DMK Repeats Strongman ‘Tirchi’Siva For Rajya Sabha

(Chennai) DMK Repeats Strongman ‘Tirchi’Siiva For Rajya Sabha
The Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) has announced the candidates for Rajya Sabha, which include party strongman ‘Tiruchi’ Siva being renominated for the March 26 polls.
‘Anthiyur’ Selvaraj and N R Elango are the other two candidates to contest in the polls, party president M K Stalin said in a statement here on Sunday.
Six Rajya Sabha seats from Tamil Nadu are falling vacant in April following the retirement of several members from the Upper House.
The MPs who would complete their terms are AIADMK’s S Muthukaruppan, A K Selvaraj and Vijila Sathyanath and expelled AIADMK MP Sasikala Pushpa, who recently joined the BJP.
DMK’s ‘Tiruchi’ Siva and CPI(M)’s T K Rangarajan are the other two.
The ruling AIADMK is yet to announce its candidates for the polls.
According to the Election Commission, the notification would be issued on March 6, the last date for filing of nominations is March 13. Polling is on March 26. The votes would be counted on the same day.

AIADMK Celebrated 48th Founding Day

(Chennai)AIADMK Celebrated 48th Founding Day
The All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK) was founded by the late chief minister MG Ramachandran in 1972 following the charismatic actor’s expulsion from the DMK by its then chief, the late M Karunanidhi.
Ramachandran was shown the door by Karunanidhi from the DMK following difference between the two leaders.
At the AIADMK headquarters at Royapattah which was bedecked for the occasion, Palaniswami and Panneerselvam garlanded the statues of Ramachandran and the late chief minister J Jayalalithaa on Thursday.
The party office was decorated with AIADMK colours and an arch to mark the celebrations.

Rajya Sabha Proceedings Adjourned 3rd Time Till 2pm:Language Hazard

[New Delhi]Rajya Sabha Proceedings Adjourned 3rd Time Till 2pm
Rajya Sabha proceedings were Tuesday adjourned Three Times following vociferous protests by Tamil parties led by the AIADMK against holding of recruitment exam for postmen only in English and Hindi language.
Soon after listed papers were laid on table of the House, AIADMK members shouted slogans demanding that the government cancel the postal department exam for recruitment of postmen and other posts and hold it afresh by including Tamil as a language of exams.
Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu [first] ordered stopping of the transmission of House proceedings on television and [then] adjourned proceedings till 1200 hours.
Naidu said the issue was raised by AIADMK on Monday and he cannot order the government to respond to their demands.
“This is not allowed as per rules,” he said. “I will not direct, it is very unfair.”
He repeatedly asked members to take their places. He adjourned proceedings till 1200 hours after his pleas went unheeded.
On July 15, AIADMK leader A Navaneethakrishnan had raised the issue through a Zero Hour mention, saying questions in the postal department’s examination for appointments of postmen and assistants in rural areas held on Sunday were only in Hindi and English, and not Tamil.
Naidu asked V Maitreyan, who was leading the AIADMK protests, to lower his voice.
To this, Maitreyan said Tamil Nadu is burning and he cannot lower his voice.
Then Deputy Chaiman Harivansh Took Over The Charge at 12pm but house behaviour ws the same So He adjourned the proceedings for 15 minutes Then Again Till 2 pm

Ruckus Gets Sinked 24 AIADMK Parliamentarians

[New Delhi] Continued Ruckus Gets Sinked 24 AIADMK Parliamentarians
As many as 24 AIADMK members were suspended by Lok Sabha speaker Sumitra Mahajan Wednesday for the next five consecutive sittings for protesting and creating ruckus continuously in the House over the Cauvery issue.
Soon after the House reconvened after adjournment, AIADMK members trooped into the Well with placards and some flinging torn pieces of papers towards the table where Lok Sabha secretariat officials sit during proceedings.
A visibly peeved Mahajan suspended 24 members of AIADMK under rule 374 (A) that allows Lok Sabha speaker to suspend members in the event of grave disorder occasioned by a member coming into the Well of the House or abusing the rules of the House, among other things.
The Members suspended included K Ashok Kumar, R K Bharathi Mohan, M Chandrakasi, Jayakumar Jayavardhan, K Parasuraman, Dr K Kamraj, P Kumar, M Vasanti, C Mahendram, K Margatham and P Nagarajan
The AIADMK has 37 members in Lok Sabha.
Earlier, Rajya Sabha Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu ordered members of AIDMK and DMK to leave the House for the day when they continued to protest in the Well over the Cauvery issue.

