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President Not to Attend Sri Sri’s Cultural Fest “NGT Eclipses Art Of Living

[New Delhi] President Not to Attend Sri Sri’s Cultural Fest,”NGT Eclipses Art Of Living Spiritual Guru Sri Sri Ravi Shanker
Had Earlier Supported Narendra Modi During Lok Sabha Elections
President had earlier agreed to attend the valedictory ceremony on Sunday.
President Pranab Mukherjee will not attend a festival being organised by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar of Art of Living in the wake of the controversy over holding the three-day cultural function on the Yamuna flood plains beginning this Friday.
“The President cannot attend the function due to unavoidable circumstances,” an official of the Rashtrapati Bhavan said
President Mukherjee had earlier agreed to attend the valedictory ceremony on Sunday.
While the organisers expect lakhs of people to attend the function, concerns have been raised by experts about the likely damage to the environment caused by holding it on the flood plains of the already polluted river in east Delhi.
The Art of Living foundation, which is organising the function, will have yoga + meditation sessions , peace prayers by Sanskrit scholars and traditional cultural performances from around the world.
The National Green Tribunal, which looks after the environmental issues, is hearing a petition which has claimed the organisers will release ‘enzymes’ into 17 drains that flow into the Yamuna for cleaning the river. A judgement is expected tomorrow.
The three-day event will be held from March 11-13 on the west bank of Yamuna to celebrate 35 years of The Art of Living foundation.
The petitioner Alleged “This proposed activity would be in blatant violation of the provisions of the Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1974, and the Biological Diversity Act, 2002, since it is, basically, introducing foreign elements into the river, without any scientific study or information,”
Earlier, the green panel had issued notices to the Delhi government, Delhi Development Authority and Art of Living Foundation on another plea seeking stoppage of ongoing construction work on the flood plains.
It had also constituted an expert committee headed by Water Resources Secretary Shashi Shekhar to inspect the site of the proposed festival.

17-Top Bureaucrats Reshuffled In Aviation+Education+Telecommunication+Commerce

[New Delhi]Central Govt-Reshuffles-17-Top-Bureaucrats In Various Ministries including-aviation-education-and-commerce
A total of 17 Secretary-level new appointments have been cleared by the Appointments Committee of Cabinet (ACC) headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Rajeev Nayan Choubey was made Civil Aviation Secretary And Rita A Teaotia was today appointed as new Commerce Secretary
Teaotia, a 1981 batch IAS officer, is Special Secretary in Department of Telecommunications.
Choubey, also a 1981 batch IAS officer of Tamil Nadu cadre, is Special Secretary in Power Ministry. He will take over from Aviation Secretary V Somasundaram, who has been shifted as Secretary in Ministry of Women and Child Development, Delhi Development Authority (DDA) Vice Chairman Balvender Kumar has been made Mines Secretary. Kumar will replace Anup K Pujari, who has been appointed as Secretary in Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises,
Somasundaram has replaced Vinay Sheel Oberoi, who will be Secretary, Department of Higher Education. Oberoi will take charge from Satyanarayan Mohanty who has been made Secretary General, National Human Rights Commission (NHRC).
Pradeep Kumar Pujari, , is new Power Secretary in place of P K Sinha who was earlier named as next Cabinet Secretary. Pujari is Special Secretary and Financial Adviser in the Department of Agriculture Research and Education.
.Shri Vinay Sheel Oberoi, IAS (AM:1979), Secretary Ministry of Women and Child Development as Secretary, Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development vice Shri Satyanarayan Mohanty, IAS (TG:1980) on his relinquishing the charge of the post.

Open Letter To Sh Narendra Modi The Prime Minister Of India ,On DDA

Open Letter To Sh Narendra Modi The PM Of India
Modi Bhape
DDA Collected Money 4 Housing Scheme On Line
10,00,000 People Deposited Initial Amount App.@1LAKH
Out Of Which 9,75,000 Applicants Are Unsuccessful
So Their Money Should Be Refunded On LINE Also
Unfortunately DDA Is Refunding It Through Manual Cheques
It Is Appalling That Cheques Are Issued For Selected Banks Like ICICI Etc
Where Beneficiaries May Not Have Their Bank Accounts
You Would Realize That It Is Fraudulent And Against Your Own GREEN India Movement
If I Am Not Wrong This Unnoticed Fraudulent Act Annoyed 975000 People So May Be One Of The Causes Of Your Delhi’s Waterloo
So Please Take A Notice And Show Your Governance

Just Before Code Of [Election]Conduct Acquisition of Wakf Properties Is Withdrawn

