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PM Modi Salutes Care Givers and Greets CAs on their Day

(New Delhi) PM Modi Salutes Doctors and Greets CAs on their Day
Prime Minister’s Office
The Prime Minister,Narendra Modi has saluted doctors on the occasion of Doctors’ Day.
In a tweet, PM said, “India salutes our doctors- exceptional care givers who are at the forefront of a spirited fight against COVID-19. doctorsday2020.”
India salutes our doctors- exceptional care givers who are at the forefront of a spirited fight against COVID-19The Prime Minister, Shri
In another tweet, the PM said, “Our industrious CA community has a major role to play in ensuring a healthy and transparent economy. Their services to the nation are deeply valued. Greetings on Chartered Accountants Day.”

पीएम मोदी ने गलवान वैली के शहीदों को नमन किया

(नई दिल्ली)पी एम मोदी ने गलवान वैली में सर्वोच्च बलिदान देने वाले शहीदों को नमन किया
उन्होंने सीएम वर्चुअल मीटिंग में भी खड़े होकर 2 मिनट का मौन रख शहीदों को श्रद्धांजलि दी
पीएम नरेंद्र मोदी ने कहा भारत माता के वीर सपूतों ने गलवान वैली में हमारी मातृभूमि की रक्षा करते हुये सर्वोच्च बलिदान दिया है।
मैं देश की सेवा में उनके इस महान बलिदान के लिए उन्हें नमन करता हूं, उन्हें कृतज्ञतापूर्वक श्रद्धांजलि देता हूँ।
दुःख की इस कठिन घड़ी में हमारे इन शहीदों के परिजनों के प्रति मैं अपनी समवेदनाएं व्यक्त करता हूँ।
आज पूरा देश आपके साथ है, देश की भावनाएं आपके साथ हैं।
उन्होंने कहा,हमारे इन शहीदों का ये बलिदान व्यर्थ नहीं जाएगा।
चाहे स्थिति कुछ भी हो, परिस्थिति कुछ भी हो, भारत पूरी दृढ़ता से देश की एक एक इंच जमीन की, देश के स्वाभिमान की रक्षा करेगा।
भारत सांस्कृतिक रूप से एक शांति प्रिय देश है। हमारा इतिहास शांति का रहा है।
भारत का वैचारिक मंत्र ही रहा है- लोकाः समस्ताः सुखिनों भवन्तु।
हमने हर युग में पूरे संसार में शांति की, पूरी मानवता के कल्याण की कामना की है।
मैं देश को भरोसा दिलाना चाहता हूँ, हमारे जवानों का बलिदान व्यर्थ नहीं जाएंगा।
देश को इस बात का गर्व होगा की हमारे सैनिक मारते मारते मरे हैं. मेरा आप सभी से आग्रह है की हम दो मिनट का मौन रख के इन सपूतों को श्रद्धांजलि दें.
फ़ाइल फोटो

India Pledges 15 Million $ to Gavi,International Vaccine Alliance

India Pledges 15 Million $ to Gavi,International Vaccine Alliance
Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi was addressing the virtual Global Vaccine Summit hosted by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson in which over 50 ​countries – business leaders, UN agencies, civil society, government ministers, Heads of State and country leaders participated.
In his address the Prime Minister said India stands in solidarity with the World in these challenging times.
Prime Minister said the COVID19 pandemic, in someways, has exposed the limitations of global cooperation and that for the first time in recent history, the human kind faces a clear common enemy.

