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कॉरोनानुसरों से पस्त पँजांब “कांग्रेस” और “आप” मे नूरा कुश्ती

#कोरोनापीड़ित पंजाबी
ओए झल्लेया! ये क्या हो रहा है?
#कॉरोनानुसरों से अस्पताल वाले धनाढ्य हो रहे हैं हम लोग एक लाख ₹ रौजाना देकर भी शव लाने को अभिशिप्त है। मोये #कोरोना प्रोटोकॉल के नाम पर अपने प्रियजनों को विदाई छोड़ो घर मे पंडित+काम वाली बाई भी आने को तैयार नही है ।इस महामारी में ये कांग्रेस और आम आदमी पार्टी कुछ सकारात्मक करने के बजाय आपस मे ही उलझ रहे हैं और हमारे जख्मो पर नमक छिड़क रहे हैं।खाक हो जाएंगे हम इनको खबर होने तक।
भापा जी!आप जी का यह दर्द जायज है।दरअसल पंजाब और दिल्ली प्रदेश में हालात पर सरकारों का नियंत्रण नही दिख रहा। कैप्टेन साहिब आखरी सियासी पारी खेल रहे हैं।हर तरफ भयावह आपदा को सुनहरी अवसर में तब्दील करने की हौड़ है यूपी भी इस दौड़ में आगे है।
ऐसे में हमारा ध्यान भटकाने के लिए सीमा पर चीन और भारत की तरह मुल्क में भी नूराकुश्ती जरूरी है

Dy CM Sisodia Denies Seeking MLA Lamba’s Resignation:Bharat Ratna Crisis

[New Delhi] Dy CM Sisodia Denies Seeking MLA Lamba’s Resignation
Senior AAP leader Manish Sisodia Saturday rejected party MLA Alka Lamba’s claim that Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had “demanded” her resignation for not supporting a resolution in the assembly on revoking late PM Rajiv Gandhi’s Bharat Ratna.
The Delhi Assembly on Friday adopted a resolution on the 1984 anti-Sikh riots in which it was demanded that the Bharat Ratna awarded to Gandhi be withdrawn, but the AAP swiftly distanced itself from the reference to the Congress leader.
The matter became a major crisis within the AAP with Lamba alleging on Friday that she was “put under pressure” to support the resolution, which she resisted and boycotted.
She claimed she spoke to Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) supremo Kejriwal who, she said, asked her to resign as MLA. “I am ready to do so,” she had said.
Sisodia clarified that the lines about Gandhi were not part of the original resolution placed before the House.

HC Seeks To Know “AAP” Govt Measures Banning LoudSpeakers

[New Delhi]HC Seeks To Know “AAP” Govt Measures Banning LoudSpeakers
The Delhi High Court today sought to know from the AAP government and the police measures they have taken on a plea seeking a ban on loudspeakers atop religious structures in the national capital.
A bench of Acting Chief Justice Gita Mittal and Justice C Hari Shankar also directed the Delhi Police to place before it the standing order, that they have claimed to have issued, with regard to usage of loudspeaker at religious places.
The bench further said publicity is important as people have to know norms and consequences in case of violation.
The court was hearing a PIL, filed by an activist Sanjjiiv Kkumaar, which said banning of loudspeakers will not violate Article 25 or 26 (Articles on Freedom of Religion) of the Constitution.
The plea said loudspeakers were never part of any religion as the instrument came into existence only in 1924.

Kejriwal’s Certain incorrect Decisions to be Corrected :Administrative Head”Jung”

[New Delhi]Kejriwal’s Certain incorrect Decisions to be Corrected :Jung said HC verdict not a defeat or victory for anyone
Lt Governor Najeeb Jung today said the High Court’s ruling that he is the “administrative head” of Delhi was neither a victory for him nor a defeat for Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, noting its crux is to govern the city as per the provisions in the Constitution.
Jung, addressing a rare press conference, said a number of decisions including Delhi Government’s directions to
power regulator DERC, appointment of government representatives to
BSES board and certain
orders relating to tax will have to be “corrected” as they did not have his concurrence.
The Lt Governor, who had a long running battle with the AAP government on a host of jurisdictional issues, said he always wanted to protect the provisions of the Constitution and did not agree to AAP government’s decisions when he found they were at variance with the laid down norms.
He Said
It is not a victory of anyone. It is not a win for Najeeb Jung and loss for Arvind Kejriwal. The court order is a kind of clarification that incorrect things will have to be corrected,
The LG, who has been targeted by the Kejriwal Government over his decisions, said, “My DNA is such that I don’t get affected by abusive language.”
Jung said the verdict clarified that matters related to services will have to be handled by the LG and that the Centre’s concurrence was not necessary on certain issues and he can take calls on them.
In a huge setback for the Kejriwal Government, the High Court held that the LG is the administrative head of the National Capital Territory and the AAP Government’s contention that he is bound to act on the advice of Council of Ministers was “without substance”.
A bench of Chief Justice G Rohini and Justice Jayant Nath dismissed AAP Government’s plea challenging the Centre’s May 21, 2015, notification giving absolute powers to LG in appointing bureaucrats in the national capital.
The court also quashed several notifications issued by Kejriwal after returning to power last year, saying they were illegal as they were issued without concurrence of LG.