Just Before Announcement Of Code Of [Election]Conduct Central Government Has Decided to Withdraw from Acquisition of Wakf [123] Properties under Control of Land and Development Office[61] + DDA [62]
The Central Government has withdrawn from the acquisition of the below mentioned Wakf properties under the control of Land and Development Office and Delhi Development Authority (DDA) subject to the following conditions, namely:-
(a) No compensation shall be paid by the Government or Delhi Development Authority or other Government entities in respect of such properties; and
(b) Cases pertaining to the said properties filed by the Delhi Wakf Board against the government or the Delhi Development Authority pending in any court of law shall be withdrawn first.
Properties of Land and Development Office
Sl.No.======Name & Location of property
.[ 1]1/1, Abdul Nabi Mosque, Mathura Road.[2]2/1, Babar Shah, Mosque & Takia, near Tilak Bridge.
[3]6/1, Babar Road Mosque near Railway Line and School.[4]47/1, Nizam Gali House Mosque inside Nizam Palace.
[5]61/1, Abdul Haq Mosque, opposite Vidya Bhavan, Curzon Road.[6]64/1, Graveyard, behind Indian Express, Mathura Road.
[7]57/1, Mosque and Dargah Sayed, Babar-uddin Smaj Gandhi, behind Ferozeshah Kotla.[8]68/1, Qabristan Quadin South Indraprastha, Mathura Road.
[9].72/1, Dargah Hazrat Qutab Hadev Sheikh Mohd. Chisti Mohd. Ki Bai near Vikas Minar.
[10].3/1, Minto Bridge Mosque between K & L Block, Connaught Place, New Delhi.
[11].9/1, Mosque behind (Inside) Irwin Hospital Compound.[12]29/1, Pucca Mazar near Mosque inside J.P.Hospital.
[13]11/1, Ghosian Mosque alias Jheel ki Piao, opposite Link House, Mathura Road.
[14]20/1, Tomb of Shah Sardulla Gulshan near Plaza Cinema, `H’ Block.
[15]27/1, Mirdard Road Mosque & Mazar of Shah Walivia Mohd. Behind Irwin Hospital.[16]39/1, Dargah Sheikh Kalimullah Shahib Jahana Badi Delhi Parade Ground near Red Fort.
[17].40/1, Dargah Sadauddin Ibas Bhorey Shah Sahib, Delhi Parade Ground near Red Fort.[18].46/1, Inside Maulana Mosque Azad Medical College Compound, Mathura Road.
[19].49/1, Masjid & Graveyard Fazal Mohd. Ramlila Ground, Turkman Gate[20].58/1, Mirdard Mosque Dargah & Masjid Khwaja, Barron Road.
[21].67/1, Dargah Pare Bharey Sahib, `A’ Ward-II, opposite Jama Masjid.[22].66/1, Graveyard, Ludlo Castle, Delhi.
[23].69/1, Rasaleywali Mosque, Civil Line Area Timarpur.[24].50/1, Masjid Karnal road near Gurudwara.
[25].55/1, Dargah Shah Bade, Civil Line Zone, Bela Road.[26].42/1,Pahari Wali Mosque, near Khyber Pass, Civil Lane, Mall Road.
[27].34/1, Masjid Tibia College, Ajmal Khan Road, KarolBagh.[28].24/2, Mosque & Graveyard, Chausath Khamba.
29.18/2, Muslim Graveyard containing Mazar Sayed Lala-ud-Din, behind Kothi No.4, Curzon Road.
[30].7/1, Zapta Ganj Mosque, near India Gate, Man Singh Road.[31].23/1, Willesly Road Mosque, inside Kaka Nagar.
[32].33/1, Mazid Motilal Nehru Marg, New Delhi between Kothi No.13 & 15 (Bujia & Mosque)
[33].43/1, Kaka Nagar, Welleslay Road, New Delhi( Mosque & Mazar Bibi Fatima), New Delhi
[34]44/1, Kaka Nagar Welleslay Road, New Delhi (Mosque & Mazar Bibi Fatima).[35].62/1, Babri Mosque, Pandara Road, New Delhi.
