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AAP Leader Dr Vishwas Composes Song on Drug Abuse in Poll Bound Pb

[New Delhi] AAP Leader Dr Vishwas Comes up with Song on Drug Abuse in Punjab
AAP leader Dr Kumar Vishwas has come out with a song album on drug addiction in poll-bound Punjab.
The Punjabi song written and composed by Vishwas with words like “Badal” and “government” targets the contemporary politics in the state.
“It’s a hard hitting song which also targets the contemporary politics and its middlemen. Retaliation against it has already started,” Vishwas said at a press briefing.
He, however, ducked question whether the word “Badal” in his song referred to the ruling Badals in Punjab, saying it depends on the audience to draw a meaning.
The album, to be released here by Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on May 8, will mark the launch of an anti-drug campaign, he said, adding that it will be taken to every village of Punjab.
In the song written by Vishwas, a little girl appeals for getting rid of drugs and alcohol.
The drugs menace in Punjab is not only due to “local government and administration” but also due to the international border of the state,
Claiming the album had no political or commercial motive, he said even if one person stopped taking drugs it will achieve its aim.
Proceeds of the album will go to a social organisation working for rehabilitation of families affected by drugs menace.
The senior AAP leader also claimed that the party was going to form government in Punjab as people of the state had made up their mind for this.
“We are going to form government in Punjab and the latest survey give us 100 seats.
He said , The people of Punjab have made up their minds,”
The audio and video of the song will be released by Kejriwal at Siri Fort Auditorium here in the presence of party leaders and activists running anti-drugs campaign all over the country.