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“Palais du Gouverneur”Thrown Open During Morning Also :Puducherry

(Puducherry) Dr Kiran Bedi Allows Tourists Visit at 18th Centuary’s Raj Niwas During Morning Also
LG Kiran Bedi made the announcement on Thursday, while addressing a team of French tourists visiting the 18th century building housing office cum residence of the Lt Governor.
She noted that tourists including foreigners visited the Union Territory mostly in the mornings.
Bedi told the tourists after registering their views on the Union Territory that in addition to the time allotted for them to visit the imposing and palatial premises during mid day now the building maintained as a heritage structure would be open to visitors in the mornings also.
Tourists and school children from outside Puducherry make a beeline to Raj Nivas, earlier called “Palais du Gouverneur”, every day to have a glimpse of the historic structure.
According to official records, the foundation of Raj Nivas was laid by the then French Governor Dumas in 1735.

कांग्रेस शासित पुडुचेरी ने भी दीपिका की फ़िल्म “छपाक’ को टैक्स मुक्त किया

(पुडुचेरी) कांग्रेस शासित पुडुचेरी ने भी दीपिका की फ़िल्म “छपाक’ को टैक्स मुक्त किया
कांग्रेस शासित राज्यों की सूची में पुडुचेरी भी शामिल हो गया है जहां दीपिका पादुकोण की फिल्म ‘छपाक’ को कर मुक्त किया गया है।
मुख्यमंत्री वी नारायणसामी ने एक ट्वीट में कहा कि राज्य सरकार इस फिल्म को कर राहत देगी क्योंकि यह फिल्म ‘महिलाओं के मुद्दे को स्पष्ट तौर पर’ उठाता है
इससे पूर्व में भी फ़िल्म को टैक्स फ्री किया जा चुका है
यह फिल्म तेजाब पीड़िता लक्ष्मी अग्रवाल के जीवन पर आधारित है।

V. Narayansami’s Remarks are Uncivilised & Uncouth:Bedi

(Puducherry )V. Narayansami’s Remarks are Uncivilised & Uncouth:Bedi
Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry Mrs Kiran Bedi on Friday said Chief Minister V Narayanasamy’s remark on her was ‘unparliamentary, uncalled for, uncivilised and uncouth, and unacceptable.’
The Chief Minister had on Thursday called Bedi a demon, who was posted in the Union Territory by the Centre, because she had allegedly been impeding implementation of welfare schemes decided upon by the territorial cabinet.
The former IPS officer aired her outrage against the Chief Minister in her whatsapp message. She said, “Demons do not work for the larger good and demons want everything for themselves and also scare people.”
The Chief Minister had made the remark while addressing a meeting organised by the ruling Congress to observe the 35th death anniversary of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

डॉ बेदी फ्रांस के बजाये क्रोशिया को बधाई दे तो भी कांग्रेस ने गालियां ही देनी थी

झल्ले दी झल्लियाँ गल्लां

फूटबाल प्रेमी

औए झल्लेया ! ये क्या हो रहा है? औए फूटबाल के वर्ल्ड कप जीतने पर फ्रांस को पुडुचेर्री की गवर्नर डॉक्टर किरण बेदी ने बधाई क्या दे दी कांग्रेसियों ने उनका इस्तीफ़ा ही मांग लिया |औए इनमे स्पोर्ट्समैन स्परिट है के नहीं ??


अरे बाउ जी साहिब! डॉ बेदी फ्रांस के बजाये क्रोशिया को बधाई दे तो भी कांग्रेस ने गालियां ही देनी थी पुडुचेर्री से फ्रेंच कब्जा कब का खत्म हो चूका ,ऐसे में उन्हें बधाई देना कहाँ की अक्लमंदी है??? इस जीत की ख़ुशी में पुडुचेर्री में फुटबाल को बढ़ावा देना किसको पच सकता है| वैसे क्रोशिया को बधाई देते तो भी किरण बेदी को गालियां ही पढ़नी थी \नहीं समझे अरे बाबा डॉ बेदी पंजाबी हैं और क्रोशिया की टीम के प्लेयर्स के नाम भी पंजाबी जैसे ही हैं नहीं समझे
दिल्ली के एम एल ऐ सिरसा के ट्विटर से साभार Terevich,[ तेरे विच ] Merevich,[ मेरे विच] Eddevich, ेड्डे विच]osdevich, [ओसदेवीच ]Sabkevich [सबकेविच]and बीचोबीच

Lt Gov”Bedi”Bats,On Twitter,For Digital Transactions In Cong Led Puducherry

[Puducherry]Lt Gov “Bedi” Bats,On Twitter,For Digital Transactions In Puducherry
Puducherry Lt Governor Kiran Bedi has said that the territorial government’s order to all departments to adopt digital transactions is a proof of its resolve to reduce corruption.
In her twitter message she had said that the order of the Puducherry Finance department mandating digital transactions “shows our resolve to reduce corruption in government.”
Secretary to Finance and Commissioner of Puducherry, V Candavelou has directed all the heads of departments through the order, to hereafter adopt only digital transactions and e-banking to pay the monthly salaries and allowances of the employees besides settling payments for the contractors and suppliers of materials to the government departments where the payment is above Rs 5000.
The Secretary further said the departments operating welfare and social security schemes should also make the payments to beneficiaries through their bank accounts although cash payment would continue in respect of the infirm, disabled and bed-ridden persons until further orders.
The order for digital mode of payment is also applicable to all the corporations, statutory bodies, State government-sponsored public sector undertakings, institutions getting grants from the government and other autonomous bodies here.
The Union Home Ministry had given directions to the Chief Secretary of Puducherry that digital banking should be introduced in the Union Territory, “which has been selected to become a model state for cashless transaction on a pilot basis,” Chief Minister V Narayanasamy had said.

