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Gujarat is exemplary and Congress ruled Delhi Is Negatively at the top.SoCAG Reporting malnutrition is otherwise:B J P

Bhartiya Janata Party[ B J P] has ,today, come in support of Narender Modi and refuted the charges of malnutrition in Gujrat ,,and called Congress allegation ,a bundle of, falsehood. It has been claimed that by the b j p that The record of Gujarat is exemplary and Congress ruled Delhi Is Negatively at the top .So The CAG report is otherwise.
Ravi Shankar Prasad, MP & Deputy Leader of Opposition in Rajya, Sabha In a Press Briefing, said “entire campaign on the issue of malnutrition unleashed by the Congress against the Gujarat Government is false and malicious”
It may be noted that CAG report no. 22 of 2012-13 relating to performance audit of ICDS scheme (relating to malnutrition) is before the Parliament and is also available on the website of CAG. Annexure 6.4 of the said report contains State wise Nutritional Status of Children from the year 2006-07 to 2010-11. This shows that all the BJP State Government have done remarkably well in reduction of grade I & II malnutrition. Grade III & IV i.e. severe malnutrition is below 1% in all the States except two.
Gujarat has done remarkably well in reducing it from 70%(69.83) to 34%(34.21%) if the data of March 2013 is taken it is 25.09%. In comparison the record of all Congress led State Government except Maharashtra has been very poor in reducing it. The entire data was provided by the Ministry of Women and Child development. The comparative chart shown in Annexure 6.4 (refer to paragraph 6.3.2) of CAG report no. 22 of 2012-13 is reproduced below.
BJP State==2006-07======(Malnourished grade I & II)%===============2010-2011%=
[C]Madhya Pradesh==========48.86===============================26.61
[2]Congress State
2006-07=================(Malnourished grade I & II)================2010-2011=
[A]Andhra Pradesh============53.10==============================48.63
[3]Other Big State
2006-07=============(Malnourished grade I & II)====================2010-2011==[A]Bihar===================N/A===================================56.17
[C]Uttar Pradesh==============52.07=================================40.72
The chart presented by Ravi Shanker Prasad shows that among the big States the BJP ruled have done very well in reducing the number of malnutrition. Gujarat has done indeed very well by reducing it from 70% to 34% and now to 25%. In Gujarat as per June 2013 percentage of severely underweight children has come down to 1.61%. on the contrary except Maharashtra the performance of all the Congress led Governments has been very-very poor in reducing malnutrition which stand confirmed by the data of the Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India.