Naidu Punctures Kejriwal’s Balloon,Denying Full Statehood To Delhi

[Hyderabad]Naidu Punctures Kejriwal’s Balloon,Denying Consensus on Full Statehood to Delhi
Union Urban Development Minister M Venkaiah Naidu has said.that There is no consensus on the issue of full statehood to Delhi and the situation on the ground has not changed,
He said “That issue is pending since long. There is no consensus on that issue. The situation has not changed on the ground.
He Added Simply AAP has come to power, that’s why it is saying.
Congress was in power for last 10 years.
They did not,” he told PTI during an interview.
He was replying to a query on the demand of full statehood to Delhi.
The AAP government had on May 18 released a draft bill on full statehood to Delhi, seeking to bring police, land, municipal corporations and bureaucracy under its control and invited suggestions from the public till June 30, opening another front for tussle with the Centre.
According to ‘The State of Delhi Bill 2016’ placed on government’s website for public comments, New Delhi (NDMC) and Delhi Cantonment areas will be kept out of the jurisdiction of the proposed Delhi state.
The term Lt Governor will be replaced with ‘Governor’

Tipplers Cheers Up “AAP”Govt Not Raising Excise Duty on Liquor

[New Delhi] Tipplers Cheers Up “AAP” Govt Not Raising Excise Duty on Liquor
Tipplers in Delhi have a reason to cheer, with the city government considering not increasing excise duty on liquor in the next financial year.
As Per Government sources there is no need to revise excise duty for 2016-17 as liquor prices, across various segments, which had been increased by 8%-12% in 2014-15.
The AAP government had not increased excise duty on liquor last year, but raised license fee for different categories by around 20 to 30%
“The work on formulating new excise policy has started.
File Photo

AAP Led Delhi Govt Suspends Top Excise officer For Unclaimed Rs 50K+Bottle

[New Delhi]AAP Led Delhi Govt Suspends Top officer in Excise Dept For Recovery Of Unclaimed Rs 50K +Liquor Bottle From His Official Car
Assistant Commissioner of Excise, Entertainment and Luxury Tax has been suspended by Delhi government and the matter has been referred to the Anti-Corruption Branch (ACB)
.During search, Rs 50,000 cash and a liquor bottle was found in the vehicle of the officer.
However, the city government has accused the Centre of weakening the branch by putting LG-appointed M K Meena at its helm.

Centre Veto To”AAP”Govt Order For Suspension Of Two”DANICS”Officers

[New Delhi]Centre Veto To”AAP”Govt Order For Suspension Of Two”DANICS”Officers
Amid the fresh round of confrontation with the AAP government, the Centre today termed its decision to suspend two DANICS-cadre officers as ‘non est’ (does not exist) and said the two officers should be considered deemed to be on duty.
The Home Ministry is issuing a formal order terming the suspension order of the two DANICS cadre officers by the Arvind Kejriwal government as null and void.
The officers – Subhash Chandra + Yashpal Garg – belonging to Delhi, Andaman and Nicobar Islands Civil Services were suspended after they allegedly refused to sign Delhi government cabinet notes pertaining to a salary hike for public prosecutors and prison staff.
After their suspension, the DANICS officers have decided to go on mass leave today protesting the “illegal” suspension of their two colleagues by the AAP government.
The DANICS officers have maintained that the appointing and disciplinary authority of DANICS officers is the President of India, who acts through the aid and advice of the Union Home Ministry.
They said the Home Minister of the Delhi government has no authority to take any disciplinary action against DANICS officers as specified under the existing rules.

Arvind Kejriwal Requisitions For Control of ACB For Anti-Graft Efforts In Delhi

[New Delhi]Arvind Kejriwal Requisitions For Control of ACB For Anti-Graft Efforts In Delhi
Chief Minister Of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal today asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh to “give up control” of Anti-Corruption Branch (ACB) and support Delhi government’s anti-graft efforts.
Kejriwal Tweeted
“I wud also urge PM n Rajnath ji to now give up their control over ACB n support Del govt’s anti-corruption efforts, (sic)”
The Chief Minister also said that the Delhi government is not helpless and has several ways to nab corrupt persons.
He tweeted.”Just becoz ACB is not wid us doesn’t mean Del govt is helpless. Del govt has many ways to nab corrupt (sic),”
In the past, Kejriwal has accused the Centre of taking away the powers of ACB and has demanded that the anti-graft body be handed over to the AAP dispensation to take strict action against those involved in corruption.
, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia Has warned Delhi government’s ministers, legislators and officers of strict action if they are found to be involved in corruption, after Principal Secretary Sanjay Pratap Singh was arrested by CBI for allegedly demanding a bribe of Rs 2.2 lakh.
Sisodia had also said that there is no space for any “corrupt” officer in the Delhi government.
“We want to give a clear message to officers involved in corruption that they won’t be spared…Singh’s arrest message is if you are corrupt, we won’t spare you irrespective of whether you are a peon, MLAs, officer or minister,” Sisodia had said.

Central Govt Appreciates Intention Behind Odd-Even Scheme For Delhi Tpt

[New Delhi]Central Govt Appreciates Odd-Even Scheme For Delhi Transport .Rajnath Singh Assures Full Support Whereas Naidu Appreciates Govt’s Intention.
With the AAP government’s odd-even scheme to curb pollution drawing mixed reactions, Urban Development Minister M Venkaiah Naidu said he had “no doubts” over its intentions but a thorough study was needed on its implications.
“Pollution is a very serious issue…The Delhi government has taken certain measures. There is no doubt about its intentions but it will have its repercussions, effects…
Despite its intentions being good, the practical problems related to it should be seriously studied,” Naidu told a press conference.
The Arvind Kejriwal government is set to roll out the scheme from the new year and private vehicles with odd and even numbers will be allowed to ply only on the odd and even days of the month.
It is initially being launched for the 15 days Naidu said the problem of pollution cannot be tackled overnight and added that the Central, state and local governments needed to work in their capacity to deal with it.
The Centre had also taken certain steps for it, he said, adding, there was a need to raise awareness and involve masses