CM, V.Narayanasamy Sworn in as Member of Puducherry Assembly

[Puducherry] Chief Minister Narayanasamy Sworn in as Member of Puducherry Assembly
Puducherry Chief Minister V Narayanasamy was today sworn in as a member of the Assembly.
Speaker V Vaithilingam administered oath to Narayanasamy, who took it in Tamil.
Narayanasamy won the Nellipthope Assembly bypoll, held on November 19, by defeating his immediate AIADMK rival Om Sakthi Segar by a margin of 11,144 votes.
Ministers, MLAs and leaders of the Congress, DMK and other alliance parties, and officials of various departments were among those who greeted him after the swearing-in ceremony.
With his induction, the strength of the Congress has been restored to 15 in the 30-member Assembly. DMK, which has two members, is also supporting the government.
69-year-old Narayanasamy was not a member of the Assembly when he assumed charge as Chief Minister on June 6.

CM Of Puducherry V Narayanasamy Registers Expected Win In by poll

[Puducherry] CM Of Puducherry V Narayanasamy Wins by poll Against AIADMK
Senior Congress leader and Puducherry Chief Minister V Narayanasamy today won the bypoll to the Nellithope Assembly constituency defeating AIADMK’s Om Sakthi Segar, by a margin of 11,144 votes.While Narayanasamy, whose victory was on expected lines, polled 18,709 votes out of the total 26,564 votes, Segar got 7,565 votes.
A John Kumar of the Congress had vacated the seat to enable Narayanasamy, who is not a member of the assembly, contest a by-election before December 6 deadline for getting elected to the House.
Narayanasamy was accorded a tumultuous reception by volunteers of Congress and DMK, its alliance partner in the assembly.
Speaking to reporters outside the counting centre, he said he was grateful to the workers and functionaries of the Congress and DMK and its President M Karunanidhi and its treasurer M K Stalin.
Congress cadres burst crackers at various places to celebrate the victory of Narayanasamy.
Congress has a strength of 15 while its ally DMK two in the 30-member Assembly.
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C M of Puducherry[LT] called on PM & Presented Shawl

Shiva Lingam Unearthed in Congress Ruled Puducherry: Pooja Started

[Puducherry] Ancient Stone Shiva Lingam Unearthed in Congress Ruled Puducherry:Pooja Started
A five-ft tall stone Shiva Lingam, believed to be more than 300 years old, has been unearthed by a farmer in Poornankuppam,
As per Local Authorities ,Puthupattan (56) was digging his field with an earthmover when the machine suddenly hit a hard object about four feet beneath the earth. The farmer and other locals dug up the pit and found the Lingam,
Preliminary study indicated that the lingam was more than 300 years old.
However the exact period to which it belonged could be ascertained only after inspection by experts from Archaeological Survey of India on November 7,
Meanwhile people from nearby villages flocked to the spot on hearing about the Lingam. Some of them performed poojas and sprinkled flowers on it, they said

Cong Led Puducherry Govt to Write Off Crop Loans@Rs 20 Cr

[Puducherry]Cong Led Puducherry Govt to Waive Crop Loans of farmers
Puducherry government would write off crop loans by farmers to the primary agricultural cooperative societies, totalling about Rs 20 crores.
Talking to reporters Chief Minister V Narayanasamy said the cabinet had approved the proposal of the Cooperative Department to write off crop loans totalling Rs 20 crores due from farmers to the primary agricultural cooperative societies.
This would benefit around 6000 farmers in the union territory,
He said the cabinet had also decided to encourage private players to set up universities in the Union Territory in keeping with the stand of the Central government.
“The government will only be a facilitator and all the logistics to set up the university including acquisition of land would be the responsibility of the private entrepreneurs”,

Kiran Bedi PicksUp Coastal Garbage On “Modi’s B’Day

Kiran Bedi PicksUp Coastal Garbage On "Modi's B'Day

Kiran Bedi PicksUp Coastal Garbage On “Modi’s B’Day

[Puducherry]Kiran Bedi Pickup Coastal Garbage On “Modi’s B’Day
Dr Kiran Bedi launched coastal clean up drive
Lt Governor Kiran Bedi today joined Coast Guard and volunteers in cleaning garbage from the beach as part of the ’31nd International Coastal Clean Up Day’.
Addressing a gathering after inaugurating the programme, she urged people to respect nature and not to dirty the beach.
Earlier, Bedi and Local Administration Minister A Namassivayam administered a pledge for ‘garbage free beaches’ to volunteers of NSS, NCC, NGOs, members of Indian Coast Guard and others.
She picked up the garbage strewn along the beach with volunteers and the minister and other officials also took part in the drive.
DIG of Indian Coast Guard Commander S C Tyagi said the drive was being carried out in all coastal pockets in Puducherry as part of the international drive.
The programme was organised by the Indian Coast Guard here in association with the Local Administration Department.