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नही छडणी,कैप्टेन ने गद्दी नही छडणी;प्रशांत किशोर को बनाया कैबिनेट मंत्री

ओए झल्लेया! मुबारकां!!ओये हसाडे धाकड़ सीएम कैप्टेन अमरिन्दर सिंह जी ने बिहार+बंगाल में धूम मचा चुके विश्व विख्यात चुनावी रणनीतिकार प्रशांत किशोर साहब को एक ₹ कि तनख्वाह पर कैबनेट मंत्री बणा लिया है। ओए देख लेना अब 2022 में भी हसाडी ही सरकार बनेगी
भा जी
ठंड रखो ठंड।आपके कैप्टेन साहिब ने तो कहा था कि पिछला चुनाव उनका आखरी चुनाव फिर भी आप लोगों ने गोटियाँ बिठानी शुरू कर दी हैं।पहले सुनील जाखड़ ने आधार बनाने के लिए 2022 में कैप्टेन साहिब के लिए भविष्यवाणी कर दी थी और अब प्रशांत किशोर की नियुक्ति आपके कैप्टेन का यूटर्न ही है।यह यूटर्न लाफिंग जट्ट नवजोत सिंह सिधू और उस पर दावँ लगाए बैठे आलाकमान जरूर अशांत हो सकते हैं

Disgruntled Sidhu Skips 1st Day of Punjab Assembly Session

[Chd,Pb] Disgruntled Sidhu Skips 1st Day of Punjab Assembly Session
Former Minister and Congress MLA Navjot Singh Sidhu on Friday skipped the first day of the Punjab Assembly session, even as three AAP MLAs who had quit the party marked their presence in the House.
The monsoon session of Punjab Vidhan Sabha began on Friday.
The House paid tributes to the departed personalities who died since the last session.
Chief Minister Amarinder Singh was among those who attended the first day of the session.
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Navjot Sigh Sidhu With Central Minister

Navjot Singh Sidhu Quits Blanket :Resigns as Punjab Cabinet Minister

[Chd,Pb] Navjot Singh Sidhu Quits Blanket :Resigns as Punjab Cabinet Minister
Congress leader Navjot Singh Sidhu, has resigned from the Capt Amarinder Singh cabinet. Once Mocking Badals He said that Bibi Harsimrat Kaur Will Never Leave a Pradhani Of Village And Expecting Sidhu’s resignation
Sidhu was sulking after being stripped off key portfolios in the Punjab cabinet reshuffle in June,
Sidhu took to Twitter on Sunday, making public his resignation letter dated June 10 addressed to Congress President
“I hereby resign as Minister from Punjab Cabinet,” Sidhu said in the letter to the Congress chief, which he posted on his Twitter handle.
In another tweet, Sidhu said he would be sending his resignation letter to the chief minister.
On June 6, Chief Minister Amarinder Singh had divested Sidhu of the Local Government and Tourism and Cultural Affairs Departments and allotted him the power and new and renewable energy portfolio.
In an apparent snub, Sidhu was also left out of the consultative groups formed by the chief minister on June 8, two days after the cabinet reshuffle, to accelerate the implementation of the government’s flagship programmes.
Over a month after he was stripped of key portfolios, Sidhu had not taken charge of his new assignment, as a stalemate with the chief minister had continued
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Soni Takes Charge Of New Portfolio But Sidhu Still Silent

[Chd,Pb]Soni Takes Charge Of New Portfolio But Sidhu Still Silent
Cabinet Minister Punjab Mr. O P Soni has assumed office as the Minster of Medical Education and research department. Mr. Soni will also look after the Freedom Fighters and Food Processing departments.
on this occasion Dr. Dharmvir Agnihotri, MLA , Satish Chandra, Additional Chief Secretary, Punjab Government, Captain Sandeep Sandhu, OSD to CM, Baldev Sachdeva, Vice Chairman of Punjab School Education Board, Dr. Avnish Kumar, Director Medical Education, Dr. K.D. Singh, Registrar Nursing Council Punjab, Dr. Tejinder Singh Chairman Homeopathy Council, Punjab, Dr. AS Shekho, President Punjab Medical Council, Dr. Raj Khullar Chairman Punjab Pharmacy Council and Jagpal Singh Abulkhurana were also

