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AAP ,In A Couter Attack,Demands Sacking Of Delhi’s Top Cop Bassi

[New Delhi]AAP ,,Demands Sacking Of Delhi’s Top Cop BS Bassi:Beef row at Kerala House
AAP today demanded sacking of Delhi Police Commissioner B S Bassi alleging that he misguided people on police entering Kerala House to investigate a complaint about beef being served in its canteen.
“It was an illegal raid and then the Delhi Police Commissioner has the cheek to misguide people and to cite a law which is not relevant,” AAP leader Ashutosh told reporters at Kerala House.
“The Delhi Police Commissioner who misguided the nation and media has no business to continue in his post, either he should resign or he should be sacked,” he said.
AAP leaders Ashutosh, Somnath Bharti, incharge of Kerala unit of party, and Raghav Chadha visited Kerala House and adressed a press conference outside its premises.
Asked about the Delhi government’s role in verifying whether beef was served at Kerala House, Ashutosh said “the Delhi government will act when there will be information that something illegal is taking place. We believe nothing illegal or unlawful is taking place here.”

Sushma Swaraj will Observe”Karwa Chauth”fast,Even On Official Duties

[New Delhi]Sushma Swaraj will Observe “Karwa Chauth”fast,Even On Official Duties.She Is Busy In Africa Summit
External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj Is Known for observing religious rituals meticulously,
Today She said that she will observe the ‘Karwa Chauth’ fast on October 30, even while attending to official duties.
As India hosts the Africa Summit, she will be present in all the official functions and meetings on October 30 though she will observe fast to mark ‘Karwa Chauth’, a pre-Diwali custom followed by married women for the well being of their husbands.
“I must tell you, after become minister one forgets Holi, Diwali, Karwa Chauth. You will be surprised to know that on Shivratri I was in Oman and observed Durga Ashtami in Moscow.
“On Karwa Chauth, which is on October 30, I will observe fast but will hold meetings (with the visiting foreign ministers from African nations),” she said at the India-Africa Business Forum
The minister said she held bilateral meetings with foreign ministers of seven African countries yesterday and would be meeting 12 today and others on October 30.

Mark Jukerburg Prefers Open Framework to Lobby’ for Net Neutrality

[New Delhi]Mark Jukerburg Prefers Open Framework to Lobby’ for Net Neutrality
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg today said his firm is working on an open framework and continues to ‘lobby’ for net neutrality even as its plan to provide free Internet access to people under Free Basics programme faces criticism.
While speaking at Townhall at IIT- Delhi He Said “We lobby for it (net neutrality) across the world but at the same time, we continue to push for access.”
Facebook’s platform, which was recently rebranded as Free Basics, has come under fire from Internet activists for violating the principle of net neutrality that is against any priority being accorded to an entity in Internet traffic flow on account of payments to service providers like telecom companies.
Talking about its controversial Free Basics programme, the young billionaire said the company has been lobbying for net neutrality across the world.
He added “You can’t not provide the whole Internet for free and we are not bringing a filter to any content that goes in it (in Free Basics). We need to get people on to the Internet,”
Zuckerberg further said: “ is live in more than 24 countries and 15 million people have access to Internet now with That’s a pretty good number…
Almost 1 million people in India have access to Internet (through”.
Highlighting the importance of the Indian market for the world’s largest social media firm, he said the country plays a huge role in its “mission of connecting a billion people” to the Internet.
“When you have a mission of connecting a billion people, you cannot do it without India,” Zuckerberg said.
India is the second largest user-base for Facebook after the US with 130 million users, he added. Facebook has 1.3 billion users globally.
“India is the world’s largest democracy and we have 130 million users here. Its a mission for us to help provide access to Internet,”
This is Zuckerberg’s second visit to India.
File Photo
Mark Jukerburg With Indian PM Narendra Modi

Etihad Airways Advocates For Collaboration In Aviation Industry

[Dubai] Etihad Airways Advocates For Collaboration In Aviation Industry
:Etihad Airways President James Hogan Said That Aviation Industry must Adapt and Change
Asserting the civil aviation industry must adapt and change, Etihad Airways President and Chief Executive Officer James Hogan has said partnerships and collaboration were the most tangible way to grow in the current competitive scenario.
Addressing the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Aviation Day in Abu Dhabi, Hogan said Etihad Airways’ successful partnership strategy could become a model for other players.
He said that partnerships and collaboration were the most tangible way to grow in today’s highly competitive business environment, providing consumers with greater choice and connectivity.
He said Three years on, we have proved the sceptics wrong. Our organic growth has been supported by successful codeshare partnerships, minority investments in selected airlines around the world,” said Hogan.
Etihad Airways currently operates a fleet of 119 aircraft flying almost 15 million passengers annually to 113 passenger and cargo destinations around the world.