PM Modi Wishes Kashmiri Pandits on Jyeshtha Ashtami

(New Delhi)PM Modi Wishes Kashmiri Pandits on Jyeshtha Ashtami
The Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has extended wishes to the Kashmiri Pandit community on the occasion of Jyeshtha Ashtami.
Modi Tweeted “Best wishes, especially to the Kashmiri Pandit community, on the very special occasion Jyeshtha Ashtami.
With the divine blessings of Mata Kheer Bhawani, may everyone be happy, healthy and prosperous”

PM Modi Pens His Yearly Report Card

(New Delhi) PM Narendra Modi Pens His Yearly Report Card
My fellow Indian,
This day last year began a golden chapter in the history of Indian democracy. It was after several decades that the people of the country voted back a full term government with a full majority.
Once again, I bow to the 130 crore people of India and the democratic ethos of our nation.
During normal times, I would have been in your midst. However, the present circumstances do not permit that. That is why, I seek your blessings through this letter.
Your affection, goodwill and active cooperation have given new energy, and inspiration. The way you have showcased the collective strength of democracy is a guiding light for the whole world.
Back in 2014, the people of the country voted for a substantive transformation. In the last five years, the nation saw how the administrative apparatus broke itself free of status quo and from the swamp of corruption as well as misgovernance. True to the spirit of ‘Antyodaya’ the lives of millions have been transformed.
From 2014 to 2019, India’s stature rose significantly. The dignity of the poor was enhanced. The nation achieved financial inclusion, free gas and electricity connections, total sanitation coverage, and made progress towards ensuring ‘Housing for All.’
India demonstrated its mettle through the surgical strike and air strike. At the same time, decades old demands such as OROP, One Nation One Tax- GST, better MSP for farmers were fulfilled.
In 2019, the people of India voted not merely for continuity but also with a dream- of taking India to new heights. A dream of making India a global leader. The decisions taken in the last one year are directed at fulfilling this dream.
Today, 130 crore people feel involved and integrated in the development trajectory of the nation.The light of ‘Jan Shakti’ and ‘Rashtra Shakti’ has ignited the entire nation. Powered by the Mantra of ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas’ India is marching forward in all spheres.
My fellow Indian,
In the last one year, some of the decisions were widely discussed and remain etched in public discourse.
The decision on Article 370 furthered the spirit of national unity and integration. The Ram Mandir judgment, delivered unanimously by the Honourable Supreme Court of India, brought an amicable end to a debate persisting for centuries. The barbaric practice of Triple Talaq has been confined to the dustbin of history. Amendment to the Citizenship Act was an expression of India’s compassion and spirit of inclusiveness.
But there have been many other decisions that have added momentum to the nation’s development trajectory.
The creation of the post of the Chief of Defence Staff was a long pending reform that has improved coordination among the armed forces. At the same time, India has stepped up preparations for Mission Gaganyaan.
Empowering the poor, farmers, women and youth has remained our priority.
PM Kisan Samman Nidhi now includes all farmers. In just one year, more than Rupees 72,000 crore has been deposited in the accounts of over 9 crore 50 lakh farmers.
The Jal Jeevan Mission will ensure supply of potable drinking water through piped connections to over 15 crore rural households.
A huge campaign of free vaccination is being conducted for better health of our 50 crore livestock.
For the first time in our country’s history, farmers, farm labourers, small shopkeepers and workers in unorganised sector are assured the provision of regular monthly pension of Rs. 3000 after the age of 60 years.
Besides the facility of availing bank loans, a separate department has also been created for fishermen. Several other decisions have been taken to strengthen the fisheries sector. This will boost the blue economy.
Similarly, it has been decided to constitute a Vyapari Kalyan Board for timely resolution of the problems of the traders. Higher quantum of financial assistance is being provided to more than 7 crore women attached to self help groups. Recently the loans without guarantee for self help groups has been doubled to 20 lakh from the earlier 10 lakh.
Keeping in mind the education of tribal children, we have begun the construction of more than 400 new Ekalavya Model Residential Schools.
Several people friendly laws have been ushered in during the last year. Our Parliament has broken the decades-old record in terms of productivity. As a result, whether it be the Consumer Protection Act, the amendment to Chit Fund Law or laws to provide more protection to women, children and Divyang, their passage in the Parliament was expedited.