[36].3/2, Mosque, Lajpat Nagar in front of Frank Anothony Primary School, New Delhi.
[37].4/2, Mosque Maqbare Basti, Basti Sewa Nagar-VIII, Aliganj, New Delhi.
[38].5/2, Masjid & Dargah Fateh Shah Abdul Quadir, Basti Nizamuddin, New Delhi to
The West of Maqbara Humayun, New Delhi.[39].Muslim Graveyard, Village aliganj adjacent to Kalan Masjid, Ferozeshah towards South Graveyard Area.
[40].13/2, Muslim Graveyard, Village Aliganj, opposite Southern Gate of Dargah Nizamuddin Aulia alongside Lodi Road.
[41].19/2, Muslim Graveyard, Village Aliganj alongwith Link Road.[42.]20/2, Masjid Chakkar-wali, Basti Nizamuddin.
[43].21/2, Muslim Graveyard, Jangpura.[44]1/3, Muslim Graveyard, Village Aliganj, Khasra No.529.
[45].4/1, Mosque near Hanuman Mandir, Irwin Road.[46].5/1, Western Court Mosque, Janpath.
[47].12/1, Dhobian Mosque near Link Road.[48].13/1, Mazar Khudanuma, New Link Road on the Hill.
[49].14/1, Masjid Munirka Village Close to Market V, R.K.Puram.[50].22/1, Ashoka Road Mosque.
[51].32/1, Masjid Chitra Gupta Road.[52].45/1, Sunehri Bagh Road near Udyog Bhawan Mosque.
[53].59/1, Kalali Bagh Mosque near Albert Square, R.K.Marg.
[54].60/1, Jama Masjid I Red Cross Road near Parliament House.
[55].73/1, Dargah & Mosque Abdul Saleem opposite Naraina Hotel near Lady Harding Hospital .
[56].25/2, Imamia Hall, NDMC Block IX on P.K.Road.[57].35/1, Masjid Shanti Niwas, Connaught Place
[58].Grave near `H’.10 todarmal Lane, Bengali Market.[59].48/1, Mohalla Qabristan, Turkman Gate (Grave).
[60].47/1, Mosque Hazi Ismail Japanwala.
[61].51/1, Muslim Graveyard near Wazirabad Bridge.
Properties of Delhi Development Authority
Name & location of property
Dargah Hare Bhare Kh.No. 152, inside city wall bearing H.No.29G to 39G
Ward No.II, Opp. Jama Masjid
Masjid Boriwali Kh.No.45, H.No.5052 Ward II, Daryaganj North.
Madarsa Islamin Kh.No.199, 408/199 H.No.552 to 557 Ward No.XIII, Sadar Bazar North.
Masjid Takiawali, Kh.No.334, H.No.6435 Sadar Bazar South.
Masjid Kaptanwali Kh.No.611/514, H.No.90,118 to 120, Ward No.XVI, Karolbagh, Faiz Road.
Masjid Aamwali, Kh.No.109, H.No.1617 to 1619, 1699 to 1703 Ward No.III, B.B.Road.
Bara Hindu Rao, Kh.No.12, H.No.7831, Ward No.XIV, Shidipura.
Dargah Mammu Bhanja, Kh.No.16, Ward No.XV, Jhandewalan.
Mazar Bholu Shah, Kh.No.168 Ward No.III, H.No.4297/2, Sadar Bazar North.
Mosque Belanwali, Kh.No.28 Ward No.XI, H.No.5033 to 5034, Daryaganj North.
Qadam Sharif Bagichi Alluddin, Kh.No.31, H.No.10394 to 10398, Ward No.XV.
Lal Mosque, Kh.No.1, Property No.5161 to 5163 and 5170, Ward No.VII, G.B.Road, Lahori Gate.
Dargah graveyard in Hind Park, Kh No.18-19, Ward No.XI, Daryaganj South.
Tomb and grave, Kh. No.139, inside city wall, H.No.2116, Ward No.X, Turkman Gate near Police Post.
Masjid Khazoorwali, Khazoor Road, Kh.No.559/256-257, H.No.456 to 459, 472 to 475, Ward No.XVI, Karolbagh, Khazoor Road.
Chuja Mem Kh.No.223 in H.No.6686, Ward No.XIII, Sadar Bazar North Mohalla.
Naiwala Estate, Kh.No.934, H.No.1608 and 1609 Ward No.XVI, Karolbagh.
Quadam Sharif, Kh.No.94, H.No.3666, Ward NoXIV.
Naiwala Estate, Kh.No.1319/298/I and 299. H.No.2522, Karolbagh.
Naiwala Estate, Kh.No.277-278, 279, H.No.2551-57 Ward No.XVI, Karolbagh.
