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Pakistan Using Science & Technology of Double Standard

(New Delhi) Pakistan Using Science & Technology of Double Standard
@pid_gov claimed that India making “desperate attempts” 2 divert attention from domestic & international criticism of the govt”s policies But Their Minister #ChFawadHussain Intruding Delhi Elections Cleverly @ArvindKejriwal Immediately Bounce Back & Support @narendramodi
This Minister of Science & Technology Tweeted
“People of India must defeat #Modimadness ,Under pressure to lose another State Elections(Delhi on Feb 8th),he resorts to ridiculous claims and threats endangering Region,Mr Modi has lost balance after internal and external reaction to Kashmir,Citizenship laws and failing economy”
Reacting to this CM of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal Tweeted
“नरेंद्र मोदी जी भारत के प्रधानमंत्री है। मेरे भी प्रधानमंत्री है। दिल्ली का चुनाव भारत का आंतरिक मसला है और हमें आतंकवाद के सबसे बड़े प्रायोजकों का हस्तक्षेप बर्दाश्त नहीं। पाकिस्तान जितनी कोशिश कर ले, इस देश की एकता पर प्रहार नहीं कर सकता।”
BJP Has Been Targeting AAP & Congress For Dancing on the strings of Pakistan
Congress reaction still awaited

Open Letter To Sh Narendra Modi The Prime Minister Of India ,On DDA

Open Letter To Sh Narendra Modi The PM Of India
Modi Bhape
DDA Collected Money 4 Housing Scheme On Line
10,00,000 People Deposited Initial Amount App.@1LAKH
Out Of Which 9,75,000 Applicants Are Unsuccessful
So Their Money Should Be Refunded On LINE Also
Unfortunately DDA Is Refunding It Through Manual Cheques
It Is Appalling That Cheques Are Issued For Selected Banks Like ICICI Etc
Where Beneficiaries May Not Have Their Bank Accounts
You Would Realize That It Is Fraudulent And Against Your Own GREEN India Movement
If I Am Not Wrong This Unnoticed Fraudulent Act Annoyed 975000 People So May Be One Of The Causes Of Your Delhi’s Waterloo
So Please Take A Notice And Show Your Governance

AAP Party Has 33% Tainted MLAs With Criminal Cases:Strange

[New Delhi]1/3 MLAs Of Aam Admi Party[AAP] Are Declared Tainted With Criminal Cases
Out of the 67 newly-elected AAP MLAs, 23 MLAs had declared criminal cases against them.
AAP Party Has Scored Charismatic 67 New MLAs Out Of Which 23 MLAs had declared criminal cases against them.
According to data based on ADR analysis, one of three BJP MLAs had also mentioned about criminal cases against him in the affidavit during filing of nomination.
In the 2013 Assembly elections, 25 MLAs had declared criminal cases which made up 33 % of the total count.
Party’s Co founder-member Shanti Bhushan And First Donor on Wednesday Also Retreated His attack On Arvind Kejriwal , accused him of accepting “tainted” money and giving tickets to candidates who were prepared to buy votes With Money And Liquor
He asked the party to “apply course correction” and come back to the path of clean politics.

Dr Kiran Bedi Demands Probe Into ‘Fatwa’ Game

[New Delhi]Dr Kiran Bedi Demands Probe Into ‘Fatwa’ Game
Blaming ‘Fatwa’Game for her Defeat in Krishna Nagar
BJP’s CM Candidate Dr Kiran Bedi today appeared to blame a “fatwa” by Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid Syed Ahmed Bukhari, appealing Muslims to support AAP, for her defeat in BJP’s traditional stronghold of Krishna Nagar in East Delhi and sought a probe into it by the Election Commission.
She said the Election Commission should inquire the issue to know whether the Shahi Imam’s appeal to Muslims a day before the polls had any impact on the electoral outcome.
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Central Government Ensures Security of Churches and other Places of Worship

