Oldest Chuk Chuk Punjab Mail- Happy Birth Day :Completes 107 Yrs

[Mumbai]Chuk Chuk Punjab Mail Completes 107 Yrs,Deccan Queen Turns 89
The Punjab Mail, one of the oldest long-distance trains in the country, completed 107 years Saturday.
June 1 is also the birthday of the Deccan Queen, which connects Mumbai and Pune. The popular train completed 89 years of its operation Saturday.
The Punjab Mail, or `Punjab Limited’ as it was then called, steamed out on June 1, 1912 from Mumbai, heading for Peshawar, now in Pakistan.
A service meant primarily for white `sahibs’ initially, it soon started catering to lower classes too.
Third class cars started appearing on the Punjab Mail by the mid-1930s.
It got an air-conditioned car in 1945. Now it runs on electric power.
It was known to be the fastest train of British India.
Now its northward journey ends at Firozpur Cantonment after covering 1,930 km within 34 hours and 15 minutes.