TN’s Ruling Party AIADMK’s MLA Karunaas Arrested

[Chennai]TN’s Ruling Party AIADMK’s MLA Karunaas Arrested
Ruling AIADMK MLA also a well-known actor and founder of a small outfit, was picked up from his house this morning by a special team,
At a recent public meeting Karunaas had reportedly made some remarks in relation to Chief Minister K Palaniswami and the police, besides some alleged caste related ones, drawing criticism from various quarters.
The actor, who aligned with AIADMK for the 2016 Assembly polls, was elected from Tiruvadanai constituency in Ramanathapuram district on an AIADMK ticket.
He had later met sidelined AIADMK leader and RK Nagar MLA TTV Dhinakaran, who has also floated his own Amma Makkal Munnetra Kazhagam (AMMK), post his ouster from the AIADMK.

Dy CM’s Son Gets Key Post In AIADMK

[Chennai,TN]Dy CM’s Son Gets Key Post In AIADMK
The ruling AIADMK in Tamil Nadu today effected a shake-up in its party ranks, appointing its Coordinator O Panneerselvam’s son to a key post.
Panneerselvam and AIADMK co-coordinator K Palaniswami announced the appointment of P Ravindranath Kumar as Theni District Secretary of ‘Puratchi Thalaivi Amma Peravai,’ a forum named after the late Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa.
Kumar is the son of Panneerselvam, the state Deputy Chief Minister. Palaniswami is Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.
The top AIADMK leaders also appointed J Jayavardhan, son of senior party leader and Fisheries Minister D Jayakumar, and South Chennai MP, as Joint Secretary of the Peravai.

अन्नाद्रमुक ने चिन्नाम्मा[छोटी अम्मा]को बनाया पार्टी की अम्मा

[चेन्नई]अन्नाद्रमुक की आम परिषद ने चिन्नाम्मा[छोटी अम्मा]को बनाया पार्टी की अम्मा
अन्नाद्रमुक की आम परिषद की बैठक में चिन्नाम्मा[छोटी अम्मा]को पार्टी की अम्मा बनाया गया है|
सत्तारूढ़ अन्नाद्रुमक की बैठक में आज स्वर्गीय जयललिता की नजदीकी वीके शशिकला को पार्टी की कमान सौंपी गई है |अब आशा की जा रही है के जयललिता द्वारा शुरू किये गए अम्मा ब्रांड को और धार मिलेगी |और गरीबों के कल्याण के कार्य जारी रहेंगे|इन्ही कार्यों के बल पर जयललितथा पुनः सत्ता में आई थी |
पांच दिसंबर को जयललिता के निधन के बाद पार्टी कैडर तथा मुख्यमंत्री ओ. पनीरसेल्वम सहित शीर्ष पदाधिकारी शशिकला से आग्रह करते रहे हैं कि वह महासचिव का पद संभालें और उनका नेतृत्व करें ।जयललिता के निधन पर श्रधांजलि देने पहुंचे प्रधान मंत्री नरेंद्र मोदी ने भी शशिकला के सर पर हाथ रख कर उन्हें ढाढस बंधाया था
बैठक स्थल श्रीवरू वेंकटचलापति कल्याण मंडपम में मुस्कुराती जयललिता के आदमकद होर्डिंग लगे हैं । इन होर्डिंगों का रंग हरा है जो दिवंगत नेता का पसंदीदा रंग था ।
हॉल जाने वाले रास्ते पार्टी के झंडों, बंदनवारों तथा बैनरों से सजे हैं ।
अन्नाद्रमुक कैडरों ने निष्कासित पार्टी सांसद शशिकला पुष्पा के पति पर कल कथित तौर पर हमला किया था और उन्हें घायल कर दिया था । उन पर यहां आम परिषद की बैठक से पहले कानून व्यवस्था संबंधी समस्या उत्पन्न करने की कोशिश का आरोप था ।

