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Microsoft Top Brass Satya Nadella Visiting India:Clash With Trump

(New Delhi) Microsoft Corp Top Brass Satya Nadella Visiting India
Microsoft Corp Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Satya Nadella will visit India later this month
While the company confirmed the visit of the top executive, it did not give details about the dates and cities he is likely to visit.
According to sources, Nadella will be on a visit to India from February 24-26.
The visit comes on the heels of the Indian-origin CEO recently voicing concerns over the contentious Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) – Nadella had last month said what is happening is “sad” and he would love to see a Bangladeshi immigrant create the next unicorn in India. His remarks had raised a furore in the political circles.
In a statement issued by Microsoft on January 14, Nadella had said: “Every country will and should define its borders, protect national security and set immigration policy accordingly. And in democracies, that is something that the people and their governments will debate and define within those bounds.”
India is a major market for Microsoft – the tech titan has a significant presence in cities like Bengaluru and Hyderabad.
It is pertinent to mention here that US President Donald Trump is scheduled to visit India on February 24 and 25.
Nadella’s visit comes at a time when the Indian government is taking a strong position on issues like data localisation and tightening the rules for e-commerce companies as well as social media platforms. India has so far resolutely stood its ground on these issues, refusing to bow to the pressure from US companies.
The Personal Data Protection Bill – which outlines norms for handling of personal data including processing by public and private entities – was introduced in the Lok Sabha in December 2019 and has been referred to a Joint Parliamentary Committee.
The proposed legislation mandates processing of ‘critical’ personal data only in India. What constitutes critical data is to be notified by the Centre, it says.
It has also proposed that sensitive personal data – like financial data, health data, sexual orientation, biometric or genetic data, transgender status, religious or political belief/affiliation – can be transferred outside India with explicit consent, but will continue to be stored in India.
Prominent bodies like The US-India Business Council (USIBC) and internet and mobile players’ association IAMAI have flagged concerns on some of the provisions in the Bill, saying that these will impinge on privacy of Indian citizens and create challenges for businesses.
The USIBC has said the Bill contains several new provisions outside the core issue of data privacy that raises serious concerns for the private sector, particularly the inclusion of requirements around non-personal data and social media intermediary liabilities.

PM Modi And Ghulam Nabi Azad’s Word in Rajya Sabha Expunged

(New Delhi)PM Modi And LOP Ghulam Nabi Azad’s Words in Rajya Sabha Expunged
In a rare move, a word from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech in Rajya Sabha was expunged from records.
Rajya Sabha Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu was pleased to direct expunction of a certain portion of the proceedings of Rajya Sabha dated February 6 at about 6.20 and 6.30 pm,” a statement issued by the Rajya Sabha Secretariat said.
Modi had made the remark as he launched a strong defence of the NPR saying the country’s population register was being updated with demographic information for better targeting of government’s welfare schemes.
He had targeted the opposition Congress for making a U-turn, saying the party had brought the NPR in 2010 and was later updated in 2015 by adding photographs and some biometric information.
Naidu also expunged a word from Leader of the Opposition and senior Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad’s statement made after Modi had finished his speech.
Azad had stated that the Congress was in favour of giving citizenship to persecuted migrants from Pakistan but was against framing of a law based on religion.

Governor Arif Sought Report From Left Govt For Moving SC :CAA

(Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala)Governor Arif Sought Report From Left Govt For Moving SC :CAA Without Informing Governor
Governor Arif Mohammed Khan has sought a report from the CPI(M) led Left Democratic Front government for moving the Supreme Court against the Citizenship Amendment Act without informing him.
The office of Raj Bhavan sought the report from the state Chief Secretary of the state.
The Governor has been at loggerheads with the government ever since the state assembly passed a resolution last month, seeking to scrap the new law.
Khan had also publicly expressed his displeasure over the government not informing him moving moving the Supreme Court against the CAA.

Punjabi Muslims,on Friday, Protests Against CAA

(Chd,Pb)Members of the Muslim community, joined by students, held protests against the amended citizenship law in parts of Punjab on Friday.
At Malerkotla, protesters were led by former JNU student leader Umar Khalid.
On a call given by Muslim leaders in the state, they protested peacefully after Friday prayers
In Punjab’s Muslim-dominated Malerkotla, some business establishments remained closed.
Black flags were put up on mosques in protest against the legislation.
Punjab’s Shahi Imam Habib-Ur-Rehman claimed that such protests were taking place throughout the state.

Madras HC Directed Videographing of DMK’s Rally against CAA

(Chennai,TN)Madras HC Directed Videographing of DMK’s Rally against CAA
DMK’s proposed rally has been denied by local police authorities
A bench of Justices S Vaidyanathan and P T Asha, however, declined to stop the rally, saying a peaceful demonstration cannot be prevented in a democratic country as it was the backbone of the democratic set up.
Petitioners R Varaaki and R Krishnamoorthy sought to restrain the DMK from organising the protest rally, contending that such “unlawful” demonstrations would affect the life of public and can turn violent and cause unrest as in similar rallies in various other places, including Delhi and Uttar Pradesh
The DMK and its alliance parties had last week announced that they will take out a mega rally here on December 23 (Monday) against the Citizenship Amendment Act.

6 Arrested For Violence In Seelampur :CAA

(New Delhi)6 Arrested For Violence In Seelampur :CAA
The Delhi Police has arrested six people in connection with the violence that ensued in Seelampur following protests over the Citizenship Amendment Act.Two Bikes Of Traffic Police Were Also Torched And Policemen Were Injured
Two FIRs were registered in connection with the case on Tuesday and six people were arrested on Wednesday,

10 Criminals Arrested For Violence Near Jamia Milia Islamia

(New Delhi)10 Criminals Arrested For Violence Near Jamia Milia Islamia
10 people with criminal background have been arrested for allegedly being involved in the violence near Jamia Millia Islamia University
The accused were arrested on Monday night
According to a senior police officer said, no student has been arrested.
The university had turned into a battlefield on Sunday as police entered the campus and also used force, following protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act, which led to violence and
arson in which four DTC buses,
100 private vehicles and
10 police bikes were damaged.

उच्चतम न्यायालय ने जामिया हिंसा पर कड़ा रुख दिखाया

(नई दिल्ली)उच्चतम न्यायालय ने जामिया हिंसा पर कड़ा रुख दिखाया
#दिल्लीउच्चन्यायालय ने #जामिया विश्वविद्यालय में छात्रों पर पुलिस कार्रवाई के विरोध में दाखिल याचिका को सुनवाई के लिए तुरंत सूचीबद्ध करने से इनकार किया।
वकीलों ने #उच्चतमन्यायालय से भी संशोधित नागरिकता कानून के खिलाफ प्रदर्शन कर रहे छात्रों पर हमले की घटनाओं पर संज्ञान लेने का अनुरोध किया।
लेकिन उच्चतम न्यायालय ने छात्रों के प्रदर्शन के दौरान हुए उपद्रव और सार्वजनिक संपत्तियों को हुए नुकसान पर सख्त रुख अपनाया
#नागरिकताकानून पर हो रही हिंसा पर संज्ञान लेने के वकीलों के कथन पर उच्चतम न्यायालय ने कहा, हम पर इस तरह से दबाव नहीं बनाया जा सकता।
उच्चतम न्यायालय ने संशोधित कानून के खिलाफ हिंसक प्रदर्शनों पर कहा
हम बस इतना चाहते हैं कि उपद्रव बंद हो जाने चाहिए