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Modi Govt to Priivatise Non-Strategic PSUs: FM in PC

(New Delhi)Modi Govt to Priivatise Non-Strategic PSUs: FM in PC
Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Sunday said a new “coherent” public sector enterprises policy will be formulated that will define strategic sectors which will have not more than four PSUs.
List of strategic sectors requiring presence of public sector undertakings (PSUs) in public interest will be notified, she said while announcing her fifth and final economic stimulus package.
In strategic sectors, at least one enterprise will remain in the public sector but private sector will also be allowed.
In other sectors, PSUs will be privatised.

FM Announces Setting up of ₹ 1 Lakh cr Agri Infra Fund

(New Delhi) FM Announces Setting up of ₹ 1 Lakh cr Agri Infra Fund
Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Friday announced setting up of a Rs 1 lakh crore agri infrastructure fund for farm-gate infrastructure.
This fund will be used for setting up cold chains and post-harvest management infrastructure, she said while announcing the third tranche of COVID-19 relief package.
She also announced a Rs 10,000 crore scheme for formalisation of micro food enterprises (MFE).
The scheme will be launched to help 2 lakh MFEs by adopting cluster-based approach such as mango in Uttar Pradesh, kesar in Jammu & Kashmir, bamboo shoots in North-East, chilli in Andhra Pradesh, tapioca in Tamil Nadu.
This fund would help in reaching untapped export markets in view of improved health consciousness.

Akhilesh Yadav Takes a Dig at “Atmanirbhar” Package

(Lucknow,UP) Akhilesh Yadav Takes a Dig at “Atmanirbhar” Package
Samajwadi Party leaders Akhilesh Yadav on Friday took a dig at the Atmanirbhar economic package announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, suggesting that self-reliance and loans do not go together.
The opposition leader posted a make-believe conversation in which a student asks what is meant by a loan and also seeks to know the meaning of self-reliant .
Are loan and self-reliance synonymous, the student asks. I will ask Delhi and tell you, the teacher replies.
Yadav did not elaborate on the teacher-student joke he tweeted in Hindi. But the apparent reference was to the loans announced in the Rs 20 lakh crore self-reliance package to revive the economy hit by the COVID-19 crisis.
Yadav had earlier termed the package a jumla , or empty rhetoric.
What kind of solution is this, he had asked in an earlier tweet.
Farmers are being asked to take loans. This is not the time to talk in the air about the future but to give immediate relief to farmers

Number of Corona Virus Patients Jump to 13 in Punjab

Chd,Pb)Number of Corona Virus Patients Jump to 13 in Punjab
A media bulletin issued by the Punjab government said the number of COVID-19 positive patients went up to 13 in the state.
As of now, testing of 181 samples has been conducted and out of which, reports of 141 persons came negative
The reports of 23 persons with suspected coronavirus are awaited
Chief Minister Amarinder Singh had on Friday asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for a fiscal package to combat the coronavirus crisis and permission for private hospitals and labs to conduct tests for detecting the virus.
Singh had expressed grave concern over the escalating COVID-19 crisis while taking part in the deliberations during a video conference convened by Modi with all chief ministers to review the situation.