As a result of the policies and decisions of the government, the rural-urban gap is shrinking. For the first time, the number of rural Indians using internet is 10% more than the number of urban Indians.
The list of such historic actions and decisions taken in national interest would be too long to detail in this letter. But I must say that every day of this year, my government has worked round the clock with full vigour, taking and implementing these decisions.
My fellow Indian,
As we were moving ahead at fast pace in the fulfilment of hopes and aspirations of our countrymen, the Coronavirus global pandemic engulfed our country as well.
While on one hand are powers with great economic resources and state-of-the-art healthcare systems, on the other hand is our country besieged with problems amidst a vast population and limited resources.
Many feared that India will become a problem for the world when Corona hits India. But today, through sheer confidence and resilience, you have transformed the way the world looks at us. You have proven that the collective strength and potential of Indians is unparalleled compared even to the powerful and prosperous countries of the world. Be it clapping and lighting a lamp to the honouring of Corona Warriors by India’s armed forces, Janta curfew or by faithful adherence to rules during the nationwide lockdown, on every occasion you have shown that Ek Bharat is the guarantee for ShresthaBharat.
In a crisis of this magnitude, it can certainly not be claimed that no one suffered any inconvenience or discomfort. Our labourers, migrant workers, artisans & craftsmen in small scale industries, hawkers and such fellow countrymen have undergone tremendous suffering.We are working in a united and determined way to alleviate their troubles.
However, we have to take care to ensure that inconveniences that we are facing do not turn into disasters. Hence, it is very important for every Indian to follow all rules and guidelines. We have displayed patience so far and we should continue to do so. This is one of the important reasons for India being safer and in a better state than many other countries. This is a long battle but we have started traversing on the path of victory, and victory is our collective resolve.
In the last few days, a super cyclone has wreaked havoc in parts of West Bengal and Odisha. Here too, the resilience of the people of these states is noteworthy. Their courage inspires the people of India.
Dear friends,
At such a time, there is also a widespread debate on how the economies of various countries, including India’s, will recover. However, given the way India has surprised the world with its unity and resolve in the fight against Coronavirus, there is a firm belief that we will also set an example in economic revival. In the economic domain, through their strength, 130 crore Indians can not only surprise the world but also inspire it.
It is the need of the hour that we must become self-reliant. We have to move forward based on our own abilities, in our own way, and there is only one way to do it – Aatmanirbhar Bharat or Self-reliant India.
The recent Rs 20 lakh crore package given for Aatmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan is a major step in this direction.
This initiative will usher in a new era of opportunities for every Indian, be it our farmers, workers, small entrepreneurs or youth associated with start ups.
The fragrance of Indian soil along with the sweat, hard work and talent of our workers will create products that will reduce India’s dependence on imports and will move towards self-reliance.
Dear friends,
In this journey of the last six years, you have continuously showered me with love and blessings.
It is the strength of your blessings that has made the nation take historic decisions and progress rapidly in the last one year. However, I am also aware that there is a lot that needs to be done. There are many challenges and problems that our country faces. I am working day and night. There could be deficiencies in me but there is nothing that our country lacks. So, I believe in you, your strength and your abilities even more than I believe in myself.
The source of strength for my resolve is you, your support, blessings and affection.
Due to the global pandemic this is certainly a time of crisis but for us Indians this is also a time for a firm resolve.
We must always remember that the present and future of 130 crore Indians will never be dictated by an adversity.
We will decide our present and our future.
We will move ahead on the path of progress and victory will be ours.
It is said that- कृतम्मेदक्षिणेहस्ते, जयोमेसव्यआहितः
This means, if we have action and duty on one hand, then success is assured in the other hand.
With prayers for our country’s success, I bow to you once again.
My heartiest wishes to you and your family.
Stay healthy, stay safe!!!
Stay aware, stay informed!!!
Your Pradhan Sevak
Narendra Modi