[New Delhi]Central Government Of India Ensures Security of Churches and other Places of Worship
Union Home Minister Raj Nth Singh, Today, instructed Delhi Police to beef security of churches and other places of worship
A group of leaders from the Christian community in Delhi called on the Union Home Minister Shri Rajnath Singh The group gave a memorandum to H M demanding security for Christians and their places of worship.
The Union Minister Sh Singh instructed the Delhi Police Commissioner to make proper arrangements for the security of churches and all other places of worship. Shri Rajnath Singh also instructed the authorities to conduct impartial inquiry into the recent reports of attacks on churches in Delhi.
The Home Minister assured the visiting group of their full security and said that the government would not tolerate any discrimination on the basis of caste, colour or religion.
It may be added that members of the Christian community today staged a major protest in the city ahead of assembly polls, accusing the government of inaction and wondered why Prime Minister was “silent” on the issue.
Police detained over two hundred protesters from outside the Sacred Heart Cathedral in central Delhi when they tried to march towards the residence of Home Minister Rajnath Singh in a high security area
.During December & February Two Churches Of Capital City have been attacked .Community is demanding SIT Inquiry
Photo Caption
A group of representatives of Christian community, Delhi calling on the Union Home Minister, Shri Rajnath Singh, in New Delhi on February 05, 2015.

Arvind Kejriwal Released 70 Points Holy Manifesto for Delhi Assembly Elections 2015

Aam Aadmi Party [AAP]Released 70 Points Holy Manifesto for Delhi Assembly Elections 2015 on Saturday (January 31).
AAP released its poll manifesto with promises to ensure all round development of Delhi to make it a global city
This Manifesto Also Includes
slashing Electricity tariffs by 50 %,
provision Of lifeline water free of cost to the residents,
CAG audit of the private power Companies
Reduction Of VAT
Arvind Kejriwal has called this manifesto a holy book for his party ,


Suffering From”Mirage” “AAP”Remembers Janlokpal+Swaraj+Governance On Mobile

[New Delhi]Suffering From”Mirage” “AAP”Remembers Janlokpal+Swaraj+Governance On Mobile AAP Party Supremo Sh Arvind Kejriwal Has fallen in a trap of bondage of own karmas. Like a Thirsty Deer He Sees the Shiny False Water and Tries to Quench his Thirst by it. He Runs for a Short Distance to Drink Water Till a Point the Water Disappears
Upanishadas,+Rishis have given a metaphor “Mrigtrishna”For This Situation Which Is Translated As “Mirage”
. BJP Being Hindu Minded Party So Shifting The Mirage From Dr Harshvardhan To Jagdish Mukhi To Satish Upadhyay &Now To Dr Kiran Bedi
As a Result Of Which He Is Suffering From Delhiite Dizziness+ Giddiness
AAP Party Has Reversed To Their Birth Cause Delhi Janlok Bill
Aam Aadmi Party Has Declared That They Will Pass Delhi Jan Lokpal Bill after Coming to Power.
All Public Officials (including the Chief Minister, Ministers and MLAs) of the Delhi Government Shall fall Within the Purview of the Investigation. Public Officials of Delhi will be Required to Furnish an Annual Declaration of Assets.
Any Undeclared Assets will be Liable for Confiscation.
. The Delhi Lokpal will have the Power to Initiate Investigations and Prosecution against those Charged with Corruption. Citizens’ Charter would be Introduced in all Government Offices in Delhi.
Whistle Blowers will be Provided Protection and Awarded for their Contribution towards Creating a just System.
Apart From This Swaraj Bill Has Been Promised
After Coming To Power For 49 Days Important Phones Of Party Leaders+Ministers Were Either Changed Or Put Off Or Attended By Another Persons Now It Is Promised That Delhi Govt Will Be On Mobile Phones

चुनावी चंदे से”आप”का बैंक भरा तो जनता के लिए कांग्रेसी पैसे को हज्म करने की निशुल्क सलाह भी है

