Air India Suspends Its 17 Cabin Crew Members For Delaying International Flights

[New Delhi]Air India Suspends Their 17 Cabin Crew
Air India Suspends Its 17 Cabin Crew Members For Delaying Various Flights
Air India has suspended 17 of its cabin crew members including some senior air hostesses+pending enquiry+apparently for “delaying” several of the national carrier’s international flights citing “inadequate”rest period.
As per Sources The orders Were issued last Friday by an assistant general manager of the in-flight services, without assigning any reason for the suspension,
Air India officials said that action was taken against these employees for “delaying” flights after citing “inadequate” rest period,
According to aviation regulator DGCA’s rest period norms, “No air carrier may schedule a cabin crew to perform duty in an aeroplane for more than 11 hrs of flight time during any 24 consecutive hours without a rest period.
As per sources The flights which were allegedly delayed because of these 17 air-hostesses include services to Delhi from London, Milan and Rome as well as from Jeddah to Calicut and Kochi, .
Flights to Rome, Milan and London from Delhi and vice versa are generally of nine to nine-and-a-half hours duration.
Services to Jeddah from Mumbai and south are of about five- hour duration.