how weather experts turn raw data into useful forecasts.
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