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Defence Minister ,To Expose Chopper Scam ,Will Place Facts In Parl On 4th May

[Panaji,Goa] Defence Minister To Place V V V I P Chopper Scam Facts In Parl on May 4
Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar today said he will place all facts along with the detailed chronology about the controversial AgustaWestland chopper deal before Parliament on May 4.
Parrikar was speaking to reporters on the sidelines of an event to lay foundation stone for a football ground in Panaji.
He said “Those who received kickbacks will not leave behind the proof for us to prosecute them, but we will have to prove it (that kickbacks were received),”
Minister further said.”It is for us to prove everything now. Since the issue would be placed in Parliament, I would not like to speak in detail to media,”
Parrikar questioned.”Why no action was taken against the company till 2014? Why was the company not blacklisted by then UPA government?”
“I challenge the Congress to show the UPA government’s order blacklisting the AgustaWestland company. Let them reply first why it was not banned. he claimed .It was during our (NDA) government that we banned it,”
Parrikar had recently challenged the Congress to show the order by the UPA government confirming the blacklisting.
AgustaWestland was not blacklisted during the UPA rule, top Modi government sources had recently claimed, asserting it was the NDA dispensation which had put on hold all acquisition proposals with the VVIP chopper scam-tainted firm.
The deal for the choppers went off track in 2013 when Italy arrested the head of Finmeccanica, which owns AgustaWestland, for paying bribes to secure the deal.
An Italian court, which convicted AgustaWestland chief Giuseppe Orsi, had reportedly described how the firm paid bribes to top Congress leaders to bag the Rs 3,600 crore deal.

Cong Facing Heat Over VVIP Chopper Fraud,Seeks Debate in LS

[New Delhi] Congress Facing Heat Over VVIP Chopper Fraud Now Seeks Debate in LS
Congress today sought a discussion on the Augusta Westland helicoper deal in the Lok Sabha saying allegations have been levelled against its leadership.
As soon as the House took up the Question Hour, Congress leader in the Lok Sabha Mallikarjun Kharge said all newspapers have the news item regarding the VVIP helicopter deal and allegations have been levelled against party leaders.
“Names have appeared. We will have to think about it. We should discuss,”AgustaWestland”.
Speaker Sumitra Mahajan said the issue can be raised after the Question Hour.
Congress has maintained that the UPA government had taken action once reports of wrongdoings and allegations of corrupt practices surfaced in 2013.
Besides cancelling the deal, the UPA had blacklisted AgustaWestland and confiscated the guarantee money. But the NDA government, the party said, has now removed the Italian company from the blacklist.Ruling Party’s Leaders Are Raising Issue Regarding Non Action Against Those Congress Leaders Who Were Benefited Out Of This Deal

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