Iron CM Jaya Suffers Cardiac Arrest,Police On Alert

[Chennai,Tamil Nadu] Iron CM Jaya Suffers Cardiac Arrest,Police On Alert
Chief Minister Of Tamil Nadu J Jayalalithaa was today said to be critical after she suffered a cardiac arrest in the hospital where she was admitted over two months ago.
Apollo Hospitals, in a tweet late last night, said doctors were closely monitoring Jayalalithaa’s condition and trying their “very best”.
Security has been beefed up across the state with the Tamil Nadu DGP ordering all police officers and personnel to report for duty by 7 AM for deployment.
Jayalalithaa, who has been undergoing treatment at the hospital since September 22, suffered a cardiac arrest last evening.
Heavy deployment of police was made at the hospital on Greams Road where thousands of supporters of ‘Amma’ (mother), as she is fondly called by her supporters, and AIADMK cadre had gathered on hearing the news.Jayalalithaa was hospitalised on September 22 after she complained of fever and dehydration. The hospital, which had been issuing bulletins on her health status, had later said she was being treated for infection with respiratory support, among others.

AIADMK’s Expelled”Sasikala”To Knock Judicial Doors For Her Rajya Sabha Seat

[Chennai,TN]AIADMK’s Expelled”Sasikala”To Knock Judicial Doors For Her Rajya Sabha Seat
Expelled AIADMK MP Sasikala Pushpa says she will not resign from Rjaya Sabha
Expelled AIADMK Rajya Sabha MP M Sasikala Pushpa, who is facing sexual harassment case filed by her two domestic aides, today told reporters here that she would not resign from the Upper House.She Arrived from Singapore.
Sasikala, who was expelled from AIADMK earlier this month, said she will be appearing before the Madras High Court’s Madurai bench to respond to an allegation of having played fraud on the court while filing an anticipatory bail application registered by Thoothukudi police against her and her family members for allegedly ill-treating and sexually abusing two domestic aides.
The court had directed the MP to appear before it today and explain how she could have signed a petition in Madurai on August 17 authorising her lawyer to argue the advance bail plea on behalf of her when the police claimed that she did not enter Tamil Nadu ever since the case was registered early this month.
Sasikala proceeded to Madurai from here in a domestic flight from Chennai Airport.
On August 11, the Delhi High Court had asked Tamil Nadu government not to take any coercive action till August 22 against the expelled AIADMK MP, her husband and their son in the case.
The domestic servants, who reportedly worked at Pushpa’s house in Tamil Nadu, had filed a police complaint alleging that they were tortured and sexually harassed.
The High Court had also asked her family to approach the appropriate court in Tamil Nadu for relief by then.
The Supreme Court had on August 26 granted protection from the arrest to her for six weeks in the case.
She was expelled from the AIADMK after an altercation with DMK MP Tiruchi Siva at the Delhi airport earlier last month. Since then she has alleged that she was being threatened into resigning from her post

Southern Supremo Jayalalithaa Expels Rajya Sabha MP Sasikala Pushpa

[New Delhi]Southern Supremo Jayalalithaa Expels Rajya Sabha MP Sasikala Pushpa
Whereas AIADMK MP alleges she was slapped by a “leader” and now facing Life threat in TN
AIADMK MP Sasikala Pushpa, who reportedly slapped DMK lawmaker Trichy Siva at IGI airport on Saturday, today claimed she was slapped by a “leader” and faced threat to life in Tamil Nadu, alleging she was being forced to quit Rajya Sabha.
Pushpa first rushed into the Well of the House to get permission to make her statement and then broke down several times as she said she faced “life threat” from state government
She however did not make it clear who slapped her and when.
A report later said she was expelled from the party by AIADMK supremo J Jayalalithaa for “anti-party activities”.
Raising the issue, she said “If an MP is being slapped by a leader, where is human dignity,” provoking strong protest from members of her own party AIADMK.
As she found support in opposition members who wanted the chair to allow her to make her full submission, A Navaneethakrishnan (AIADMK) walked into the well and out of it multiple times demanding that her remarks be expunged.
“I want to serve the country (and not resign),” she said.
“I am not here in Rajya Sabha for any benefit.”