स्वर्ण मंदिर में २९ अक्टूबर को खुशियों के त्यौहार दीपावली पर रौशनी नहीं करने की हुई घोषणा

[अमृतसर,चंडीगढ़]पंजाब को एक बार फिर से विकास के पथ से विमुख करके धार्मिक असंतोष की तरफ धकेलने के लिए गर्म हवाएँ चलने लगी है |राज्य सरकार को इसके पीछे बाहरी हाथ नजर आ रहा है जबकि विपक्ष इसमें भी सरकार की अक्षमता और षड्यंत्र ही देख रहा है|
राज्य में नवीनतम घटना क्रम के अनुसार गुरु राम दास के सरबत के भले के लिए निर्मित स्वर्ण मंदिर में २९ अक्टूबर को खुशियों का त्यौहार दीपावली नहीं मनाने की घोषणा की गई है| गुरु ग्रन्थ साहिब के अपवित्रीकरण की घटनाओं के विरोध में यह बहिष्कार किया जा रहा है |इस पावन त्यौहार पर आतिशबाजी और प्रकाश नहीं किये जाने की घोषणा की गई है |इस दिवस को ब्लैक दीपावली मनाने की बात कही जाने लगी है|ऑपरेशन ब्लू स्टार के बाद आई यह स्थिति बेहद दुखदाई है |
सिख समुदाय के आयोजकों ने त्योहारों पर आतिशबाजी और औपचारिक प्रकाश होने से परहेज करने के लिए सिख समुदाय से अपील की है
“गुरु ग्रंथ साहिब समाज को शांति और भाईचारे का संदेश देता है|अकाली दल बादल+एसजीपीसी पर पंजाब की शांति को खराब करने की कोशिश करने के आरोप लगाये जा रहे हैं|लगभग ३० साल पहले तत्कालीन अकाली दल अध्यक्ष संत लोंगोवाल ने भी संत जरनैल सिंह भिंडरवाले पर बैन लगाया था जो कीर्तन शब्द बेअंत सिंह के कत्ल के दिन गया गया था उसे फिर से दोहराया जाने लगा है हजूरी रागी भाई हरचरण सिंह को इसी शब्द[“कुत्ता राज बहालीये”]गायन के लिए निष्काषित किया गया | नए पोलिस चीफ अरोरो की नियुक्ति को भी उसी दृष्टि से देखा जाने लगा है
फाइल फोटो

President Obama Gives Credit Of Safety To Police Officers

[Chicago]President Barack Obama Gives Credit Of Safety To Police Officers .
Chicago, like some other major US cities, is grappling with an alarming spike in violent crime.
In This City President Said to police chiefs that US safer because of your efforts.
Defended police officers who have come under scrutiny like never before, saying the men and women who risk their lives to provide security are wrongly “scapegoated” for failing to deal with broader problems that lead people to commit crimes.
Unemployment, poor education, inadequate drug treatment and lax gun laws are not the responsibility of police officers, Obama said in remarks to the International Association of Chief of Police, which held its annual meeting in the president’s Chicago hometown.
He blamed the news media’s tendency “to focus on the sensational” for helping to drive a wedge between police officers and a public they take an oath to protect and serve.
He called for rebuilding the trust that once existed between them.
Obama delivered his speech amid a roiling national debate about officers’ treatment of potential criminal suspects following the deaths of unarmed black men in New York, Missouri and elsewhere by police.
.President opened his remarks with a tribute to slain New York City police officer Randolph Holder as hundreds of officers streamed into his wake.
Holder, 33, died last week after being shot in the head by a man he and his partner were chasing. The officers had responded to a call of shots fired and a bicycle stolen at gunpoint.
A suspect is in custody on charges of murder and robbery in Holder’s killing.
As per White House Obama met with the families of law enforcement officers who were killed on the job,
He also met with relatives of victims of Chicago gun violence.
Source White House

