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Publish Punjab’s Voters List By 31st January :ECI

[Chd,Pb]Finalise Punjab’s Voters List By 31st January :ECI
The Election Commission of India has issued a letter to extend the date of final publication of voter list to January 31, 2019.
Earlier the date for final publication of voter list with respect to January 1, 2019 as qualifying date was scheduled to be on 19 January 2019 (Saturday), but after the revised programme, the final Publication has been slated for January 31, 2019 (Thursday

ECI Banned Exit Polls and Issued Prohibition Protocol

[Chd,Delhi]ECI Banned Exit Polls and Issued Prohibition Protocol
The Election Commission today banned exit polls between May 26 and May 28 in the poll bound states of India including the Assembly constituency -32 Shahkot bye-poll.
Display of any election matter including results of any opinion poll or any other poll survey in any electronic media is prohibited during the period 48 hours,
The Election Commission of India [ECI]also issued extensive guidelines to the District Election Officer Jalandhar to ensure prohibitions during the period of 48 hours (5 pm on May 26, 2018) ending with hours fixed for conclusion of poll in Shahkot to be held on May 28, 2018.
As per Chief Electoral Officer Punjab, Dr. S Karuna Raju advertisement being published in the newspapers on May 27 and 28, 2018 requires prior permission or certification from the ECI,

ECI Transfers SDM+Inspector Of ,Election Mod,Shahkot

[Chd,Pb]ECI Transfers SDM Of ,Election Mod,Shahkot
Election Commission of India has Approved Jagjit Singh As New SDM Shahkot
The Election Commission of India transferred SDM Shahkot Darwara Singh and approved the name of Jagjit Singh (2011 batch PCS) as new SDM cum Returning Officer of Shahkot. In another order the commission also approved the name of Inspector Davinder Singh (28/JR) for the post of SHO Shahkot and Inspector Parminder Singh (348/JR) for the post of SHO Mehatpur.

PM “Modi” Invokes Eligibles For Registration For “Right To Vote”

[NewDelhi] PM “Modi” Invokes Eligibles For Registration For “Right To Vote”
The Prime Minister Of India Narendra Modi has Invoked all eligible voters on the occasion of National Voters’ Day to register themselves and use their right to vote to strengthen the democracy.
“Greetings to everyone on National Voters’ Day. Congratulations to the Election Commission of India, which was founded on this day.
I urge all the eligible voters, particularly youngsters, to register themselves and strengthen our democracy with their participation. The power of a vote is immense”, the Prime Minister said

EC Censors AAP’s Video For Punjab Election Campaign

[Chandigarh,Punjab]EC Censors AAP’s Video For Punjab Election Campaign
The Election Commission has imposed around dozen cuts on a video made by Aam Aadmi Party(AAP), raising various issues including “drug problem, farmers suicides, sacrilege incidents, atrocities on Dalits”, before giving its nod to the party for using in election campaign.
The Commission has ordered the party to delete the contents depicting “personal attacks” on Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal, Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal, cabinet ministers Bikram Singh Majithia and Sikandar Singh Maluka in the video.
Besides, directions have also been issued to remove the scenes of dead bodies of farmers who allegedly committed suicide and youth allegedly died because of drugs, the official said.
AAP, which is eyeing to wrest power in the coming assembly polls in Punjab, has prepared an about hour long video, depicting the “plight” of dalits, farmers and “drug problem”.

Election Commission Invites Educator Media For National Awards:Pb Election

[Chandigarh,Punjab]Election Commission Invites Media Houses For National Media Awards .One award each would be given for print+electronic +social media streams.
Election Commission of India (ECI) has invited entries from media houses for the National Media Award for best campaign on ‘Voters’ Education and Awareness for the Year 2016.
The main objective behind giving away the national awards is to recognize outstanding contributions by media houses to promote electoral participation by educating people about the electoral process and raising awareness among the general public about the relevance and importance of voting and registration.
Photo Caption
Dr. Nasim Zaidi
Chief Election Commissioner

Huge Administrative Shuffling In Poll Bound Tamil Nadu

[Chennai,TN]Huge Administrative Shuffling In Poll Bound Tamil Nadu
4 Collectors+5 SPs transferred
four district Collectors and five Superintendents of Police are transferred today in poll-bound Tamil Nadu on the directions of the Election Commission of India.
Collectors of Vellore and Salem, P Nanthagopal and V Sampath respectively have been replaced by Rajendra Ratnoo and D Karthikeyan.
Similarly, Satyabrata Sahoo, Transport Commissioner, appointed Dindigul Collector in place of T N Hariharan while Theni Collector, N Venkatachalam was replaced by S Nagarajan, Director and CEO, Tamil Nadu e-Governance Agency,
Five IPS officers also transferred to various posts,
The Election Commission had yesterday ordered transfer of MD of Tamil Nadu Arasu Cable TV Corporation (TACTV), J Kumaragurubaran, following complaints from opposition DMK and others.

