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AAP Rattles On Delhi Police’s Entry Into Kejriwal’s House

[New Delhi] AAP Rattles On Delhi Police’s Entry Into CM Arvind Kejriwal’s House
The police team went inside the chief minister’s residence only to “humiliate and insult him (Arvind Kejriwal),” AAP leader Ashutosh told reporters
He accused the Delhi Police of acting like a mere “puppet” in the hands of the central government.
.In a press conference, the AAP also showed a two-and-half-minute clip where senior police officials are seen inside the residence of the chief minister, purportedly asking questions about the wall paint of the room.
The remarks came after a Delhi police team was sent to Kejriwal’s residence to collect evidence related to the case of alleged assault on Chief Secretary Anshu Prakash by the party MLAs.
Police, meanwhile, has claimed that their request seeking CCTV footage from the chief minister’s residence in connection with the alleged assault case was not met, prompting them to dispatch a posse there to collect evidence.