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Arvind Kejriwal Warned Delhi Govt Against Victimization Of 50000 E rickshaw Operators Of Delhi

AAP Party Top Brass Leader Arvind Kejriwal Today Extended Full Sport To 50000 battery operated rickshaws Of Delhi.
Arvind Kejriwal Said That No concrete policy has been framed for E.rickshaws Even though battery operated rickshaws provide an effective solution to city’s transport problem but e-rickshaw operators in the national capital,are exploited .
In a public rally held at Jantar Mantar today, a large number of battery rickshaw operators not only voiced their concerns but also extended full support to Aam Aadmi Party by joining the party in large numbers.Party has claimed this.
Criticizing the transport department for targeting battery rickshaw operators, these operators informed that e-rickshaws are one of the most eco friendly and convenient mode of transport. However, lack of a policy is affecting the lives of more than 50000 rickshaw operator families. It is alleged that The lethargy of Shiela Dikshit government in drafting a policy is leading to unnecessary harassment of the operators.
Voicing their concerns, the e-rickshaw operators informed that due to lack of a clear policy they are often fined heavily, sometimes even upto Rs 10000, which is taking a toll on the families of these operators, who often come from a economically weaker background. On this, Arvind Kejriwal Extended full support to the demands of these operators and assured to stand by them till the issue is sorted out.”
The operators informed that another major issue is the black marketing of rickshaws. The operators informed that even though e-rickshaws costs around Rs 40000, dealers charge them around Rs one lakh per rickshaw. They do not give proper receipts hence dodging the laws by not paying the taxes.
Addressing the gathering, Arvind Kejriwal demanded that those manual rickshaws operators who want to purchase e-rickshaws should be given subsidy by the government. He also said that now not only auto rickshaws, but even battery operated e-rickshaw operators are supporting AAP. He also dismissed rumours which are being deliberately planted that some auto rickshaw unions have left AAP. He alleged that this only shows that the Congress now fears the growing strength of AAP. In fact, the number of auto rickshaw drivers joining AAP has only increased by the day.