Meghalaya Based National People’s Party’s Political Recognition Is Suspended

[New Delhi] Meghalaya Based National People’s Party’s Political Is Recognition Suspended. it is the first case that recognition of a political party has been suspended by the Election Commission under Election Symbols (Reservation and Allotment) Order 1968, for its failure to follow the Lawful directions of the Commission.
Election Commission of India has suspended the recognition of the National People’s Party, a recognized state party in Meghalaya due to its failure in filing the election expenditure statement of the party.
In pursuance of the Hon’ble Supreme Court’s judgement in the case of Common Cause Vs Union of India and others (AIR-1996 SC 3081), the ECI had earlier issued instructions to all political parties, to file their election expenditure statement within 75 days of assembly general elections and 90 days of Lok Sabha general elections. The general election to Lok Sabha, 2014 and elections to the Legislative Assemblies of Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Odisha and Sikkim, 2014 was completed on 28th May, 2014 and as per the Commission’s instructions, the political parties were required to submit their election expenditure statements in connection with the above elections by 26th August, 2014.
The Commission had issued two reminders to the National People’s Party to submit the required statement for Lok Sabha election 2014 after the due date had long expired, on 26th August 2014.
Finally, the Election Commission issued a notice on 17th March 2015 to the party to showcause as to why action should not be taken under para 16A of the Election Symbols (Reservation and Allotment ) Order 1968 for failure to follow the lawful directions and instructions of the Commission;
On receipt of the Notice, the National People’s Party had requested time to submit its expenditure statement by 15th April 2015 and again for time up to by 15 May 2015 but failed to honor the deadline and did not file the expenditure statement of the party.

हरियाणा विधानपरिषद में घोषित दो रिक्तियां के लिए ५ दिसंबर को उपचुनाव होंगें

हरियाणा विधान परिषद में घोषित दो रिक्तियां को भरने के लिए उपचुनाव ५ दिसंबर को कराये जायेंगे औरउसी दिन सांय मतगणना प्रारम्भ कर दी जाएगी |18 नवम्बर २०१४ से अधिसूचना लागू होगी| चुनाव आयोग द्वारा घोषित इन रिक्तियों का विवरण निम्न है :
क्र. सं==== सदस्य का नाम============= रिक्त होने का कारण============================कार्यकाल का समय
१]======श्री बीरेन्द्र सिंह==============28 अगस्त 2014 को इस्तीफा देने के कारण==============1 अगस्त 2016
२]======श्री रणबीर सिंह प्रजापति=========1 नवम्बर 2014 को इस्तीफा देने के कारण=============1 अगस्त 2016
भारत के निर्वाचन आयोग ने इन रिक्त स्थानों को भरने के लिए , निम्नलिखित कार्यक्रम के अनुसार ,उप-चुनाव कराने का फैसला किया हैः-
क्र. सं.=====कार्यक्रम============तिथि और दिन
१]=======अधिसूचना जारी========18 नवम्बर 2014 (मंगलवार)
२]==नामांकन की आखिरी तारीख=====25 नवम्बर 2014 (मंगलवार)
३]==नामांकन की जांच============26 नवम्बर 2014 (बुधवार)
४]==नाम वापस लेने की आखिरी तारीख=28 नवम्बर 2014 (शुक्रवार)
५]==मतदान की तारीख=============5 दिसम्बर 2014 (शुक्रवार)
६]===मतदान का समय =============सुबह 09.00 बजे से शाम 04.00 बजे तक
७]===मतगणना=================5 दिसम्बर 2014 (शुक्रवार)====शाम 05.00 बजे
८]जिस तारीख से पहले चुनाव हो जाने चाहिए==================================8 दिसम्बर 2014 (सोमवार)

दिल्ली विधानसभा की३सीटों पर२५नवम्बर को उपचुनाव होंगे और होगा राजनितिक अस्तित्व का परीक्षण

[दिल्ली]दिल्ली विधानसभा की३सीटों पर२५नवम्बर को उपचुनाव होंगे और होगा राजनितिक अस्तित्व का परीक्षण राजनितिक शक्ति परीक्षण के लिए दिल्ली की तीन विधायिका सीटों पर २५ नवम्बर को उपचुनाव होंगे |मॉडल कोड ऑफ़ कंडक्ट तत्काल प्रभाव से लागू कर दिया गया है| गौरतलब है के वर्तमान विधान सभा को भंग करके नए चुनावों की मांग की जा रही है इसके लिए कांग्रेस और “आप” पार्टी द्वारा विशेष रूप से आये दिन ब्यान बाजी भी की जा रही है|अब इस उपचुनाव में तीन सीटों पर शक्ति परीक्षण से कांग्रेस+आप+भाजपा+जे डी यूं दलों की वास्तविक राजनितिक स्थिति का भी पता चल सकेगा | एन सी टी दिल्ली लेजिस्लेटिव असेंबली की तीन अस्थाई रिक्तियों को भरने के लिए उपचुनावों की घोषणा कर दी गई है| मेहरौली[४५]तुगलकाबाद[५२]और कृष्णा नगर[६०] के लिए आगामी माह की २५ तारिख को उपचुनाव होंगें|इसके लिए इलेक्शन कमीशन ने निम्न कार्यक्रम घोषित किया है:
.[१]. इशू ऑफ़ नोटिफिकेशन==============28.10.2014 (Tuesday)
[२] लास्ट डेट ऑफ़ मेकिंग नॉमिनेशंस =======05.11.2014 (Wednesday)
[३]. स्क्रूटिनी ऑफ़ नॉमिनेशंस ============07.11.2014 (Friday)
[४] नामांकन वापिसी की अंतिम तिथि =========10.11.2014 (Monday)
[५] चुनाव POLतिथि ====================25.11.2014 (Tuesday)
[६] मतगणना ========================23.12.2014 (Tuesday)
[७] डेट ऑफ़ कम्पलीशन ऑफ़ इलेक्शन 29.12.2014 (Monday)
फोटो कैप्शन
The Chief Election Commissioner, Shri V.S. Sampath along with the Election Commissioners, Shri H.S. Brahma and Dr. Syed Nasim Ahmad Zaidi