झल्ले दी झल्लियां गल्लाँ

कांग्रेस चीयर लीडर

ओये झल्लेया ये हसाड़ी सोणी डेमोक्रेसी का कैसा खुले आम मजाक उड़ाया जा रहा है देख तो ये ४९ दिन की काली सत्ता चलाने वाले “आप ” के अरविन्द केजरीवाल उत्तम नगर में खुले आम वोटरों से कितनी गिरी बात कह रहे हैं कि वोट ड़ालने के लिए पैसे कांग्रेस और भाजपा से लो मगर वोट “आप” को डालो |ओये ये तो मॉडल कोड आफ कंडक्ट का सरासर उल्ल्ंघन है


ओ मेरे चतुर सुजाण जी आप लोगों ने जिस प्रकार अपनी जेबें भरते हुए “मनरेगा” शनरेगा आदि के माध्यम से गरीबों में रेवड़ियां बांटीं हैं उसकी नक़ल ही की जा रही है |जनता से चुनावी चंदा मांग कर अपना बैंक अकाउंट भरा जा रहा है तो इसके साथ ही वोटरों का मुंह बंद रखने के लिए |कांग्रेस और भाजपा के पैसे को हजम करने की सलाह मुफ्त में दी जा रही है

AAP Apishily Appeals Eleven Donors To Append For Elections

[New Delhi] AAP Apishily Appeals To Append Eleven Donors For Elections
Prime Minister Narendra Modi Is Nominating 9 Safai Ratn But BJP,s Arch Rival In Delhi AAP Party Has Copied This Nomination Not For Cleanliness But To Enrich Election Fund
AAP convenor Sh Arvind Kejriwal Has Started this nomination by donating Rs 10,000 to the party for the coming Delhi assembly elections and he named 11 individuals to accept the challenge and donate to the party.
on Friday Kejriwal launched the #iFundHonestParty campaign by donating Rs 10,000 himself He Called it honest politics and Kejriwal said his mother also expressed willingness to accept his challenge.
Launching the campaign, Kejriwal said elections are an ideal occasion for highlighting honest politics, since the public has a right to know from where political parties get their funds.
Given below are the names of individuals whom Kejriwal challenged :
[1]Dr Munish Raizada (Chicago based doctor and active AAP volunteer)
[2]Rajiv Bajaj (industrialist)
[3]Gul Panag (Bollywood actress and AAP leader)
[4]Amit Agarwal (Hong Kong based AAP sympathiser)
[5]Dr Vipin Mittal (Kaushambi-based dentist)
[6]Subroto Saha (Arvind’s IIT Kharagpur batchmate)
[7]Subhash Khandelwal (Delhi based trader)
[8]Mohammad Qasim (law student)
[9]Aswathi Muralidharan (Arvind’s colleague, who looks after his office)
[10]Manoj (Arvind’s brother)
[11]Ranjana (Arvind’s sister)

To Check Bogus Votes “AAP” Party Initiates Voters Verification Drive in Delhi

[New Delhi]To Check Bogus Votes “AAP” Party Initiates Voters Verification Drive in Delhi
Party target is to complete this exercise by end of this month
The Aam Aadmi Party’s Delhi unit on Thursday initiated the voters verification drive in the city.
In a meeting of all the incharges of polling stations and booth incharges, party convenor Arvind Kejriwal directed them to verify the voters lists through a door-to-door campaign.
Addressing the meeting, party leader Manish Sisodia Alleged :“It has been noticed that other parties are enrolling bogus voters and at the same time are deleting the names of pro-AAP voters from the voters lists. Therefore, this exercise is being launched across the city.
Nearly 11,000 booth incharges and 3,000 polling station incharges will work round the clock. Apart from this, two volunteers of every booth will do the voters verification exercise at the booth level.”
Journalist Turned Politician Ashutosh said :“If the party detects bogus votes in its verification drive, not only will the party take up the issue strongly and get these votes deleted, but will also press for action against officials involved in this activity.
The party has directed all Vidhan Sabha incharges to finalise their teams by December 1 for monitoring the voters lists at every polling booth level.