Toll Collecting Firm Refuses To Collect”ECC”From Trucks&Moves To Top Court

[New Delhi]Toll Collecting Firm Refuses To Collect”Environment Compensation Charge”From Trucks And Moves SC
SMYR Consortium LLP, which has been levying toll on behalf of MCD from commercial vehicles entering Delhi, today moved the Supreme Court expressing its inability to also collect the court-mandated ‘Environment Compensation Charge’ (ECC) from such vehicles.
The petition was mentioned for urgent hearing before a bench comprising Chief Justice H L Dattu and Justice Arun Mishra which said that it would hear it.
The plea of SMYR Consortium, which has a toll-collection pact with MCD, assumes significance as the apex court’s direction to levy Rs 700 and Rs 1,300 ECC will come into effect from November 1 and would remain operational for a period of four months till February 29, 2016 on “experimental basis”.
The Consortium has alleged that the levy of court-mandated ECC is beyond the terms of agreement entered into between it and the civic body.
The court had imposed the ‘Environment Compensation Charge’ on commercial vehicles entering Delhi, in addition to the toll tax, from November 1 for four months on a trial basis, in a bid to check high pollution levels in the city.
It had directed the Delhi Government to issue appropriate notification in this regard.
The bench, however had said that passenger buses, vehicles carrying essential commodities, food articles and ambulances would be exempted from paying the ‘environment compensation charge’.
Taking note of Centre for Science and Environment study that about 23 per cent of the commercial vehicles and 40-60 per cent of the heavy trucks entering the city were not destined for Delhi, the court had said it was necessary to impose the charges, along with the MCD toll, to equalize the difference in cost in travelling through alternative routes.

वाल्मीकि मित्रमंडल ने२८वें भंडारे में”महर्षि वाल्मीकि जयंती”पर5क्विंटल देसी घी का प्रसाद वितरित किया

[मेरठ]वाल्मीकि मित्र मंडल ने “महर्षि वाल्मीकि जयंती”पर ५ क्विंटल देसी घी का प्रसाद वितरित किया
वाल्मीकि मित्र मंडल ने आज २८ वें भंडारे में महर्षि वाल्मीकि जयंती पर पांच क्विंटल देसी घी का हलवा वितरित किया
वर्ष १९८७ से लगातार भंडारे का आयोजन कर रहे वाल्मीकि मित्र मंडल ने आज भी बेगमपूल पर भंडारे का आयोजन किया जिसका उद्घाटन छावनी विधायक सत्य प्रकाश अग्रवाल ने महर्षि के चित्र के समक्ष दीपक प्रज्वलित करके किया |मोनिंदर सूद वाल्मीकि ने रिबन काट कर भंडारे को शुरू कराया सुनील मनोठिया+सुरेन्द्र लौहारै + जगदीश कुमार+विजय कुमार+दिनेश+जीतेन्द्र+मनोज+ओमप्रकाश+अरविन्द कुमार+सौपाल+आदि ने कार्यक्रम को सफल बनाने में यथा योग्य सहयोग दिया |

Seized80,000MT Pulses Will be in Retail Markets:Ministry of Consumer Affairs

[New Delhi]Seized 80,000 MT Pulses Will be in Retail Markets:Ministry of Consumer Affairs
In various Raids Govts Have Seized 80,000 MT Pulses Which will be in retail markets very soon
Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution Said That Over 80,000 MT seized pulses will be in retail markets very soon
The State Governments have initiated action under Essential Commodity Act to make available seized pulses in retail markets.
Under de-hoarding operations, 8,394 raids have been conducted so far and 82,462.53 MT pulses have been seized across the states.
The States have indicated that seized stock of pulses will be made available in retail markets within a week.
Meanwhile, more states have started selling pulses through Government/ Cooperative outlets. Prices in the whole sale market have also registered declining trends.

Mr CM It Was Not Raid But a”Preventive Measure”at Kerala House:DCP BS Bassi

[New Delhi] Mr CM It Was Not Raid But a “Preventive Measure” at Kerala House:DCP BS Bassi
Delhi Police Commissioner B S Bassi today rejected Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s contention that police “raided” Kerala House following a complaint that its canteen was serving beef and described police action as a “preventive measure”.
Bassi said that the Kerala House staff have apprised him of the absence of beef items on their menu list and that police personnel were deployed as part of preventive measures to prevent any sort of protest.
Bassi Told Reporters
“It was not a fact It was a preventive measure as per standing operating procedures.
He Added
“We had alerted their private security staff as soon as we got a call to prevent any protest. We also deployed possible security measures there and alerted the staff working there,”
On being asked about reports that the state guest house removed “beef curry” from their menu before police could reach, he said, “I don’t have any knowledge about it…we have been informed by the staff that there was no beef item on their menu list.”
Delhi top cop said.”We received a call by a person who had come into notice for taking law in his own hands. So, we alerted the staff working in Kerala house beforehand,”
Bassi cited the Delhi Agricultural Cattle Preservation Act, 1994, under which slaughter of cows, calves of cows, bulls and bullocks is illegal to justify police enquiry at Kerala House.
A PCR call complaining about beef curry being served at Kerala House here threw police into a tizzy yesterday and a team had to be sent there to avert any “untoward incident”.
The call was received by the police control room around 4.15 PM, and the caller, claiming to be from a fringe right-wing group, told the police that beef was being served at Kerala House.
The policemen took no chance and the input was immediately passed on to Parliament Street police station, from where a team was sent to Kerala House to deal with any potential violence.