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“Kejriwal Has the Office , AAP MLAs Enjoy the Profits :Cong

[New Delhi]”Kejriwal Has the Office , AAP MLAs Enjoy the Profits :Cong
Cong Demands Ouster of 21 AAP MLAs
Stepping up its demand for disqualification of 21 AAP MLAs appointed as Parliamentary Secretaries, Congress today said not receiving salary alone did not shield them against provisions of ‘office of profit’ law.
“AAP has cried hoarse saying that these 21 MLAs/ Parliamentary secretaries received no salaries. As they clamber to save themselves, it appears AAP have not bothered to read Supreme Court s judgements which have clearly stated that office of profit is not deemed by salary alone,” the party said in a commentary.
In the commentary posted on its website, “Kejriwal has the Office , AAP MLAs enjoy the Profits ”
The party said that after winning 67 seats in the Delhi Assembly, Kejriwal had to accommodate many party colleagues in “positions of power”.
As there is a limit to the number of Ministers, Shri Kejriwal, in an attempt at ingenuity, gave 21 MLAs the position of Parliamentary Secretaries’. These positions are not in the statute books, so are not legal and have been deemed an Office of Profit ,
It said as per the law, MLAs are not allowed to hold any office of profit under the central or state government or Union Territory administration.
The AICC claimed that rejection of the concerned bill by the President has shown that the “facade of honesty and integrity which Kejirwal and AAP have built is crumbling in the face of scrutiny.”
It alleged that this is the latest in a long line of corruption charges being levelled against AAP.
Transport Minister Gopal Rai, who was facing allegations of corruption in the Premium Bus Service scheme, has now been “forced” to resign from his post, .
“Instead of providing an explanation or accepting the precedent set by the Supreme Court, AAP has decided to take a leaf out of the BJP and Shri Narendra Modi s book and brazen out this scam.
Con Says Thus, proving once and for all that AAP and BJP are two sides of the same coin,”

Cong Demands Disqualification of 21 AAP’s Parliamentary Secretaries

[New Delhi] Cong Demands Disqualification of 21 AAP’s ‘Parliamentary Secretaries’
Now Congress Also Gets Opportunity&Demands Disqualification of 21 AAP MLAs
Congress today demanded disqualification of 21 AAP MLAs appointed as parliamentary secretaries in the wake of the President refusing assent to a bill passed by Delhi Assembly to exempt them from the office of profit criteria.
Party spokesman P L Punia also wanted Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal to resign taking moral responsibility, alleging that he was making false claims over the issue.
Punia said the Supreme Court’s orders on the issue of office of profit were crystal clear and, therefore, the AAP MLAs should be disqualified.
Reading out from a notification issued by the Delhi government at the time of the appointment of the 21 MLAs as parliamentary secretaries, he recalled what facilities had been made available to them.
He said it is a “well-settled” principle of law that one is considered to be holding office of profit even if he does not draw the emoluments that come with it.
In a jolt to Delhi’s AAP government, President Pranab Mukherjee had yesterday declined assent to a legislation that seeks to protect them on the office of profit issue, and they now face the prospect of disqualification