Farmers in Pb & Hary Continue to Defy Ban on Stubble Burning

[Chandigarh] Farmers in Pb & Hary Defy Ban on Stubble Burning
Stubble burning in Punjab and Haryana is a major cause of air pollution not only in the two states but also in the national capital.Punjab has so far seen over 330 incidents of crop residue burning while Haryana has witnessed 701 incidents of stubble burning
Paddy growers claim, they are “compelled” to do so in the absence of any financial support from the government for farm waste management.
The situation is likely to aggravate this year as the window period for managing the paddy crop residue has got shortened by at least 10 days because of rains last month that delayed paddy harvesting and some farmers said they will resort to stubble burning over taking the farm mechanization route.