SAD Asks Rahul Gandhi to Expel Sidhu from Congress For Pak Controversy

[Chd,Pb]SAD Asks Congress to Expel Sidhu from Party For Pak Controversy
Shiromani Akali Dal Saturday asked Congress president Rahul Gandhi to expel Punjab Cabinet minister Navjot Singh Sidhu from the party for calling for dialogue with Pakistan even after the Pulwama terrorist attack in which 40 CRPF jawans died.
Though Sidhu had condemned the “cowardly” attack by a Pakistan-based terror group, he had also called for dialogue to find a “permanent solution” to end the bloodshed.
Sidhu, who had attended the swearing-in ceremony of Imran Khan as Pakistan prime minister last year, had said, “For a handful of people, can you blame the entire nation and can you blame an individual?”
SAD leader Bikram Singh Majithia said if the Congress president does not sack Sidhu, it would mean his statement was “made at the direction of Rahul Gandhi”.
The Akali leader said the credibility of Chief Minister Amarinder Singh was also on test.

Cine Employees Demand Ban On Navjot Singh Sidhu

[Mumbai] Cine Employees Demand Ban On Navjot Singh Sidhu For His Latest Comments On Relations With Pakistan
The Federation of Western India Cine Employees (FWICE) has called for ban on cricketer-turned-politician Navjot Singh Sidhu over his controversial comments in the wake of the Pulwama terror attack.
Sidhu, who appears on “The Kapil Sharma Show”, had condemned the incident but courted a controversy when he asked whether an entire nation can be blamed for a handful of people.
He was among the invitees for the swearing-in ceremony of Imran Khan as Pakistan prime minister last year.
The Punjab cabinet minister’s comments sparked an uproar on social media, with many people asking for his removal from “The Kapil Sharma Show”.
In a statement sent to Sony Entertainment Television on Saturday, FWICE said Sidhu should apologise for his comments that have “not only disturbed the sentiments of the nation, but also have been taken as of an anti-Indian nature”.
There have been reports of Sidhu being sacked by the channel from “The Kapil Sharma Show”, but there is no official confirmation.
The reports claimed that actor Archana Puran Singh, who has been a judge on few comedy shows, has replaced Sidhu.
The actor, however, has rubbished the reports.
Forty CRPF personnel were killed and five injured on Thursday in one of the deadliest terror attacks in Jammu and Kashmir when a Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohammad suicide bomber rammed a vehicle carrying over 100 kg of explosives into their bus in Pulwama district.

Navjot Kaur Sidhu Seeks Cong Ticket from Pawan Bansal’s Chandigarh

[Chd,Pb] Navjot Kaur Sidhu Seeks Cong Ticket from Pawan Bansal’s Chandigarh
Punjab cabinet minister Navjot Singh Sidhu’s wife and former MLA Navjot Kaur Sidhu has staked claim to the Congress ticket from Chandigarh in the upcoming Lok Sabha polls.
Now number of contenders for the Congress ticket from the Union Territory has reached three.
Former railway minister Pawan Kumar Bansal and
ex-I&B minister Manish Tewari have also been trying to shift his claim from Ludhiana to Chandigarh
Presently, BJP MP Kirron Kher represents Chandigarh.
Navjot Kaur Sidhu, former MLA from Amritsar (East) and former chief parliamentary secretary, submitted her application to the Chandigarh Territorial Congress Committee on Friday.
Bansal, had been a four-time MP from this prosperous Union Territory, exuded confidence that the party high command would repose faith in him and give him the ticket.

Sidhu Suspends Top Bosses Of Local Body Of Nabha: Funds Bungling

[Chd,Pb] Sidhu Suspends Top Bosses Of Local Body Of Nabha
As per Local Government Minister, Punjab, Mr. Navjot Singh Sidhu
President of Municipal Council Nabha Rajnish Kumar,
E.O. Sukhdeep Singh Kamboj and
Clerk Harjinderpal are suspended in the matter of the bungling of funds pertaining to ‘Housing for All’ and ‘Swachh Bharat’.
Sidhu alleged ,wrong payments with malafide intentions were made to the contractors with regard to the funds which were received by Municipal Council Nabha under ‘Housing for All’ scheme envisaging housing for poor families and those under ‘Swachh Bharat’.