PM Modi Pays Tributes to Veer Savarkar

(New Delhi) The Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has paid tributes to Veer Savarkar on his jayanti.
PM Modi Tweeted “On his Jayanti, I bow to the courageous Veer Savarkar. We remember him for his bravery, motivating several others to join the freedom struggle and emphasis on social reform”,

PM Modi Asks to Enhance Satisfaction of Power Consumer

(New Delhi) PM Modi Asks to Enhance Satisfaction of Power Consumer
The Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi reviewed the work of the Ministry of Power and Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, last evening. Policy initiatives including revised Tariff Policy and the Electricity (Amendment) Bill 2020 to redress the problems afflicting the power sector were discussed.
Prime Minister Modi emphasized the need to enhance consumer satisfaction while increasing operational efficiency, and improving financial sustainability of the power sector. He pointed out that the problems in the power sector, especially of the electricity distribution segment, vary across regions and states. Instead of looking for a one-size-fits-all solution, the Ministry should put in place state-specific solutions to incentivize each state to improve its performance.

He advised the Ministry of Power to ensure that the DISCOMs publish their performance parameters periodically so that the people know how their DISCOMs fare in comparison to the peers. He also emphasized that equiement usages in power sector to be make in India.

PM Modi Greets Bangladesh and UAE :Eid Ul Fitr

PM Modi Greets Bangladesh and UAE :Eid Ul Fitr
In a telephonic conversation today with His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Prime Minister Modi conveyed greetings on Eid-ul-Fitr to the Government and people of the UAE.
The leaders expressed satisfaction about the effective cooperation between the two countries during the COVID-19 pandemic situation.
Prime Minister Modi thanked the Crown Prince for the support extended to Indian citizens in UAE.
PM conveyed his best wishes for the good health and well-being of the Crown Prince, the Royal Family and the people of the UAE.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke on phone today with H.E. Sheikh Hasina, Prime Minister of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Prime Minister Modi conveyed greetings on Eid-ul-Fitr to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and the people of Bangladesh.
The two leaders shared their assessment of the damage caused by Cyclone Amphan in both countries. The leaders also discussed the COVID pandemic situation and the ongoing collaboration between the two countries in this regard. Prime Minister Modi reaffirmed India’s support to Bangladesh in addressing these challenges.
PM conveyed his best wishes for the good health and well-being of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and the friendly people of Bangladesh.

PM “Modi”Greets on ,Parsi New Year,Navroz

[New Delhi]PM “Modi”Greets on Navroz
The Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi has greeted nation on the occasion of Navroz.
“Navroz Mubarak! Praying for a year filled with peace and prosperity. May everyone be happy and be blessed with good health”

Modi Received Triple “P” Base Philip Kotler Presidential Award

[New Delhi]Modi Received Triple “P” Base Philip Kotler Presidential Award
The Prime Minister, of India Narendra Modi, today received the first-ever Philip Kotler Presidential award, at 7 Lok Kalyan Marg, in New Delhi.
The Award focuses on the triple bottom-line of People, Profit and Planet.
It will be offered annually to the leader of a Nation.
The Award Citation says:
“Shri Narendra Modi is selected for his outstanding leadership for the nation. His selfless service towards India, combined with his tireless energy has resulted in extraordinary economic, social and technological advances in the country.”
The Citation adds: “Under his leadership, India is now identified as the Centre for Innovation and Value Added Manufacturing (Make in India), as well as a global hub for professional services such as Information Technology, Accounting and Finance.”
The Citation also mentions: “His visionary leadership has also resulted in the Digital Revolution (Digital India), including the Unique Identification Number, Aadhaar, for social benefits and financial inclusion. It is enabling entrepreneurship, ease of doing business, and creating a 21st century infrastructure for India.”
The Citation mentions initiatives such as Make in India, Startup India, Digital India, and Swachh Bharat, “which have positioned India as one of the most lucrative manufacturing and business destinations in the world.”
Prof. Philip Kotler is a world renowned Professor of Marketing at Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management. Owing to his ill-health, he deputed Dr. Jagdish Sheth of EMORY University, Georgia, USA, to confer the award.
Photo Caption
The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi receiving the first-ever Philip Kotler Presidential award from the Professor, EMORY University, Georgia, USA, Dr. Jagdish N. Seth, in New Delhi on January 14, 2019.