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Govt’s 2nd Big NO In Just 2 Days,Today’s ‘NO’ For Opaque DGCA

[New Delhi]Govt’s 2nd No In Two Days This Time For Replacement Of Opaque DGCA
Central Govt Has Shelved Its Another Proposal for Civil Aviation Authority
Union Minister Ashok Gajapathi Raju today said that he saw no need to merely rename the regulator.
The UPA government had proposed to replace Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) with Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) having full functional and financial autonomy to give the regulator more teeth.
But the Civil Aviation Minister said.”What is the need for CAA? What purpose will be served by just changing the name? I do not see any reason (to replace DGCA),”
Raju, however, admitted there is “opaqueness” in working of DGCA and promised to usher in transparency in the body in the interest of passenger safety and security.
The Minister said an ambitious plan is being worked out to make the DGCA a more “responsive” and “meaningful” body, which had faced a downgrade on safety grounds during the UPA regime.
The DGCA is expected to make completely online 18 major services including granting of licence to pilots, approval of safety procedures and engineering and flight operations this month as part of its e-GCA (e-Governance in Civil Aviation) project.
His comments come,Through PTI, at a time when there are increasing threats to aviation security worldwide, particularly after the terror attack on Brussels airport in March.
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