सुखबीर बादल ने अजनाला के विरुद्ध नीवांसोगौरां”का प्रदर्शन किया

[चंडीगढ़,जालंधर, अमृतसर]अकाली दल के अध्यक्ष #सुखबीरसिंहबादल ने नए असन्तुष्ट टकसाली रत्न सिंह अजनाला की उग्रता के जवाब में जो “नीवांसोगौरां” के उपदेश का प्रदर्शन किया और वरिष्ठ नेता के विरुद्ध विनम्रता से यह कहते हुए इनकार कर दिया के अजनाला उनके बुजुर्ग हैं और वे[सुखबीर] खुद उनके पास जा सकते हैं|अजनाला सीनियर हैं यदि कहेंगे तो एसऐडी की अध्यक्षता छोड़ने को भी तैयार हैं |गौरतलब हे के कांग्रेसी केबिनेट मंत्री नवजोत सिंह सिद्धू शुरू से ही टकसाली नेताओं को बादलों के विरुद्ध उकसा रहे हैं
और चीफ मिनिस्टर कैप्टेन अमरिंदर सिंह एस जी पी सी से बादलों के वर्चस्व को खत्म करने की मुहीम छेड़े हुए हैं| सम्भवत इसीलिए
टकसाली अकाली रत्न सिंह अजनाला के भी बादल परिवार के खिलाफ सुर बुलंद होने लगे हैं
इसके एक दिन पश्चात् स्थिति को संभालने के प्रयास में शिरोमणि अकाली दल के अध्यक्ष और पूर्व उपमुख्यमंत्री सुखबीर सिंह बादल ने धार्मिक स्थल से पत्रकारों के समक्ष कहा के अजनाला उन परिवार के बजुर्ग सदस्य हैं अगर कहेंगे तो वह अपनी प्रधानी छोड़ने को भी तैयार हैं |सुखदेव सिंह ढींडसा+रंजीत सिंह ब्रह्मपुरा भी बादलों का साथ छोड़ चुके हैं बादल ने इस नाराजगी को दूर करने के लिए शीघ्र टकसाली नेताओं से बातचीत करने के भी संकेत दिए
बीते दिन टकसाली अजनाला ने बादल पर परिवारवाद बढ़ाने के आरोप लगते हुए कहा था के वर्करों के बजाय राज्य और केंद्र में पुत्र +पुत्रवधु को ही मंत्री पद दिए गए |इसे लेकर उन्होंने माझा+मालवा+दोआबा में अकाली बचाओ मुहीम छेड़ने की चेतावनी दी है

BJP Cuts Sidhu,s Laugh For Speaking as Pak Agent

[New Delhi]BJP Cuts Sidhu,s Laugh For Hugging Pak General Bajwa
The BJP Tuesday accused Congress leader Navjot Singh Sidhu of demeaning India and speaking as an agent of Pakistan by attempting to “justify” hugging Pakistani Army chief Qamar Javed Bajwa and claiming that Pakistan is willing to allow Sikh pilgrims access to a gurudwara on its territory.
At a press conference, BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra also demanded a response from Congress president Rahul Gandhi over the issue, saying Sidhu has been speaking on the matter with his permission as Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh has already condemned him over his conduct in Pakistan during the swearing-in ceremony of Imran Khan recently.
He also accused Sidhu of meeting External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj deceptively as she had given appointment to former Union minister M S Gill with whom, Patra alleged Sidhu tagged along.
The BJP spokesperson said Swaraj reprimand Sidhu in their meeting on Monday for his conduct in Pakistan.
Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said Tuesday that Sidhu’s gesture of hugging Pakistan’s army chief impacted soldiers back home and asserted that the Punjab minister could have “avoided it”.
Sidhu had courted controversy by hugging Bajwa during his visit to Pakistan for the swearing-in of Imran Khan as Prime Minister. He had claimed that he did so as Bajwa told him that the Pakistan government was working for opening of the Kartarpur corridor for Sikh pilgrims from Indian state of Punjab.
Sidhu Monday met Swaraj and urged her to help initiate dialogue with Pakistan on the opening up of the Kartarpur Sahib corridor.
Union minister and Akali leader Harsimrat Kaur Badal, however, claimed that Swaraj “reprimanded” Sidhu for “messing up” the issue of the Kartarpur Sahib corridor dialogue and accused him of “misusing” the political clearance granted to him in visiting Pakistan recently.