Punjab’s Tableau to Show ‘Sangat and Pangat’: Republic Day Parade

Gurudwara Amritsar[Chd,Pb]Punjab’s Tableau to Show ‘Sangat and Pangat'[Community Kitchen]: Republic Day Parade
‘Sangat and Pangat’, signifying the love for humanity with the spirit of communal harmony, is the theme of the tableau of the Punjab government on the Republic Day this year
‘Sangat and Pangat’,is the teachings of the great ‘Guru Sahiban’.
People sit together transcending the boundaries of caste, creed and religion in ‘Pangat’, meaning partaking langar (community kitchen),
As per Sikh Principles people [sangat] sit in pangat [Lines] and share food on equal basis.Sikh History says that then emperor Akbar alongwith king of haripur visited 3rd Guru AMAR DAS Ji
they both had to eat langar [community food]
in the pangat and then met Guru Ji