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औलख साहिब! पहले सड़कों के किनारे भांग की झाड़ियां भी मिलती थी

#भजपाई चेयर लीडर
ओए झल्लेया!अब तो खुश हो जा
अब तो हसाडे सोण मंत्री #बलदेवसिंहऔलख जी ने भी फरमा दिया है कि यूपी में जिन #सड़कों पर #धान उगती थी और जनता सड़कों को तरसती थी अब उनके सभी इलाकों में सड़कों के जाल बिछवा दिए है
औलख साहिब! पहले सड़कों के किनारे भांग की झाड़ियां भी मिलती थी
हाँ जी !लोग रहें या ना रहे!! सड़को के जाल में हसाडी इकॉनमी तो उलझ ही गई। हाँ सड़कों के किनारों पर पहले यत्र तत्र सर्वत्र #भांग की झाड़ियां भी जिनके किनारे बैठ के श्रमिक और नशेड़ी हथेलियां रगड़ते नजर आते थे ।अब वोह दृश्य ओझल हो गए।#बॉलीवुड से ही भांग का शब्द गूंजने लगा है

Rattled Akhilesh Erazes Panel Of Spokespersons For TV Channels

[Lucknow,,UP]Akhilesh Erazes Panel Of Spokespersons For TV Channels
Samajvadi Party president Akhilesh Yadav Friday sacked its panel of leaders who act as its spokespersons on television channels.
As per SP’s chief spokesperson Rajendra Chowdhury Channels Are Asked Not To Invite any Spokesperson Of SP for debates. The order follows the poor performance of the SP in the Lok Sabha elections

BJPian Ranjit Srivastava Booked for ‘Anti-Muslim’Remarks in UP

[Barabanki,UP] BJPian Ranjit Bahadur Srivastava Booked for ‘Anti-Muslim’ Remarks in UP
A case has been registered against BJP leader Ranjit Bahadur Srivastava for violation of model code of conduct. A probe is on in the matter
Addressing a gathering on Thursday as BJP candidate Upendra Rawat filed his nomination papers from Barabnki Lok Sabha constituency, Srivastava asked people to vote for Prime Minister Narendra Modi to “break the morale of Muslims”.
Muslims want to grab power with their votes but they will not succeed. It’s the right time for Hindus to unite

UP Ruling Cycle Riders Win 8 MLC Seats unopposed

[Lucknow,UP]UP Ruling Cycle Riding Samajvadi Party Win 8 MLC Seats unopposed
Samawadi Party candidates won eight out of 36 seats of Uttar Pradesh Legislative Council unopposed on the last date of withdrawal nominations.
Party candidates
Anand Bhadauria from Sitapur,
Sunil Singh Sajan from Lucknow-Unnoa,
Udayveer Singh from Etah-Mainpuri,
Dileep Yadav from Agra-Firozabad,
Arvind Yadav from Etah-Mathura-Mainpuri,
Rakesh Yadav from Meerut-Ghaziabad,
Akshay Pratap Singh from Pratapgarh and
Ramesh Mishra from Banda-Hamirpur
have won unopposed, party spokesman Rajendra Chowdhury claimed.
As there was not candidate left in the fray on the last date of withdrawal, all these candidates were declared elected, he claimed.
The elections for remaining 28 seats would be held on Mar 3.
As Per Chowdhury “This is a big success for the party, which is following development agenda. People of the state have understood that only SP could develop the state,”.

Passing by Boy killed in Ruling SP’s Victorious Celebration Firing:Accused Absconding

[Shamli,Muzaffarnagar,UP]Passing by Boy killed in Ruling SP’s Celebration Firing .Accused.are Absconding. Irate locals blocked the Khatima-Panipat Highway to protest the death of the boy.
An eight-year-old boy was killed in a celebratory firing by Samajwadi Party workers at Kairana town in Shamli district
The victim, Sami, who was passing by Kairana area in a rickshaw, was hit during the firing by SP workers yesterday, As per Superintendent of Police Anil Kumar Jha The workers were celebrating the victory of party candidate Nafisa in the local body polls from the town,
A case has been registered against five persons, including the husband of the victorious candidate

PNB Is Hammered a Fine Of Rs15000 To Its Customer

[Muzaffarnagar,UP]Consumer Court Hammers Punjab National Bank [PNB] To Pay Rs15000 To Its Customer As Fine
Bank Is Fined for incorrectly debiting Rs 15,000 from the account of a customer.
S K Yadav, Chairman Consumer Court of Shamli yesterday passed an order asking PNB, Shamli to give Rs 22,000 to the complainant within a month’s time.
According to complainant Sube Singh, he had on January 5, 2013 tried to withdraw Rs 15,000 from a PNB branch ATM but the machine didn’t dispense the amount.
However, Rs 15,000 was debited from his account.
The forum in its order termed it as a negligence on the part of the bank and asked it to pay the customer the fine amount within a month.

UP Education Minister Threatens Journalists of “Dire Consequences In Kannauj

[Lucknow,UP]UP Education Minister Vijay Bahadur Pal Threatens Journalists of “Dire Consequences
Uttar Pradesh minister Vijay Bahadur Pal has waded into a controversy by allegedly threatening journalists of “dire consequences” for giving negative publicity of the state government.
The state Secondary Education minister threatened media persons while addressing the closing ceremony of a cycle rally in Kannauj, the Lok Sabha constituency of Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav’s wife Dimple Yadav.
Pal Said Yesterday
“Unko lagta hai ke woh patrakarita ki talwar se hauwa paida kardenge…woh nahin jaante ki hum Samajwadi hain…agar humein gussa aa gaya, to halla bol denge…auquat yaad aa jayegi” (Some journalists think they can frighten us through their writings. They don’t know if Samajwadis get enraged, they will be cut to size),”
The minister also accused the NDA-led Centre of favouring corporates and industrialists.
Pal had also raked up a controversy last year, by accusing UP police of working as an organised gang of dacoits.
Pal’s comments come at a time when another minister in Akhilesh Yadav government – Ram Murti Verma – is facing charges of conspiring the murder of journalist Jagendra Singh in Shahjahanpur district.