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DG NDRF OP Singh Selected For The Post Of DG CISF

[New Delhi] DG NDRF OP Singh Selected For The Post Of DG CISF
The Appointments Committee of Cabinet has approved the Following Appointments of DG CISF+NSG + NDRF
(i) O.P. Singh, [IPS (UP:83)] presently working as DG, NDRF (ADG level) to the post of Director General, Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) in the HAG+ pay scale (pre-revised) from the date of joining the post and up to the date of his superannuation
(ii)Sudhir Pratap Singh, [IPS (RJ:83)] presently working as ADG, CRPF to the to the post of Director General, National Security Guard (NSG) in HAG+ pay scale (pre revised) from the date of joining the post and up to the date of this superannuation
(iii)R. K. Pachnanda, IPS (WB:83) presently working as ADG, CISF to the post of DG, NDRF in the HAG+ pay scale (pre revised) from the date of joining the post and up to the date of his superannuation i.e. up to 31.01.2018 or until further orders whichever is earlier.
(iv) Cancellation of appointment order of P.C. Thakur, IPS (GJ:79) as Director General, Fire Services, Civil Defence & Home Guards.

India Denies NSG Team’s Visit to ‘Terrorism Effected’ Bangladesh

[New Delhi]India Refutes NSG Team’s Visit to ‘Terrorism Effected’ Bangladesh
India today denied that a team of National Security Gaurd (NSG) was visiting Bangladesh amidst reports that it was in Dhaka to study the recent terrorist attacks that have shocked that country.
External Affairs Spokesperson Vikas Swarup, who is currently in South Africa accompanying Prime Minister Narendra Modi, said,”Just to clarify, reports of an NSG team visiting Bangladesh are false.”
His remarks came amidst reports that a special team of NSG officers was visiting Bangladesh to “analyse and study” the bombings at an Eid prayer gathering yesterday and the recent terror siege at a high-end restaurant in the neighbouring country.
Officials had said that the NSG team has been authorised by the government to travel to Dhaka after the Special Forces establishment in Bangladesh approved the formers’ request to visit the spots of the terror attacks for a first-hand understanding of the situation.
The team, which includes NSG experts in post-blast analysis and counter-terror operations, was to study the July 1 incident where terrorists laid siege at a bakery and killed 22 and also analyse yesterday’s bombings in Kishoreganj area in Bangladesh,

अमेरिका ने ऍनएसजी में रोडेबाज़ चीन के गले में घंटी बाँधने के लिए भारत को ही कह दिया तो ?

झल्ले दी झल्लियां गल्ला

भाजपाई चेयर लीडर

ओऐ झल्लेया ! बेशक ऍनएसजी की प्रारम्भिक कार्यवाही में हमें सदस्यता नहीं मिली लेकिन हसाडे स्ट्रॉन्गेस्ट मित्र अमेरिका के अंडर सेक्रेटरी टॉम शन्नोन[Tom Shannon ]ने एक हफ्ते में ही ,दुखी मन से,फरमा दिया है के भारत की राह में रोड़ा अटकाने वाले के गले में “घंटी” जरूर बांधनी चाहिए


ओ मेरे चतुर सेठ जी! अगर अमेरिका ने ड्रैगन चीन के गले में घंटी बाँधने के लिए भारत को ही कह दिया तो क्या होगा ?

Mexico Also Firmly Says Yes To India For NSG Membership

[Mexico] Mexico Also Says Yes To India For NSG Membership.Switzerland Has Already Given Its Support
In another crucial backing for India’s NSG bid, Mexico today supported “positively” and “constructively” its membership of the 48-nation bloc as the two countries agreed to develop a road map to upgrade bilateral ties to a strategic partnership.
“Mexico supports positively and constructively India’s membership of the NSG (Nuclear Suppliers Group),” Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto said at a joint media interaction with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who flew in from Washington after addressing a joint sitting of the Congress.
Modi thanked Mexico, a key NSG member, for its support and called the country an important partner for India’s energy security.
He said “We are looking to move beyond buyer-seller relationship and into a long-term partnership… We have agreed to develop a road map of concrete outcomes to upgrade our ties to a Strategic Partnership,”.
Mexico’s support to India is seen as crucial in its bid to become member of the elite NSG, whose members are allowed to trade in and export nuclear technology, ahead of its plenary meeting. Modi on Monday visited Switzerland, another key member of the NSG, and the European country – known to have strong proliferation concerns – had announced its support to India’s candidature for the atomic trading club.
Nieto announced his country’s support to India after holding wide-ranging talks with Modi, on the last leg of his five-nation tour, on a range of bilateral and global issues.
In their talks, Modi and Nieto explored ways to deepen bilateral cooperation in a number of key areas including in trade and investment, information technology, climate change and energy.
Support of Mexico and Switzerland is seen as important in the wake of China opposing India’s NSG membership arguing that it was not a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). The issue had figured prominently during talks between Modi and US President Barack Obama in Washington on Tuesday.
The US and many other NSG member countries have supported India’s inclusion based on its non-proliferation track record.
The NSG works under the principle of unanimity and even one country’s vote against India will scuttle its bid.
India has been pushing for membership of the bloc for last few years and had formally moved its application on May 12.
The NSG looks after critical issues relating to the nuclear sector and its members are allowed to trade in and export nuclear technology. Its membership will help India significantly expand its atomic energy sector.
The NSG had granted an exclusive waiver for India in 2008 to access civil nuclear technology after China reluctantly backed India’s case based on the Indo-US nuclear deal

Four IPS Officers In Central Security forces Gets Apex Pay Scale Of Rs 80K

[New Delhi]Four IPS Officers In Central Security forces Gets Apex Pay Scale Of Rs 80K
The Appointments Committee of the Cabinet has approved grant of apex pay scale of Rs. 80,000/- (fixed) to
Shri Satish Chandra Jha (IPS:BH:81), Special Director in Intelligence Bureau.
Shri Banshidhar Sharma, IPS (WB:80), DG, SSB,
Shri Surender Singh, IPS (WB:80), DG, CISF and
Shri R.C. Tayal, IPS (AM:80), DG, NSG.

“बराक”ने भारत को एनएसजी सदस्यता दिलाने का आश्वासन क्या दिया कि पेटों में मरोड़ उठने लगे

झल्ले दी झल्लियां गल्लाँ

भाजपाई चीयर लीडर

ओये झल्लेया ये पाकिस्तानियों के पेट में फिर से मरोड़ उठने लग गए |ओये हसाडे नए नए बने मितर श्री बराक ओबामा ने हसाडे सोणे भारत को न्यूक्लीयर सप्लाई ग्रुप की सदस्यता और संयुक्त राष्ट्र में स्थाई सीट दिलवाने का आश्वासन क्या दे दिया इन पाकिस्तानी सरताज अजीज ने साउथ एशिया में अस्थिरता +नॉन प्रोलीफेरशन रजीम की कमजोरी की दुहाई देनी शुरू कर दी ओये हसाडे भले के लिए कुछ होने जा रहा है तो इनके ठिढ में पीड क्यूँ होने लगी है


ओ मेरे भोले सेठ जी आप जी ने क्या सोचा था कि सरताज बना बैठा अजीज क्या बहुत खुश होगा शबाशी देगा क्यूँ? अरे भापा जी जब से मुल्क आजाद हुआ है तभी से पाक कि तरफ से ऐसी रिकॉर्ड मेकिंग नापाक हरकतें होती रहती हैं इसीलिए सोचो नहीं सतर्क रहो और सीधे सीधे चलते रहो