“AAP”Led Delhi Govt’s Ist Year Gift:Water Bills Pending@Rs 3778 Cr Waived

[New Delhi] “AAP”Led Delhi Govt’s Ist Year Gift To Delhiites :Water Bills @Rs 3778.07 Cr Pending Till Nov 2015 Waived
Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced a waiver of water bills pending till November last year as his government completed one year in office today.
The total value of the pending bills to be waived across categories is Rs 2,854.80 crore.
The government also decided to waive the payment of late fee and that will cost it another Rs 923.27 crore.
Giving an account of the works undertaken over the last 12 months by the Delhi government, Kejriwal said they have not let a single penny of taxpayers’ money go to “waste”.
“When we analysed water bills, we found these in a disarray as most water bills were prepared on an average basis without reading meters.
“It will be impossible to sit to correct these bills. In view of this, pending water bills till November 30 will be waived.
He said that people living in A and B category areas will be given exemption of up to 25 per cent on their water bills while C category will receive 50 per cent exemption.
“The D category area will be exempted 75 per cent and E,F,G and H category areas will be completely exempted from paying pending bills. Late Payment Surcharge (LPS) will be totally waived in all categories,”
.He said the waiver will be only for those consumers who have a functional water meter.