Quatab Road, H.No.3507 and 3531 to 3534, Ward No.XIV, Khasra No.28 1/1, Sadar Bazar South.
Dargah Hazarat Khwaja Bakiwalla, Kh.No.119, Qadam Sharif, H.No.5659 and 5712, Ward No.XV Qutab Road.
Masjid & Graveyard, Kh.No.201/169/36, H.No.8694 to 8695 and 8827, Ward No.XVI, Sahi-Shidipura.
Kh.No.442/372, H.No.6052 to 6053 Ward No.XIII Gali Matke Wali, Sadar Bazar North.
Bachon ka Ghar, Kh.No.89/48-49-50, H.No.5028 and 5029, Ward No.XI, Daryaganj North.
Hari Masjid, Kh.No.215, H.No.2185 Ward No.XV, Paharganj.
Mosque Khwaja Khumari, Kh.No.764/218/1, H.No.2039,2039-A,2041, 2041-A, 2042, 2044/2, 2044-2047 and 2038, 2042A, 2043, 2043A, Paharganj.
Sahidipura, Kh.No.114/34, 115/34, 116/34 117/34-35, H.No. 8798/6, 8799,1003, 1304, Ward No.XIV, Shidipura.
Masjid Darjian, H.No.7884 to 7884 C, 4 houses, Bara Hindu Rao, Shidipura.
Ghatta Masjid, Kh.No.72, H.No.4414, 4414-A, 4417 and 4418, Ward XI, Daryaganj North.
Imam Bara, Kh.No.40, Property No.5051-3659, 3696, 3702, Ward No.XI, Daryaganj North.
Masjid Sherkhan, Kh. No.184/48, H.No.7975, 7992 to 8013, 8023, 8024 and 8066 to 8070, Ward No.XIV, Bara Hindu Rao, Shidipura.
Masjid Imliwali, Kh.No.280, H.No.656 to 653 and 661, Ward No.XIII, Chowk Teliwara, Sadar Bazar North.
Inside Badi Maker, Kh. No.452/374 and 453/374, H.No.6103, Ward No.XVI, Sadar Bazar North.
Qadam Sharif, Kh. 81 Min.H.No.6695, Ward No.XV, Qadam Sharif.
Kh.No.153/56, Ward No.XV, Daryaganj, North.
Mosque Sang Trashan, Kh.No.98, H.No.3180, House No.3180, Ward No.XV, Paharganj.
Mosque & Dargah No.876/526-527, H.No.2500-2501, Ward No.XV, Paharganj.
Qadam Sharif, Kh.No.156/1, H.No.7228-30, Ward No.XV (Masjid Choonawali).
Graveyard Chamelian Kh.No.201/163/36, Ward No.XIV, Shidipura.
Masjid Bandirawali, Kh.No.165, H.No.11386, Ward No.XV, Qadamsharif.
Shanili Mosque, Tarkiyan Graveyard, Kh.No.203, H.No.1953 to 1954, Ward No.XIII, Sadar Bazar North.
Mosque ruins Shikandaria Masjid Kh.No.221/2-3-5 to 7 (min) Mpl. No.6515, Ward XIV, Jhandewalan.
Kh.No.140, H.No.3450, Jangpura.
Basti Nizamuddin close to Ganda Nala, Kh.No.607, Jangpura.
Masjid Bhim Kurana, Kh.No.126/22, 127/22, Chiragh South, Jhil Khuranja, Shahdara.
Naiwala Kh.No.1203/1140, Naiwala
Masjid Mahal, Chimni Mill Ward No.XIV MPI No.8212 to 8218, Kh.No.13 Min.Bara Hindu Rao.
Dargah Shah Abdul Hussain Kh.No.82/65, H.No.4875-B, Ward No.XI, Daryaganj, South.
Dargah Abdul Khadus Kh.No.221/2-3-5 to 7 (Min.) Mpl.No.6552-A, Ward No.XIV, close to Idgah Jhandewalan.
Karbala, aliganj, Kh.No.28, Aliganj.
Masjid Lane, Kh.No.187, Jangpura.
Chowkidarwali, Kh.No.185, 187, Sadar Bazar South.
Masjid Jungaliwali, Bara Hindu Rao, Kh.No.214, Sadar Bazar South.
Q.Sharief, South of Quila, Kh.No.20, South of Quila.
Q.Sharief, Kh.No.73 (Min.), H.No.389A, Q.Sharief.
Q.Sharief Teen Burj, Kh.No.73 (Min) MPL. No.A-389/Ward No.XV, Q.Sharief.
Q.Sharif Masjid Babar Kh.No.146/2, H.No.B-311 & 312 Q.Sharif.
Kh.No.91, Pan Mandi, Sadar Bazar South.
Kh.No.295/80-81 and 296/82-83, G.B.Road.
Naiwala, Kh.No.1026, Naiwala
Q.Sharief, Kh.No.154, Q.Sharif.
2. After withdrawal from the acquisition, the titles of the aforesaid properties shall revert to the original owners namely, the Delhi Wakf Board or Mutawalis, as the case may be.