Congress Postmortem Fake Budget By Delhi’s Fake Degree Government

[New Delhi]Congress,Postmortem Delhi’s Fake Budget by Fake Degree Government.
Ajay Maken Said that Delhi AAP Govt ,through this budget ,is creating ground for confrontation with Centre
Congress today slammed the “fake” budget tabled by “inexperienced” AAP government saying their promises of setting up new schools and hospitals will require land which will again put the state government in direct confrontation with the Centre.
Maken said This is a fake budget by fake degree Government. In its budget, the Government has shown 32 per cent rise in tax revenue, which was only 2 per cent last year.
It has shown 75 per cent rise in non-tax revenue, which was in negative last fiscal. So, the proposed tax and VAT collection and rise in non tax revenue is not going to realise and hence, this is a fake budget,” Maken told reporters.
He claimed that prices of food and other items are set to shoot up in Delhi as goods and food items coming from outside will be taxed even as there is ban on farming along banks of Yamuna River.
Price of each item will go up and the Arvind Kejriwal Government only is responsible for this
Maken further questioned the “inexperienced” AAP Government saying how it will arrange for space for constructing depots for 10,000 additional buses as promised, increasing as many new beds in hospitals and setting up new schools.
“These facilities can come up only when Centre makes available space for it. So, all these things are not going to happen and these people are going to fight with Centre saying they wanted to work, but Centre did not allow us,
The former Union Minister added that the Government has made a “very little” budgetary provision for skill development to compliment job generation.
Speaking to media persons here, Delhi Congress chief Ajay Maken also claimed that by making promises like providing additional buses, beds and schools – which will require land to be fulfilled – the AAP Government has prepared itself for another battle with Centre.
He said Land in Delhi falls under jurisdiction of Central Government and hence, if AAP fails to keep the promises, it can get away by blaming Centre,