Indian PM Reiterates Stand On Food Security,Urges F A O,s Protection In WTO

Indian Prime Minister Reiterated His Stand On Food Security And Urged FAO to take the Lead in Protecting Interests of Poor and Farmers In WTO
The Director General of the Food and Agriculture Organization, Dr. Jose Graziano da Silva, called on the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi today.
The Prime Minister described Dr. da Silva as one of the champions of the “No Hunger Project” in Brazil, and called upon the FAO to take the lead in protecting the interests of the poor and farmers at the World Trade Organization.
The Prime Minister asserted that India does not stand in the way of a rule-based global trade agreement, but India cannot sacrifice the interests and food security of the poor and the farmers.
The Prime Minister said India looks forward to active participation of FAO in addressing the emerging challenges in Indian Agriculture. He sought partnership with the FAO for capacity-building in food storage. He suggested that some portion of such capacity addition brought about by the FAO`s efforts through international financial institutions, could be earmarked for the food and nutritional requirements of the poorest countries.
The Prime Minister sought FAO`s cooperation in designing a special campaign targeted at women in India, which would highlight ways to improve nutritional value and food habits.
The Prime Minister also discussed ways and means for the FAO to contribute towards increasing nutritional value in the Mid-Day Meal scheme for schoolchildren, enhancing production and protein content of pulses, improving production of oilseeds, enhancing milk productivity, and modernization of fisheries sector in India.
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The DG, FAO, Dr. Jose Graziano da Silva calls on the Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, in New Delhi on September 09, 2014.