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Congress Slammed Arvind Kejriwal For Wearing Mask Of Pro Common Man

[New Delhi]Congress Slammed Kejriwal For Wearing Mask Of a Pro Common Man
Congress Leader Ajay Kumar on Wednesday accused Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal of misleading the public by portraying AAP to be pro-common man.
Congress Spokesperson Said “Right after Arvind Kejriwal took charge,he had said that he wouldn’t even use an air conditioner. He also directed the CPWD to remove air containers from his house. So, it is very evident that he says something and does something else, and that the AAP is trying to put out a message that they lead their lives in a very simple manner, which is not true,”
According to reports, the electricity bill of Kejriwal’s Civil Lines residence was about Rs 91,000 for the months of April and May, according to an RTI reply.